OT for Travel?

  1. If it’s a job abroad and you agreed to a 10h day - then I would say your day starts at call time (hotel meet) and ends when you get back to hotel. I had a similar thing around Europe (including 5h commute on a coach each way) and billed including since travel is not exactly “time off” when you’re stuck on a bus etc

  2. Is the photographer pushing back? That’s not cool if they are. Probably didn’t put it in the estimate but they should eat it and not expect you to work for free.

  3. Sounds like you are in the right. That’s how billing should work. But someone in preproduction messed up/was being cheap and left it off the estimate. Is there a way to disguise the extra OT? Like as a gear rental or miles or something? What about that kit rental you forgot to include on the invoice?? If the client is really pushing back, you may be SOL.

  4. Personally I always ask if the rate is based on a 10 hour day and what the OT rate will be beyond that. If you don't then you open yourself up for this situation which 9/10 times never pays OT. Do you want to work with this photographer again?

  5. So wait you are not billing for the travel day? No ot on the working day and people are like “ well if you want to work for this person again… “

  6. So are you all saying they should (assuming rate/10hr) charge day rate for 10 hours + 2 hours OT only? Or how do you charge for the previous day travel time? Just charge for 2 hours / half day / travel day? It sounds like they might have driven with the photographer, so wouldn't be able to charge mileage.

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