saw this sa US subreddit pero mas masaya kung PH version.

  1. My favorite fun fact is that Trinoma means Triangle North of Manila. Directly adjacent to it is South Triangle, on the west is West Triangle while East Avenue can be found adjacent to it. If you combine it all together it forms an almost perfect square with Eton Centris right in the middle.

  2. Nice. Ang alam ko lang sa Trinoma is that magical place na pag pumasok ako, tangina, asan yung exit? Naliligaw nanaman ako :P

  3. Fact: There are only two forensic pathologists in the PH. Only one of them is working full time, she is Dr. Racquel Fortun.

  4. Nung payatas tragedy si fortun lang and assistant nya ung may know how na mag identify ng mga bodies. Sobrang dami, di nila kaya so nanghiram sila ng students from a university to help them clean up and identify the bodies.

  5. Tapos ang mga tabogo lakas maka-sira sa claims ni Dr. Fortun, just to satisfy their thirst for Duterte cum

  6. Philippines used to produce its own radio and television (not just authorized distributor, but really our own company that produces it). It's named RadioWealth, and now they pivoted into finance sector. In their own website's history you can see that they had to close down their manufacturing sector during Martial Law. Yep, Marcos tried to coerce the owner to give up majority share in favor of his cronies.

  7. We have one back then! Yung kasing laki at mukhang cabinet, i think 24 inches yung size nung picture tube nun and pwede ka humiga sa taas ng tv

  8. Fun fact: Yung mga swimming pools on top of buildings aren't just for leisure activities, it also serves as an instrument against earthquake kasi nalelessen nya yung paggalaw ng building.

  9. Mangoes, including our Philippine mangoes, are actually part of the poison ivy family Anacardiaceae. This is why a lot of westerners tend to develop allergic reactions when eating mangoes. However, because we Filipinos have been eating mangoes for a long time, most if not all of us evolved to be able to consume mangoes just fine.

  10. The guy who invented the Love Bug virus wasn't an expert hacker that the CIA kidnapped to perform cyberwarfare for them. He was a glorified script kiddie who just ripped off an existing worm and got people to click because of the "I love you" email subject. A journalist

  11. Yeah he didn't really make an innovative hacking virus, people were just not used to the world of emails yet at the time.

  12. Rizal doesn't want a full-blown independence, he's more of a "more autonomy but still under the protection of the Crown" sort of way

  13. Because if Spain left, we will be diplomatically isolated because of the revolutionary government and other Western countries will invade us, or Japan.

  14. You can guess someone's home province based on their surnames alone because of this. Our history professor memorized the Catálogo alfabético de apellidos which contained all the surnames Gov-Gen. Claveria gave to Filipinos.

  15. Sa kanya rin ba yung parang order na the first letter of your last name will depend on where you're based? For example, this town A and B, that town, C to E, etc. It's pretty evident pa rin sa province namin when you take into account the roots of the clans. Pati mga of Chinese descent, kahit may apelyido na sila pinalitan pa rin.

  16. Iloilo is the only province to have an anti-biotic drug named after it - Ilozone and Ilotycin which are brands of erythromycin, a wonder drug developed from a soil sample from Iloilo. It was discovered by Dr. Abelardo Aguilar, an Ilonggo physician. It is unfortunate that he was not compensated for his efforts.

  17. Hindi siya in.acknowledge nang Philippines walang backing o di sila interested. So lumabas at nagpa.endorse sa international community. Di tayo ang the best pero once in a while may masasabi tlaga tayo.

  18. Oh damn. Akala ko parang Flores/Fluorescent lamp lang. Chineck ko sa wikipedia at fully sourced yung claim. Astig 'to ah. Kailangan alam pa 'to ng tao

  19. kaya tinawag na malinta ang isang particular na area gaya ng Malinta Tunnel at Malinta, Valenzuela kasi maraming linta ung area noon unang panahon

  20. Im from valenzuela, may baranggay na tinatawag na mapulang lupa at lawang bato. I guess literal na ganun yung lugar dati with the fact you said.

  21. Mercator is useful for navigators but not for teaching young learners geography. There's a website that shows the actual sizes of countries when laid out on different parts of the globe.

  22. Sementeryos were used to be called "camposanto" by old generation of Filipinos. Camposanto is shortened term for campo ng mga santo/camp of the saints. They believe their departed loved ones are in the company of the saints in heaven.

