Im unironically a National Socialist. AMA.

  1. To answer your first question, I believe that if we wish to achieve socialism, we must unite our people and there is no better way to do that if our people is homogeneous (shares a culture, a set of values, a language and a common history). That's where the nationalistic part of my ideology comes in. As for my socialist views, I believe that socialism is able to obtain the best of capitalism and communist, by providing good living conditions to the people while maintaining the competition that allows for innovation to take form.

  2. National Socialist as in Hitler-fanboy or National Socialist as in a socialist who values a national identity?

  3. Because I'm Socialist. Besides, I have been learning about Communism and I have found the theories to be quite interesting. Since I don't know enough about it to call myself a Communist, for now, I see myself as a Socialist.

  4. Do you see the violence committed by corporations as somehow different than the violence committed by the state? If so, why? (I do recognize that your Termanology has been bastardized by the not sees and I am not judging you on that basis.)

  5. While I must acknowledge the good things that Salazar did for Portugal I must also say that censorship is cringe.

  6. Well, you made some very interesting points. And I agree with you, if I wish to win the hearts of the people then I must restrain myself from self identifying as a National Socialist. Unfortunately, most people are too lazy to spend time actually reading and understanding my views. They would rather simply look at the label (NatSoc) and judge me based on that.

  7. Misguided but your heart is in the right place. Definitely a Social Nationalist however. Just keep in mind that racial segregation doesn’t really solve anything comrade.

  8. Yes. Those who cause trouble and do not share our values should be removed from our country. Examples of these would be criminals, gypsies and religious extremists.

  9. Well, first because I wanted to be part of a quad instead of staying between authleft and authright 😅. Secondly, because I'm not just a socialist, but Im mostly progressive on social policies.

  10. What!? How did you went from Social Nationalism to 1984? Democracy is a major part of my beliefs. I would never enforce my system against the people's will. What I look for is a system in which my people have good living conditions and are responsible for their fate, a Meritocracy in other words.

  11. No, of course not. Although races offer different characteristics and capabilities to individuals, no race is superior to the other.

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