Do I need PS Plus now? I freakin finally got a PS5 right before Xmas and then my family got me a bunch of games (woo!). Am I set here til next year or should I still get PS plus for the downloadable games?

  1. Don’t forget, with a PS5 and PlayStation Plus you’ll also get all the free games in the “PS+ Collection” (20 games) in addition to the 3 games you’d get each month.

  2. Get ps plus if you are planning to play any of them that have online mode on them of you won't be able to play online and will have to still with the games that have offline modes

  3. Totally agree with this guy. Just got a PS5 last week and got a year of PS Plus for $41 on CD Keys. Absolutely makes it worth it. Even if you don't play the games now and you keep playing all these games you have, you can keep adding the monthly games to your catalogue to play when you're done with what you have.

  4. PS Plus does not only have the monthly games. It also has discounts on some games at whatever time of year

  5. Valhalla is beautiful but the combat hot garbage. I really like PS+ tho. It's not always bangers but I've had a ton of fun on PS+ games.

  6. PS Plus is required for online play. I suggest buying it if you are planning on playing Fifa and Avengers since they are enhanced by playing online.

  7. I’ll have had psplus for 6 years this February. I’ve collected over 275 games from it. I’ve maybe played 5 of them. Main reason I buy psplus is for multiplayer, however, most games I play now don’t even require psplus (mostly BR games). I will say I buy psplus when it’s around $40 and have been since the beginning, so that $4/month for the past 6 years of gaming has been worth it for me. And if I’m ever bored, I have nearly 300 games to choose from.

  8. Is storage on the cloud sufficient for that many games? Is there a limit or do you need to get an sd card to store games?

  9. I personally would still get PS Plus on discount at CDKeys. it's a great value (2-3 games a month for about 2-3 dollars per month) and even if there's nothing you're particularly interested in you can still have a varied growing gaming collection.

  10. I read a report that they are planning to rethink ps plus and make it more like Xbox game pass where you’ll have access to more than just the three free games a month. Honesty it’s pretty smart considering how insane the deal for game pass is. Right now your only benefit is online multiplayer (in paid games not free ones, online is always free for free games) and a handful of free games per month so if that sounds good to your then go for it.

  11. Dont buy the psplus just for the monthly games…most people buy it so they can play online and getting monthly games is a bonus…the thing is if u only buy it fot the games you might not even get any value out of it since first of all they dont add good games every month and also even if they do it might not be your kinda game

  12. You need to get yourself returnal and demons souls to see what the PS5s really capable off. They show off the best graphics on console (demons souls) and some of the smoothest shooter action ever that takes full advantage of the new dual shock. It’s truly a treat, if you have to pick one returnal 100% it’s incredibly hard but so rewarding and the story’s so so good as it slowly unfolds. Creepy as well, hits all the right notes

  13. No such thing as too many games. You'll never play them all but you'll also discover games you didnt think you'd be into.

  14. Do it for the cloud saves if nothing else. You don't want to start your games from scratch if something goes wrong

  15. Highly recommend turning on ‘Performance Mode’ as the default setting. Then you get 60fps by default and not the atrocious 30fps.

  16. I need to start a poll on this. Bc yes 60fps is amazing. But I see a disclaimer for every game that performance mode decreases the resolution and added effects like ray tracing (which I thought was the big ps5 selling point). So very conflicted lol

  17. For the $60 you pay to get PSPlus you get hundreds of dollars worth of games honestly so from a bargaining perspective it’s worth it but the games you have here are all super great games that you could sink hundreds of hours into. I personally don’t even really play online w my PS5 but you also get all the free PS5 games w psplus as well which include like the first ratchet and clank, god of war, the last of us, dark souls and a bunch more which I didn’t have previously. So I personally opt for psplus for the monthly games they offer. Enjoy the new PS5 man, I absolutely love mine

  18. Thanks dude yea I feel like just Immortals might take me a couple months lol. But been trying to get this ps5 all year (freaking bots causing inventory issues) so now I wanna get as much as I can from it. I think I’m going for ps plus for all the extra games

