Friendship Exp & Gift Exchange Megathread

  1. 8016 7908 8053 I am Garden looking for Icy Snow, Jungle, Marine, Monsoon, Ocean, Sandstorm, Savanna, and Sun

  2. Hihi Modern 2186 0902 1795 Looking for Icy Snow, Jungle, Marine, Monsoon, Ocean, Sandstorm, Savanna, and Sun Would really appreciate it if y’all could help me out! Thank you!

  3. Hi guys I’m modern 3400 8504 2534, I know that no one needs it now but if anyone from these regions want to help it would be greatly appreciated

  4. Looking for a friend from Sandstorm region. It’s the only one left that I need. If someone from that region could help me I would be grateful :) TC: 1466 4059 7926

  5. 8635 1202 3571 from Houston area, just looking for friends to exchange gifts with so i can finish some of the field research

  6. Also just a heads up, I'm maxed out on opening gifts today so will open all the new gifts once I wake up tmrw :)

  7. 9488 6372 1261 female from Michigan looking to send gifts very active! 🥰 add my insta if you wanna be in contact, vibee.leex

  8. 289971358242 this is my 6 year old niece’s fc. she gets so so happy when people send her gifts and spends like five minutes on each gift she sends to make sure it’s the perfect sticker. She wants more friends bc she just has me, her other aunt, and her grandma added. pls add her !

  9. thank you guys so much! she probably won’t be adding anyone else now because she might get overwhelmed but she was so happy that she got so many requests!! tysm!

  10. I have recieved 40+ friend requests so i will not be able to receive everyone's gifts (due to the 30 limit) but I will keep sending!

  11. Level 40 - looking for friends who like to raid and exchange gifts frequently 4486 3082 7545

  12. 1826 8118 7707 (Polar Region) Currently reached max limit for opening gifts, I can still send about 40

  13. 6693 7739 1417 High Plains here looking for new friends to gift in these regions: Icy snow Meadow Monsoon Ocean Sandstorm Savannah Sun Tundra

  14. Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 5473 1836 3583! Gifts in coastal California and Ohio for the holidays.

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