Self Promo Sunday

  1. Hey everyone, My partner and I are opening Celebration tin chests and another Evolving Skies Elite trainer box over on my Twitch channel.

  2. Do you enjoy Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, or Dragon Ball? Do you like watching a grown man waste his money by opening up shiny cardboard like an absolute APE? Subscribe to this channel to feel secondhand embarrassment.

  3. Giving away some graded slabs during a rip and ship tonight. If anyone is interested search for “FlipZilla” on the Auxxit app.

  4. Hey Guys, check out my cousins channel, The Poke Sheriff. Opening and unboxing Pokémon trading cards.

  5. I'm doing a series where I compile all of the current trading card giveaways on YouTube and yours is on my list for the next video I post (likely tomorrow)! Congrats on your awesome success!

  6. I run an Etsy selling Pokemon related goodies! We're running a giveaway now to win a keychain, some booster packs, and store discounts! Visit my socials to get details on how to enter!

  7. Hey everyone, I recently uploaded a new Pokémon TCG opening video, opening Fusion Strike for the first time on my channel ! (I upload a new full video every week)

  8. Hey y’all I’m doing a twitch stream with my little cousin sometime before Christmas. As a little gift for him we’re opening 100 evolving skies booster packs that I’ve been slowly collecting over the months. Would love to see some people there. Cheers!🍻 My twitch is; ssjbains209 if anybody is down

  9. Hello self promo Sunday! Are you into pack openings with comedic commentary and absurd edits? Have I got a channel for you.

  10. Hello! Started posting TCG content on my channel and just opened up 3 booster boxes and 6 ETB’s with much more coming! Please check it out and consider subscribing! In the video listed below we pull huge alt art chase cards.

  11. Heyo everyone, I’m a small Youtuber in Japan eating ramen and opening card packs. Some of y’all may have seen me from a recent post but I’m especially proud of this video’s intro so here it is.

  12. Hi! We are a couple that does primarily Pokemon content and card unboxings. We have plenty of giveaways on our channel and also a share code cards in videos!

  13. I'll be on the look out for the giveaways! Lately I've been compiling all trading card giveaways on YouTube into a quick video. I don't share how to entrer, just that the opportunity is out there. Best of luck to your channel!

  14. A small YouTuber in Japan who likes opening Pokémon cards. Here's a link to my latest video opening some 25th anniversary packs.

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