Can we take a moment and appreciate Game Freak finally designing a fully evolved quadrupedal fire type starter that isn’t furry bait and takes the more animalistic approach?

  1. Look it’s not Feriligatr but it’s pretty cool. All the crocodiles/alligators and lizards are pretty good designs.

  2. Also the fact the flames don't change color in its shiny form is slightly disappointing. Shiny itself is alright (best of the starters, though not hard), but its not great because of this.

  3. I named mine aloof, because fuecoco has not a single thought in his brain, and I love him for that. Skeledirge looks like it can generate a coherent thought, but only when it’s two floating braincells bump into each other 🥰

  4. Named mine Saltbae after Saltwater Crocodiles and it being a starter, didn't even realise it was ghost till I read it on here. Stayed in box mostly so I'm not overlevelled for gyms.

  5. I love it so much. Honestly my favorite starter since Mudkip and Swampert. I love the design, the the patches of color on its head, the little bird-microphone. Such an amazing creative and cool pokemon, Skeledirge.

  6. It baffles me why so many people were so hostile to this theory. It's just a harmless little theory that had a lot of backing behind it

  7. This is my favorite starter final evo ever. I love that it's based on a Nile croc and polver bird and I love Pokemon that are "two in one".

  8. I like this fella a lot! I wish the white on the torso was solid rather than segmented, and the white on the base of the tail wasn’t so thin compared to the torso, but otherwise great design! Flat Fire Fuck

  9. Still sooooo sad about Sprigatito standing up, though! 😭It could have been so much better as a cool Iberian lynx or something running around on all fours and swiping at enemies with its claws.

  10. It’s also heavily underrated for some reason, I still stand by the fact that it’s the best SV starter. Maybe not competitively but just in general design.

  11. I'm glad it's a croc and that it's on all fours, but the design itself is jank as all hell and kinda hard to look at.

  12. I’m pretty sure he’s the most popular in terms of design. Basically every one I know in real life picked Fuecoco, especially as the final evolutions of the other two are…divisive at best.

  13. not only it has an animal design but it ALSO has a job/gimmick/role on its design. it's a singer, the bird becomes a microphone and sings WITHOUT looking like he could pay taxes. you can still have cool designs based on jobs or people without making them look they should have rights to vote

  14. Honestly I hate him, my baby that looked like a little apple grows up into a literal clown. T.T if they had taken more of like a day of the dead approach to his final form I’d be a lot happier.

  15. It just looks too freaking weird to me. All the straight white lines makes it look robotic. Also I hate how they made the teeth look like part of its skin. Looking at this design next to something like Charizard makes me sad for what could have been.

  16. Fuecoco/Skeledirge is the best boy. Torch Song is the single best move ever. A fire chicken from your heard turning into a microphone stand for a ghost crocodile to sing waves of fire birds at his enemies. Perfection.

  17. I absolutely love this starter he was called ugly by everyone and he tanks earthquake and stone edge like a champ all while dishing out good damage it's a legit zero to hero moment.

  18. Can we take a moment to appreciate that it is a fantasy game and not all pokemon need to be crawling or slithering to be appreciated as the pokemon they are instead of seeing everything on two legs as some kind of 'furry bait'?

  19. As soon as I evolved into this dude I knew it was my #1 of the gen. Like you cannot look at this mfer and compare him to anything else. There's another badass ghost/fie in this gen and it doesn't even compare despite being rad as hell too. Literally an insta favorite of all time

  20. I love Skeledirge. I started with Fuecoco and the ONLY thing I regret is that there's so many good Ghost-types this gen I'm having to fight the urge to run a mono-ghost team. I already have two! I can't justify adding a third!

  21. The other starters are only furry bait if you think they are. I think they all look cool. The duck is suave, the cat is a robin hood and the croc has lil fire birb

  22. I chose tham as my started and love them. However... It looks like a clown: Face paint. Big red nose. The silly hair...

  23. It’s based on “dia de los muertos” face paint / masks. A holiday celebrated in Spain and Mexico that honors the dead.

  24. I've heard this before but honestly I just can't see it. And i've actually tried. The fact that the white face and head carries down to the snout prevents me from seeing it as anything other than a crocidle. And the flames just look like flames to me and not much else

  25. Fuecoco was already my pick as soon as the starters were revealed. Then, when the starters evos were leaked, then I became 200% sure of my pick when I saw Skeledirge.

