*SPOILERS* NEW SET ALERT! Incandescant Arcana will be released in Japan on September 2, 2022. It will feature Radiant Jirachi, Alolan Vulpix Vstar, and some gorgeous looking CHR cards

  1. Gardevoir is one of my favorite Pokémon and this illustration is georgous, but this is the second Gardevoir Trainer Gallery card. There are plenty of less popular Pokémon that could have benefited from having a TG card.

  2. What Heresy is this, there can never be enough Waifu in the world. The idealism of equal card representation was long dead the moment a Zard is been put in literally every other set.

  3. Oh lord if there’s a Lugia VMax alt art it’s probably going to at least match Umbreon and Rayquaza in cost and demand

  4. Best time to be a trainer collector Pokemon really has taken a liking to these trainer galleries/full arts in the past couple of years.

  5. Yes! This is a Japanese set, both this and the English Lost Origin set will be released this September. This Japanese set most likely contains cards that will be in the English set after Lost Origin, which will be the final Sword and Shield set

  6. Ight, I’m just gonna say it, I’ve never cared for alohan vulpix/ninetails and the companies constant push on them has bugged me for a while, just an opinion lol

  7. Oh man that's a day before my birthday and holy shit Jirachi is gonna be hunted so hard. Also, the I think there'll be some Rule 34 folks loving this set...

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