anyone else simply unable to wrap their head around this pokémon/its design?

  1. Its Urshifu right? Ursa for Bear. Shifu as in the Chinese term for Sensei? So a bear martial artist Pokémon? Seems easy enough to understand to me.

  2. honestly SW/SH was the first mainline game I basically missed since Diamond/Pearl (game came out at a very busy point in my life) so most of the pokemon from that generation I’m now seeing for the first time in Unite and Violet lol

  3. JUST realized I’m supposed to look at that little black triangle as his nose and his design is starting to make more sense now

  4. He has a simpler design compared to the classic gigantic elemental legendaries. He doesn't even have complex lore, he's basically the staple of martial arts in Galar or something. Mewtwo still tops every legendary design imo

  5. Im super hyped, Urshifu is prob one of my favourites from Gen 8, though I still don't feel it should be considered a legendary pokemon personally.

  6. It definitely is starting to grow on me, but I definitely agree with that. Don’t legendary pokémon need some kind of story to them? I may simply be completely missing a story as I didn’t get to play SW/SH all the way through.

  7. I used to think he was lame Legendary and for a long time before that didn't know he was actually a Legendary. I like him a lot now though his design grew on me it's really simple and clean.

  8. my first mainline skip since D/P :( I bought it but at a very busy time of my life, I’ve been meaning to get back to it!

  9. Lol youre probably one of the new guys that came in with the hype. These have always been around

  10. Tbh it's one of my favorite designs ever, but I get when someone thinks he might look too humanoid. Funnily enough, I don't particularly like his 3D model or even his official Sugimori artwork (his mouth is too close to his nose and he walks funny). But his battle animations, his TCG artwork, his anime design and all the cool fanarts, made me grow fond of him when I was watching kung-fu movies during last year.

  11. I’ll definitely be checking out the anime as well. I personally had the same thoughts on the 3D model, as I thought the face proportions were weird and the way his “sash” thing was hanging, I thought it always looked like that— looking at the 2D model I liked it a lot more and honestly don’t think the pokémon is odd looking at this point.

  12. I get the feeling Urshifu’s gonna be a blast to play!!! no offense meant by this post to your favorite pokemon by the way, its design just caught my off guard (im kind of dumb) but I’m understanding it now.

  13. I’d have to agree. Honestly my main confusion came from the weird prospective brought on by the 3D model, but the 2D version is really nice!

  14. I actually am a bit baffled that he is actually getting into unite. Earlier this year I imagined how the game would add new concepts for playable pokemon and one of those was having Urshifu as two different fighters depending on the move you choose, and lo and behold, they actually did just that. I'm very excited for tomorrow! (Plus the new items too)

  15. It's a bear with a headband. Knuckles have the same design as fighters gloves. Shoulder/chest design are as if he's wearing a hooded flowing garment. Spikes on the knees to look cool?

  16. THAT, convoluted, was the exact word I was thinking of. It’s a design very hard to like understand if that makes sense. I can see the vision it’s just confusing to look at?? I very much agree that it could have been much simpler.

  17. Omg THANK YOU I thought I was the only one lol. The design is cool but at the same time I really don’t know what to think of it. Like…what is this pokemon’s ~aesthetic~😂

  18. When you run out of ideas lol pokemon been out for year there only so much b4 they just say fuck this will do

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