Friendship Exp & Gift Exchange Megathread

  1. Im a Polar region player. Mostly looking for the elusive people from the Sandstorm, Sun, River, and Ocean regions, but I’m happy to trade gifts with people from other areas too!

  2. 8110 4764 5394 - I’m in the extremely desirable (LOL) High Plains - Working on Archipelago, icy snow, marine, and ocean currently.

  3. Hi looking for gift exchange ! Play almost everyday and can offer sun gifts, 9383 4303 0233 looking for elegant, medow, sandstorm, archipielago, ocean, marine, river or savannah any help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Hi! I’m in the Modern region. I need friends from Sandstorm, Sun, & Tundra regions please. My name & number is AlwaysaGator 1277 8263 2593. Thank you! I have 3 accounts I use.

  5. 3489 9942 4152 - I don’t need any more Continental, Polar, Modern, Marine & High Plains. If you’re in the Sun, Tundra, Ocean, Sandstorm, or Icy Storm region, I desperately need you. And feel free to add me if you’re in the Elegant, Garden, Jungle, Meadow, Monsoon, River, or Savanna region. I am a daily player/gifter (my condo is smack dab in the middle of 3 Pokestops & 1 Gym, so I always have 100+ gifts in my possession to gift my friends.) I look forward to playing with you!

  6. Looking for people that want to become best friends through opening and sending gifts; I try to send out max gifts per day. Have two accounts:

  7. Very active lev 43 player from Sweden. Will open (as many as allowed) and/or send gifts on daily basis. Hopefully so will you. Until we become the bestest of friends 😀

  8. 0127 7071 4543 hello I’m looking for anyone who can send from ocean, high plains, sun, icy snow, river and savanna. I’ll be sending modern.

  9. My wife’s, whose a teacher and doesn’t always have a lot of time to grind return gifts show her how much we appreciate our teachers!

  10. Sandstorm looking for friends in Japan and South America. I gift daily, drop codes below and I’ll drop my other sandstorm friend codes as well

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