  19. definitely wanna get ps plus especially if you wanna game online with friends also the included games, deals/discounts, and exclusive packs are well worth the cost. you also should have access to the PlayStation collection on the ps5 giving you access to even more free games. I can't wait to get a ps5 myself when I can afford one so I'm on ps4 still but I always claim the ps5 games that plus gives me so when I do get it I'll have access to all those games I added to my account while I was still on previous gen. I did the same on the ps3 and a large library of ps4 games when I finally was able to upgrade of lots of great stuff. you have access to all of the plus games as long as your subscription is active. if it expires they are deactivated till your sub reactivates again and are still in your library even if it's expired so no need to worry about losing games while unsubbed (as long as you resub before 2years is up). congrats on your ps5 and your collection of games also btw

  20. Def wanna have online gaming. I’m coming from ps3 where it was free ha. Finally upgrading was so huge for me but kinda salty now i have to pay for it

  21. If you’ve never played the insomniac Spider-Man games, make sure to claim the first one and play it before playing Miles.

  22. First time playing these Spider-Man games with miles morales and a huge fan already. Yea it came with a DL for the original but haven’t played that yet. Should I put MM on hold and do the other one first?

  23. I barely ever play online games and I’d still get plus. Especially when you can get them on cdkeys or something for cheaper

  24. Aside from online features, you also get access to the PS Plus collection. That's an extra 20 digital games added to your library on top of the 3 games a month.

  25. I looked and looks like ps4 games mostly? Good games but still ps4. I’m excited to see what this ps5 can really do ha. Think they’ll have full ps5 games eventually?

  26. I wouldnt get it for the games unless there is one you specifically want. Otherwise if you want to play online it is required.

  27. Get the year’s subscription of Ps plus you can get 2-3 games each year at the price of a AAA game also ps plus is required to play any online games

  28. It looks like you have a PS5, which means you’d also have access to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection, which would set you up for a happy year of gaming just by itself.

  29. Ps+ also has auto cloud backup. Get it now on cdkeys for cheap then just reup every Black Friday. It’s like 3 bucks a month that way and you get a ton of games plus the backup plus the online play. It’s well worth it.

  30. There is online mode. + You get a bunch of nice games. Doesn't hurt to have more nice games. And you can still play your ps4 games there. Don't you want to play games like Hitman 2?

  31. Absolutely get it. The games are yours to keep, all you need is to add it to your library. You never know when PSP will drop a gem.

  32. Been playing immortals for the last 2 days. Big fan already. Not sure how long the story mode really is, mostly just been doing a lot of exploring lol

  33. Out of these games only the Fifa and the Avengers "needs" ps plus for online. Otherwise it was a pretty bad year for ps plus "free" games. But the real good thing is the "ps plus collection", which contains a lot great stuff from the ps4, so maybe that will be worth it.

  34. Plus is for the savegames backup, with the PS5 you can’t put them on USB like on the PS4. Without plus if anything happens to your PS5, or internal ssd, you lose everything

  35. Immortal fenyx rising is so much fun. Didn't have high expectations because of the cheap price. But damn how wrong i was.

  36. Get PLUS. Think its 42$ at cdkeys for digital 1yr code. I play multiplayer, so I need it. AND I enjoy some of the free monthly games. Dirt 5 being one for this month w ps5 enhancement, ray tracing etc.

  37. I would suggest play the games you have then decide if you want ps+, for me those games would only last a max of 3 months (most of it just fifa Ut as i finish story games rather fast).

  38. yes, ps+ is worth it. besides the montly free games, you algo get access to a huge library of good games and also enable online multiplayer in games that have it.

  39. FIFA is no fun against AI, get that Plus & join some tournaments or FIFA Ultimate Team. Just don’t give EA a dime in Micro-transactions or Fun Tokens as EA loves to call em.

  40. PS Plus collection will definitely give you some good games to play. And despite a lot of criticism of the monthly games they do give out some pretty interesting games every now and then. If you want the best price and it's available in your country I highly recommend the cdkeys website to get your ps+.

  41. PS Plus will only make everything better and give you games every month. Like I don't wanna say it's the most amazing service in the world, but it's a great value

  42. Dont forget to download the High Res Texture Pack for FarCry 6 (the graphics and performance will be as good as a Pc which costs more than 1.5k€ ...)

  43. May as well have it ticking over in the background and grab the games as they come up. That's what I do. Plus there's some decent discounts on buying some games from time to time if you have the sub.

  44. The ps plus collection has plenty of games to add. But if you don't play online and won't complete those games in the month free trial then I wouldn't really bother.

