Got the Poco F3

  1. MIUI is perfectly fine, Im having around 8 hours of SOT on casual use on around 80% brightness on 120hz. I barely get any bugs and the performance is top notch. I don't understand why people here are like "The first thing you should do is to unlock the bootloader and install a custom rom". Very user friendly am I right? sarcasm

  2. I'm on poco F1 (still) but if you really like customising I use Nova settings, very customisable and I use 'lines' icon pack. Makes all the app icons look a bit nicer.

  3. Hi, dear F1 user. I am also still using and abusing my F1. I found that, for me, the best launcher is the Microsoft Launcher, funny enough... Really light and snappy.

  4. Ah, a man of culture, I see. I'm also a fellow F1er, although I changed to PE OS recently I can attest that the Nova Launcher is really good (in both PE and MIUI).

  5. No way the battery times is double. Why im keep hearing this bullshit from aosp enjoyer?, I know in some case battery improvement happen but not that huge lol. I know coz i like to switch from stock ui to aosp since im using zenfone 2 laser back in 2018, k20 pro, mi 10t, and now f3

  6. Can definitely agree to that. I've been also using PixelOS for about 5 months and it changed my whole experience combined with gcam. Plus, the unlimited backup to Google Photos is a godsend!

  7. Watch a vid on how to tune like YouTube setup vid it will show you how to remove adds and help privacy. Update it to the latest version. Download the latest AKP for the poco lianchernits Version 4 or something. You can block all adds.

  8. You can open developer settings and set the animations to x1.5, it makes everything run a bit smoother and faster

  9. Uhh.. with the new poco launcher you don't have to do this as they have an animation speed setting already.

  10. Great phone.. now unlock bootloader (must wait 7 days and you lose data so make backup) and then you can flash ROM of your desire.. XDA forum is where you should start

  11. Poco f3 user here, you may remove the ads but the one on the cleaner persists no matter what you do.

  12. Just bought it too 2 days ago its great the camera isn't top tier quality but it's good wasn't expecting a good camera but a good performance

  13. Watched a tutorial on youtube. Entered developer mode, downloaded an ADB tool and android bloatware removal tool. Was careful about not removing important aps though

  14. I have a bigger mi 10t battery installed and use currently,but i was previously on HentaiOS, that was the most stable, and I think I needed that installed for a while to calibrate the battery controller to the bigger battery

  15. Hey fellow hanger on-er haha, Im goin to look that up now.. I'd definitely recommend a battery change, I just changed mine about a month ago and at first I thought there was no difference but now it's made the world of difference! It's lasting waaaay longer, not as long as when I first got it but I'd imagine the original ones are better and I've the phone fully loaded now with apps etc.

  16. Got myself a Poco F3 too, but I've not got round to setting it up yet. Hopefully it's a noticeable upgrade over the Sony Xperia XZ2 that ive been using over the last few years. I've read in several places that the camera is a bit weak and I'm hoping it's not too bad as the camera on my Xperia is pretty decent.

  17. The very first thing you should NOT do is go to "Display settings" and change to "refresh rate" to 120Hz. Your just going to waste many hours/days just scrolling up and scrolling down. You'll be sitting there admiring how smooth it is, and being totally unproductive.

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