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  1. I definitely prefer the asthetics of scarlet more than violet. The main legendary and and the paradox forms. Also red is my favourite colour... But yes to all you violet players your welcome. I totally wasn't selfish in my choice.

  2. I got violet but after seeing the koraidon animations and cutscenes compared to the miraidon ones and seeing how great tusk and roaring moon are performing in competitive im seriously regretting not getting scarlet

  3. The Gamestop I preordered my copies at said there was a noticeable difference in preorders for the game. I think for mine they said it was like 40 copies of Scarlet preordered and 30 for Violet with 4-5 of the dual packs. I'd like to see the large scale numbers because it seemed like Scarlet was getting a lot of attention.

  4. I knew I would get Violet as soon as I read the names because purple is my favorite color. The purple motorcycle-dog/dragon and the Dilf professor were just a bonus.

  5. I genuinely thought Scarlet would be more popular because Koraidon looks better and isn’t a robot lol. Why is Violet so popular?

  6. Oh dude, same! Every bit of talk on here pre-release was "man, Scarlet is so cool, gonna get Scarlet!" so I grabbed Violet. Would've done the opposite if I'd known lol.

  7. i chose scarlet for different reas8ns, but i think purple looks cooler and actually have functioning wheels. I prefet kraidon for battle but they def could have just removed the psuedo wheels imo :/

  8. I like Koraidon better as a Pokemon, but I like Miraidon better as a bike. Logically I should have chosen the game with the bike I liked that can't be changed. Still got Scarlet because red go brrrr

  9. Personally, prefer a mechanized motorbike lizard over the pure lizard bike. Also ceruledge is cooler than armourouge

  10. Trying to complete the dex is crazy hard when trading for the other exclusives. I see nothing but scarlet version exclusives being traded via the link codes.

  11. Oh man I was trying to get bagon using the link codes and was offered another larvitar, a pupitar, and a deino before finally being offered the bagon lmao

  12. I just don't like the future them it had. I don't care what anybody else likes. Besides I definitely made the right choice playing scarlet first because there was no shortage of people willing to trade with me everything I needed.

  13. I kinda just looked at the legendary and the professor and that was it. I liked koraidon much more than miraidon, but i didn't think violet would be that much more popular. I also liked the past as a theme much better than the future.

  14. Daughter called dibbs on Violet due to Ceruledge, ok but I got cave milf Prof Sada and Armorogoues' arm cannon made me not care that I didn't go Violet. :P

  15. I got Violet because I hated the shade of red they used on the uniforms in Scarlet. Oh sorry, it's orange. Not red at all. That also drove me nuts lol.

  16. I feel like the plot made more sense to me on scarlet. They found paradox Pokémon in the great crater centuries before the professor invented the time machine. It makes more sense to me that there could be a sanctuary of unchanged ancient Pokémon in the great crater, as opposed to somehow robot Pokémon from the future are there before the time machine was.

  17. Personally I assumed that the general framework for the time machine itself already existed, it was just broken for whatever reason and the professor had to fix it.

  18. I picked violet think it was gonna be the lesser popular one because you know everyone always picked red.

  19. That’s how me and my brother chose, I love the color red and he loves the color purple! Nothing could sway me.

  20. I don't get why Scarlet is less popular? Red>Purple, and exclusive mons are better in Scarlet (design-wise) it was a choice without any hesitation for me.

  21. I did because violet paradox pokemon look kind of dumb, as if a 7 yo invented some Pokemon, while scarlet ones actually look pretty cool

  22. Red is the best. The orange uniforms are ugly but I’m fine wearing ugly clothes when I get the prettiest legendary

  23. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about either game. I didn’t even see the box legendaries. I made my decision as soon as I heard Violet was one of the versions. My reasoning was “Purple is my favorite color so I have to buy pokemon purple”. That was the entirety of my thought process.

  24. Honestly, at first I preferred Violet (because Koraidon with wheels but not using em looks silly). But too many have em, so I grab Scarlet instead for the purpose of trading exclusives with Violet.

  25. From the beginning, I was on the Scarlet bandwagon. I am glad I still went with my decision as the version exclusives for Scarlet are better than Violet’s.

  26. I warmed up to Koraidon but for the most part, Violet has cooler paradox mons. Plus Miraidon's wheels are "functional" so it's bike form looks a lil better imo

  27. Orange is my favorite color so I was kind of regretting not going with Scarlet which had orange uniforms. But I don't like the shade of orange that they use throughout the clothing options. It looks more brown/tan to me.