  45. Get it once there is a game on it you want. If this month's lineup has no interest to you just wait until there is a game you want. Then when you sub, you'll get that month AND the PS Plus collection.

  46. I would definitely go for it. I have been subscribed since it first came out and now I have a vast collection of games to choose from. There is always something to play. Plus, PS Plus will also allow you to get special discount on some games alongside providing online capabilities.

  47. Depends on how much online gaming you plan on doing and how fast you think you’ll play through these. For me, this would probably be a good bit of gaming homework, but I’m a sorry line type of guy. I will say this: I’ve had the yearly subscription for a good while now and the free games pay for itself easily several times over. Some months are bangers, some are misses, but I always get the freebies bc why not. Got me into cities skylines and I thought I hated those kinds of games.

  48. I don’t know if anybody has mentioned it but if you have a PS5, you cannot save your games data to USB stick. You can save to PS cloud but you have to have PS+ subscription for that. So, if you ever loose your console saves or buy a new console you can restore all your saves from the cloud.

  49. I think it's best to start the ones you have received to be fair. I got my PS5 at launch and have all the titles in the picture... yet to finish half of the games! - depends on your playing schedule too.

  50. Get it. You can grab a 1 yr subscription for like $60 USD. Its worth it just for the PS Plus Collection, in case you missed any of those games from the PS4 Gen.

  51. I see you don't have a racing game amongst your great selection of gifts. If you subscribe this month to PS+ you LL get Dirt 5 which is a fun game. But just for the collection that include 20 of the best games of the PS4 generation, I would clearly subscribe, so worth it... Still trying to get a PS5 and I am actually looking forward to the PS+ collection as I haven't played many of the great games and avoided buying them since I knew I would get them with the PS5. Hopefully it won't be too long now, but it's still difficult to find one at a reasonable price in Thailand where I live...

  52. Ooh I do want a racing game just wasn’t sure what’s good out there. I need that and a CoD in this collection. Yea pretty much everyone has convinced me to go for ps plus for the giant variety of games

  53. Well rumour has it they're going to change how ps plus and ps now. Work. Apparently they're going to merge the 2 into a pay teir system instead of separate subscriptions. I have a ps 4 dunno about of 5 but ps4 playstation plus you get online play ability and 2 non "premium" games yours for as long as you subscribe to plus. Playstation Now is a streaming game service that allows you to choose from a few 100 games from ps2 ps3 and ps4 . Both are 60 usd each for a year. Ultimately it depends on if you want to play more games or online than those in the pic. Mind you can always buy and download any game in the store.

  54. I put around 130hrs into Valhalla, and just started on the DLC. So you MIGHT be okay for a while. Of any of the 3 free games this month look appealing to you I'd recommend signing up near the end of the month and adding them to your library so you can download later.

  55. Make sure to download the PS5 version of It Takes Two! Such an incredible game, and the PS5 controls are just incredible for it! Enjoy!!

  56. I’m over 200 hours on Valhalla and haven’t even started Wrath of the Druids (Series X). You’ll get a lot of play time on that one. That being said definitely cop PS+.

  57. Bought/got 11-12 games between black friday and Christmas. And a year of ps plus. And I already have ps now. So goddamn overkill. In your case though, get ps plus if there’s anything that looks cool. Ratchet, Spider-Man and It Takes Two are kinda on the short side (but so goddamn good), so it’s always nice to have something as a backup if the other games aren’t your thing.

  58. 1-throw avengers away just don’t play that shit 2-and if u can wait till a discount then buy ps plus as well and you’re good to go my friend Have fun!

  59. I would recommend ps now instead of ps plus. Currently mortal kombat 11 joined the lineup and it has better games than ps+ in general. Plus you can download the ps4 games, its not forceful to stream.

  60. Why wouldn’t you get it? Free games, discounted prices on games which will save you more than the annual fee, and you can play online.

  61. Definitely get it and take advantage of the free games included right off the bat. You mentioned The Last of Us, which is fantastic, but God of War and Bloodborne are in there as well. All three of those are some of the best games ever for my money. Then there’s a bunch of other good stuff as well, like if you wanna try Batman.

  62. i think ps plus is worth it, but if you arent gonna be playing online, you could just buy a couple months at a time once a game youre interested in becomes free with ps plus. you also get access to a nice library of games with ps plus on PS5.

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