Jet pump is short cycling

  1. My pump short cycled when the bladder went. It’s basically trying to compress the incompressible at that point. It immediately gets high pressure which disappears as soon as the pump turns off.

  2. Im also curious what others say about the pressure tank being two stories above the pump. Maybe that’s fine, but I’ve never seen a setup like that. Usually the pump is on top of the tank.

  3. I'm not at that point yet, It run and shuts after opening a tap then stays shut for a while but looking at the gauge pressure is very slowly decreasing even when not opening any top so it does a cycle every now and then I'm suspecting it's a leak somewhere already found one but it's not that strong so kind of worried there's more hopefully not, haven't fix the leak yet as i can't find the fittings.

  4. Ok so I was thinking of short cycling as I’m on-off-on-off as you were using it. If you can see it coming up to pressure and staying there and then see the pressure slowly come down with no usage, it’s definitely a leak. Bad foot valve or something else. I have a spring and the original owner put one way valve before the filter. That valve would get dirty with all the crap a spring produces and develop slow leaks. I put a new valve AFTER the filter and I haven’t had to change it since.

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