  23. Camposanto was the Spanish word for cemetery, and was commonly used by Pinoys until the 1960s. In the provinces, senior citizens still use the term camposanto.

  24. The movie Dead Kids is inspired by true events. The real students who kidnapped their classmate received lifetime imprisonment recently this year (2022) for the crime they commited.

  25. Apparently, "Tao po" is the shortened version of "Tao po ako, hindi aswang" which precolonial Filipinos used to use. I guess it stuck because we still use "Tao po" now.

  26. In the late 1970s, there was a move to change the name from Philippines to "Maharlika." However, the term maharlika (the noblemen in pre-spanish times) also meant "big penis" and the move petered out.

  27. Speaking of names, I always preferred "Saribayan" to reflect our cultural and ethnic diversity. Saribayan = sari-saring bayan. The demonym would be "Saribayanese" as in "Japanese."

  28. this is as trippy as knowing that martin luther king and anne frank were born in the same year, and betty white was older than the both of them. MLK and Anne were born in 1929 and Betty in 1922

  29. Para sa mga Transformers fans diyan, especially sa original na cartoons na pinalalabas sa ABC5 nuon. Floro Dery, a Filipino working for Marvel, is the lead designer of almost all the character designs ng cartoon taking inspirations from the toyline. Sa 1986 na transformers movie, siya ang nagdesign sa lahat ng bagong characters and original lahat at naging batayan ito ng toyline. Added trivia na rin, halos mga Filipino ang mga animators ng Transformers G1.

  30. The Philippines is the only country in the world whose flag is hoisted upside down when the country is at war.

  31. Pasig was the capital of Rizal. Navotas, Malabon, Marikina, Makati, Taguig, Paranaque, Las Pinas and Muntinlupa were also previous part of the province of Rizal. Thats why you will still see a Rizal Marker in Muntinlupa near the Tunasan River.

  32. Hindi lahat ng ipinapanganak sa Pilipinas ay automatikong Pilipino kaagad. Kailangan mo muna ng magulang na Pilipino. Dahil dito, kahit ipinanganak ka sa ibang bansa, kapag mayroon kang magulang ka na Pilipino, automatikong Pilipino ka na rin

  33. Hindi ko alam if fun fact to pero share ko na rin kasi naituro din samin to, ito na lang kasi yung naalala ko na turo samin ng Teacher

  34. UP Diliman sits in land once owned by Antonio Tuason. The only Filipino family granted nobility by the King of Spain. They were of Chinese origin (Son Tua) and got rich of the galleon trade. When the British invaded he rallied against them and as a reward he didn't have to pay taxes for 2 generations and was given land as far as his horses can run to. The land was purchased by Manuel Quezon thru the Philippine National Bank and also as payment for a debt

  35. The movie Apocalypse Now, which was filmed here in the Philippines, used real human corpses as movie props. The movie guys were horrified when they found out about it. Now that's taking art to a higher level. Hahaha!

  36. Another fact: "He decided to make the film in the Philippines for its access to American military equipment and cheap labor. Frederickson (co-producer of the film) went to the Philippines and had dinner with President Ferdinand Marcos to formalize support for the production and to allow them to use some of the country's military equipment."

  37. I don't know if this is commonly known but Marcos Sr. was part of the liberal party before transfering to nacionalista for the 1965 election as Diosdado Macapagal sought re-election and was the nominee for LP

  38. THIS! Ang hilig nilang tawagin na mga dilawan yung mga supporters ng LP, pero wala silang kamalay-malay kung sino ba yung tinatawag nilang dilawan. Si Macoy Sr. 🤪

  39. Erythromycin, a known antibiotic used to treat a number of bacterial infections was discovered by Filipino Scientist Abelardo Aguilar in 1949.

  40. Hahaha gets. It's like me and my friend who cant get to agree on what to watch for Cinemalaya and end up watching different films. We had dinner afterwards and discussed the films we saw ahah

  41. ohhh so lumang chismis na pinalayas si henry sy ng mga taga mercury drug kaya snbi ni henry sy n sa bawat SM di mgkakaruon ng mercury drug? lupetsuuuuuuu

  42. Kahit na nag-undergo ng forensic examination yung mga buto niya many years later at nakita ang ebidensiya ng polio, marami pa ring nagpupumilit at ikinakalat na syphilis ang dahilan ng pagkalumpo ni Apolinario Mabini.