  26. I agree with this. They did well surprisingly. I like its cry as well. It's kinda a howl which is pleasing to know it matches its typing and animal looks

  27. I get that Skeledirge is supposed to evoke Día de Muertos, but someone said it looks like a Juggalo and I can't really unseen it.

  28. I have zero idea what it's a reference to (if it is a reference), why is there a bird here, why does it turn into a microphone and why the crocodile can sing.

  29. They finally did it. They finally made a fire type that breaks the mold. I’m impressed. It’s not perfect, but it’s currently the best they’ve done

  30. I am loving that one. I chose the grass starter purely because I wanted to use Annihilape and didn't want to have two ghost types in my party but my next play through I am 100% going with Fuecoco. I'm so sick of biped starters.

  31. I like skeledirge but it’s annoying everyone is saying it’s good cause it’s quadruped, that’s not a good reason to like a Pokémon. It’s quite annoying to see actually pretty good and inspired designs (in my opinion cinderace and meowscarada are some good examples of this) just to be brushed off as furbait

  32. The unnecessary ambient effects of skeleridge and quaquavle is just throwing me off. The over design gives more like a legendary pokemon vibes than a regular pokemon

  33. The bad thing about Skeledirge is that its original form is Fuecoco which is peak design... All its other evos are worst in comparison

  34. What the hell does “furry bait” even mean at this point? I highly doubt that Gamefreak’s designers create Pokémon specifically to cater to a niche, ridiculed subculture on the internet. Does it just mean “anthropomorphic animal”? If so, why is it used in such a negative context? Why is the classification of “anthropomorphic animal” a bad thing when it’s a common monster design trope that’s being used in a monster collecting/trading/fighting game?

  35. CEO of Game Freak willingly came out and said he loves furries and wants to input as much of the culture into their games.

  36. One of the things that differs Pokemon from other monster games is that it ostensibly takes place in a "real" world. There's a reason why for example in gen 1 instead of bright glowing fire slime and ice slime, our slime was made of urban pollution. It set the tone that these are monsters but they're also just animals, part of the normal ecosystem, and while the world was a bit fantastic relative to ours the pokemon setting is about the most grounded and mundane a major JRPG had ever been.

  37. Unpopular opinion I actually like the green cats final evolution. At first I hated it but it definitely grew on top of me. The typing is horrible though. Reminds me of gardevoir. Quaxly… well they can’t go 3/3

  38. My only wish is they didn't have the fire coming out. It's design makes it look like hair so he looked like Danny DeVito lmaoo. Easily one of my favorite starters of the past like 3 gens though. The design pretty seamlessly incorporates multiple themes and inspirations: the relationship between Crocs and plover birds, sugar skulls/dia de Los muertos, a traditional instrument which name i forget (it's why his body is blocky and he has the color patches on his nose, they're keys), etc. Just a super well thought out design that actually feels like a pokemon rather than a pokemon in a human costume.

  39. Oooh, I'll have to look into the instrument. I hated the weird blocky additions and wacky proportions, but if there's an actual reason I'd be more okay with it

  40. While I agree with everything in your title, unfortunately i still hate the design. This photo in this artistic styling is the best it’s design has looked to me but the awful super rounded rendering that the actual game provides for this Pokémon looks absolutely awful since it’s such a blocky Pokémon.

  41. Check out Austin John Plays' "Trade Codes for Version Exclusive Pokemon & Paradoxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet". There are also codes for starters

  42. This entire evolution was a breath of fresh air. I can do without the fire bird on its nose but I appreciate the actual beast on all fours. These humanoids are EXHAUSTING.

  43. Imo this is the only good starter this game. Sprigatito started off ok but then went bipedal which ruined it and quaxly just looked awful from the start sorry quaxly fans but he is just an ugly Pokémon and Fuecoco looked decent at first the 2nd evolution isn’t great but the final one looks great no bipedal sexualised shit like normal finally a good one close to the greatness of the original gen 1 starters.

  44. I boxed him and nicknamed my Krookodile Skeledirge instead. I don’t like the way Skeledirge looks. The flames/marigolds look bad to me.

  45. I like that it's an animal pokemon... I don't like it, maybe it's their patterns or something but I should have picked sprigatito

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