What am I doing wrong?

  1. Just RNG being RNG. Even if outbreaks are something like 1/160, it doesn't guarantee that you'll find one on the 161st encounter.

  2. Yeah it’s just weird seeing people have all these shiny mons and talking about how easy it is and I’m just here trying to catch my second shiny haha

  3. Even though it's one of the easier methods in recent Pokemon games the RNG is still wild. I hunted a shiny Togepi with outbreaks and got it after a few resets, but now I'm hunting shiny Zorua and it's taking awhile.

  4. Do you only look at the first 4 Pokémon that spawned? From my experience, shinys aren‘t around the first four, but that might just be my personal RNG. Found several after the initial wave. But like others say, it‘s RNG, so it might just be very bad luck.

  5. Yah the first few are never shiny for me either I stick around until it says the mass outbreak has ended and it never came up shiny

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