  43. Paliparan here in Dasmariñas, Cavite is derived from “paliparan ng mga saranggola” kasi napakalawak na grassland ito until now kahit may mga subdivisions na rito. Legends lang yung sinasabing magkakaroon ng paliparan(airport) rito and yung sinasabing paliparan ng mga bangkay or tinatapon yung mga victims ng summary execution noong panahon ni Makoy.

  44. With clear skies at walang usok sa hangin, pwede mong makita in your naked eye ung Mt. Samat cross kung nasa Manila Bay or Navotas. While yung Mt. arayat can be seen sa manila area particularly in Camanava area and quezon city.

  45. In addition, he wasn't arrested or sentenced to death because the court ruled he did it out of "crime of passion" which absolved him of any offense. Supposedly his wife was cheating on him

  46. Hindi Japanese collaborator si J.P Laurel bagkus isang ‘forced collaboration’ ang naganap at isa siyang magaling na statesman before at during ww2.

  47. A school is named after Marcos Sr's father. Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State Universty. He was a traitor and was executed by Filipino guerrillas for being a Japanese collaborator.

  48. Si Dr. Fe Del Mundo ang kauna unahang babae na na-admit sa Harvard Medical School. Sampung taon bago opisyal na tumanggap ng mga babae doon. Sa kalituhan na dala ng WW1, hindi napansin ng admissions committee na babae pala ang tinanggap nila, pero hindi na rin nila binawi dahil sa kahanga-hanga nyang rekord. Kilala rin sya sa pag kupkop sa ilan daang kabataan noong WW2. Nakipag kasundo sa mga Hapon para hindi mailagay sa internment camps ang mga bata, bagkus sa mas maayos na gusali na lamang. She is a fascinating woman!

  49. She was my doctor! Sobrang vivid pa rin nung memory ko of her in a wheelchair doing a checkup on me when I was around 5 or 6.

  50. She also invented an infant incubator made out of bamboo as an alternative para sa mga prematurely born babies sa mga rural areas without electric power. She, for me is the Florence Nightingale ng Pilipinas. Truly incredible woman.

  51. Tayo lang Asian nation na nanalo ng FIBA Worlds Championship medal. Bronze noong 1954. Led by Caloy Loyzaga. Lolo ni Diego Loyzaga at yes dad ni Bing Loyzaga.

  52. Independence Day used to be July 4 as well, until 1962 when then president Diosdado Macapagal issued Proc. 28 to move it to June 12.

  53. Madaming Indian descent sa Cainta/Rizal area kasi nung sinakop ng Britain ang greater Luzon area, madami silang Indian soldiers ang nag jump ship at nanirahan sa may Cainta/Rizal area.

  54. The University of San Carlos in Cebu (founded in 1595) and the University of Santo Tomas in Manila (founded in 1611) are older than the Harvard University (founded in 1636).

  55. University of San Carlos claims it traces its roots from Colegio de San Ildefonso which was founded in 1595 but eventually closed down in 1769 when the Jesuits were forcefully expelled from the Philippines. They “reopened” as Colegio-Seminario de San Carlos but it was no longer the Jesuits who ran this. A different religious order did. They just used the old facilities left by the old institution. So there’s technically no link between them. All Jesuit institutions closed down after they were expelled.

  56. Namatay si Rizal dahil kay Bonifacio. Ginamit ng KKK ang pangalan ni Rizal sa mga lathala at password ng samahan. Si Rizal mismo ay tutol sa adikhain ng KKK dahil salungat ito sa kanyang prinsipiyo ng payapang pagbabago. Ngunit patuloy itong ginamit ng KKK at inakala ng mga Kastila na isa siya sa mga pinuno ng Katipunan.

  57. They killed Rizal because he was a symbol to the spirit of revolution, not necessarily because the KKK made him honorary president. The KKK also did some other stuff like implicate the other elites to force them to join the revolution but the Spanish were easily able to get their pledge of allegiance, which Rizal also did. The Lunas were similarly captured and cleared of any involvement, even though the Spanish knew they were becoming increasingly pro-revolution.

