Perfect Dex (finally)

  1. I just wish they gave some kind of incentive to perfect the dex. I wouldve love to do it but as far as I'm concerned you don't even get a pat on the back for 100% perfect lol

  2. I don't think the legendaries are useful to perfect since you can only encounter them one time but it increases the shiny rate of the other ones afaik.

  3. Worst part is that if you perfect an entry, you feel the urge to perfect the Pokédex. I’m perfecting it too and I’m 105 in with 230hrs in, hope to finish it under 350hrs mark

  4. Nice!!! I'm almost there too!! I'm making an alpha farm (need 17 more) and hopefully afterwards I start on my shiny farm (need alot more hahaha) this game kills so much time!!!

  5. I swear. Back when I was working on my perfect dex i would’ve saved 50 hours by not having to load in and out of maps until I got the shakey trees I needed.

  6. The Pachirisu were the worst. The Aipom went pretty quickly once I dug in. Just fly to the two trees where they can jump out of, go back to jubilife if they aren't there. Rinse, repeat. Took me maybe 1/2 hour to get them all.

  7. I'd say yeah. As soon as I saw all those unchecked entries, I knew I had to get it done before I was done with the game. Now I can rest easy and prep for Pokemon Scarlet.

  8. I'm almost there got like 14 legendary ones left to perfect and I'll be finally done almost 700 hours in roughly 4 boxes of shinies

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