Self Promo Sunday

  1. Hey everyone, I posted a new video and I am doing my first giveaway to celebrate my channel reaching 200 subscribers! Giveaway info in the description of the video


  3. R/Pokemon_Mart_BST My new sub for all things Pokémon cards and games! Raffles and give aways and fun for the Pokémon community

  4. I am giving away somewhere between 70 and 100 packs of Pokemon cards on January 1, in addition to a PSA 10 Darkness Blaze Charizard and Beckett 9 Base Set 2 Wigglytuff.

  5. Just starting streaming on twitch. Doing a Celebrations ETB giveaway at 125 Followers and a Gym Challenger booster pack at 50 subs.

  6. Please check out my 7 year old's channel. This video is his third video and took me 3 hours to edit. He breaks a box of VMAX Climax!

  7. A small YouTuber in Japan who likes opening Japanese Pokémon cards! Check out my latest video where I open some VMAX Climax Cards!

  8. Hey guys! I just uploaded my biggest pull ever on my TikTok @thatbzee ! Christmas magic came through with the evo packs in my tins 😩🖤

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