  28. My boyfriend and I were meant to be...he asked me which I'd rather. I said Violet. He said perfect, Scarlet all day and now we can trade and hunt for exclusives in the other worlds! Ain't love grand?!

  29. I literally made an agreement with a few friends, they would all get scarlet and I would get violet because I liked the colour lmao

  30. I just got it because my very first pokemon game was blue so i thought "hey why not the red one this time"

  31. Where are people even getting that violet is more popular anyways? Seen a lot of posts about this. Are there numbers out yet or are people just assuming?

  32. I haven’t looked at any official numbers, I just keep seeing posts saying it. There were many posts with pictures of tons of scarlet games available at stores with violet sold out. Some locations had the inverse though. In my friend group, more ended up picking violet though.

  33. I'm just an indigenous pokenerd that thinks red toothless looks like a regalia dancer with a headdress and bustle, and thinks roaring moon is bae.

  34. Honestly, I usually get the more masculine of the two games. And I haven't really looked at violets dog thing but I heard it's more like a bike. So I think for the story's sake, the dog makes more sense in the story. I haven't beaten the pokemon league yet but I'm almost at the end game content I think. But doggo is awesome lol

  35. Ah yes. They're playing for the regional variants and clearly most definitely not the hot cavewoman mommy professor (with fangs). Definitely for the regional variants.

  36. I got both and in the end chose to make my main playthrough Scarlet since I prefer the paradox pokemon of that game (and since we're most likely getting paradox suicune, entei, and probably raikou as scarlet exclusives, makes it even more of a reason for me to have that as my main). For violet, there's just not as much of an appeal as I initially thought, where all I really want is two or three version exclusives from it.

  37. i liked violet more, had it preordered, but ended up getting scarlet sooner (shipping delay on my preorder) and playing it first… i’m playing violet now and realizing that i like koraidon’s design more, even if miraidon’s color palette is superior

  38. scarlet may be less popular but the moment you go to trade for a cerulege all of a sudden theres 10,000 scarlet players and 1 violet player trying to trade

  39. Are there sales numbers on this? I keep seeing the claim that violet is more popular without anything to substantiate it.

  40. I mean I chose my game based on the name the color and the box legendary, gf got violet so I get the best of both worlds. Only thing I'll give violet is y'all's outfits are less hideous but that's about it

  41. Scarlet player because Miraidon's eyes freaked me out a bit and also, I like the feets on my Koraidon. They're my happy lil fren

  42. I just like Koraidon more than Miraidon...like it has jets and can only glide and floats around like some sort of monk in its battleform.

  43. Honestly I feel like they did a great job balancing the cool mons between the games. My only issue still is that there’s really no reason at all for them to be two separate games, but we all know that’s never gonna go away…

  44. Me who was so done picking the second version because my friends always pick the first one. Also Koraidon and Sada.

  45. My partner and i chose the games forever ago just based on the colors since my favorite color is purple and his is red

  46. My and my brother we both play the game andtook the different versions. I took violet and he took scarlet, with every new game i take the one with the blueish palet of colors and he takes the redish one.

  47. They gotta understand, I had 2 choices. I chose the dumb dog that runs instead of using his wheels. It was a clear and easy choice. I've also gone with the "Red" option every game I've played, except for moon, I wanted the bat.

  48. Is this the first time the game that gets top billing (Scarlet) is the less popular one? I feel like Sword, Sun, X, Black, etc. are always the slightly more popular of the initial two

  49. I prefer everything in scarlet over violet. The legendary, uniforms, colour, past theme and the professor of course, that’s why I got it.

  50. I was violet because of the colors but once the legendaries were introduced with the past and future information, I had to go caveman route. Did not realize I was the oddball.

  51. It's so weird to me. I know 4 people having Scarlet, but none but me having Violet. Then i tried to trade Pokemon via the Pokedex-number-method and i noticed holy shit. I need to reroll my traiding partner on average 10 times to find someone with Scarlet.

  52. I waited until the version exclusives were leaked to pick mine, and hands down Scarlet had the better ones. I liked both the motorbikes and Sada so I felt good about my choice...

  53. I think both games are pretty good. The only reason I choose Scarlet was because of the paradox forms and Koraidon since he is a lot more natural. Dinos vs Robots, dinos win.

  54. Koraidon, Professor Sada, Tyranitar, Ancient Donphan? It was an easy choice unaffected by the masses. 😆 Only exclusives I think violet got that I really want are Iron Thorns and Ceruledge and I've got friends that picked purple.

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