  58. Also i want to add that na si Heneral Luna is also the reason kung bakit nakulong si Rizal. He disowned the Katipunan and pointed to Rizal as the founder to save himself from the Spanish firing squad. Here's the testimony of Antonio Luna given to the Olive investigating committee that was included among the pieces of testimonial evidence against Dr. Jose Rizal:

  59. Rizal wasn't a pacifist. He just thought that the conditions weren't ripe for an armed revolution. He certainly saw the necessity of an armed revolution.

  60. Bilar Manmade Forest in Bohol is a "biodiversity dead zone." It's an example of doing a reforestation program the wrong way.

  61. If the Pangaea didn't drift off, then the Philippines will be located on the northeast part of Pangaea, on the northern hemisphere. Ang location nya on the modern-day world is at the northeastern borders of China.

  62. Common knowledge for well-read Redditors but lots or people don't know that the Philippine government through then Pres. Manuel Quezon took in 1,000 Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. He would have taken thousands more and settled them in Basilan and Palawan but the US Government refused. If you go to Tel Aviv there is a monument to commemorate this.

  63. Side A and Side B, was borrowed from vinyl records. CD is short for "compact disk" and is a shared invention between Sony of Japan and Philpps of the Netherlands. A, B, and CD was a happy coincidence.

  64. Yung Children song na “nanay tatay gusto kong tinapay” is about a dead kid demanding his family What to serve during his wake

  65. Whenever I see this "fun fact" I always remember that one girl from tiktok who reveals the true origins of famous nursery rhymes, and most of them (if not all) were actually pretty dark

  66. philippines is a little bit smaller than italy and the first country to have the land size at an exact number rather than any random numbers (exactly 300,000 sq km)

  67. I often use this to point out that most civilizations in the world started in riverbanks or along the river.

  68. Appear as a high five originated when Americans would say "up here!" and we just mimicked the sound.

  69. Original meaning of the word halimaw (from Bahasa word harimau) is tiger/big cat. Lost its original meaning when it reached the PH islands and came to mean a man-eating monster in general instead.

  70. The Philippines was the first in Southeast Asia that launched our first commercial TV broadcast with Alto Broadcasting System (which is now ABS-CBN). But, even still, we are the one who doesn't even had a Public Broadcast Network similar to BBC in UK, PBS in US, NHK in Japan or Mediacorp in Singapore.

  71. button na nakikita nyo sa web na may tatlong guhit ||| is hamburger menu ang tawag. kebab button naman ang tawag sa three dots ...

  72. Since chinese new year is in feb, if you are born in jan, or prior to chinese new year, you have to use the previous year as reference to your chinese zodiac symbol.

  73. There are Filipino comic book characters that existed before Wave (Pearl Pangan) of Marvel comics was created by Filipino comic creator Leinil Francis Yu.

  74. Bus tickets can be use in case of "emergency" o kaya 1/4 sheet of paper. Huwag mo lang iwawala yung pinutol na dulo ng triangle. =)

  75. San miguel ave ang boundary ng mandaluyong at pasig sa ortigas. Kaya dun biglang putol yung elevated walkway at isang side lang may bike lane (pasig side).

  76. I know someone from Mandaluyong city hall. He claimed na they were coordinating with Pasig LGU, pero they refused to connect it to the Mandaluyong side.

  77. We use the term "local" to describe things na madaling masira instead of "low qual" na short for low quality.

  78. A Filipino Inventor named Diosdado "Dado" Banatao a.k.a. "The Bill Gates of the Philippines", invented the world's first Pc Chipset that is found in most computers. It was invented on 1985 as Diosdado works for IBM's PC-XT and PC-AT.

  79. PBA is the second oldest continuous existing league in the world after the famous basketball league, NBA. It is was first established in 1975, the league is currently holding 12 teams in their roster since their first play.

  80. Saw this on twitter and di ko na sya malimutan. Unawa means to understand but if you break it down, you get "una" and "awa" to understand, you have to have compassion first. shet ganda talaga.

  81. The word CHANCING will always have a different meaning and use in the PH. Unknown origin and unexplainable versions emerged:

  82. someone told me it comes from the word "chance" -- as in "chance mo na" so when you take your chance, it's literally "chancing" or "tsansing"

  83. I can say this is true. Met a few guys who are game for the sex, but never for the romantic side, one of them said that he even tried, but to no avail.

  84. Col. Charles Lindbergh, American aviator who rose to international fame in 1927 after becoming the first person to fly solo and nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean, visits the Philippines in 1969.

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