My Palestinian American family

  1. There was this one ghost wandering around Europe 100 years ago and it really did a number on the continent

  2. Not really. Communism was antagonistic towards religion at the start because it was regarded as as a tool of the ruling class that was used to uphold status quo. Since then, communists often found allies amongst religious people.

  3. She hates all of them. Their weird lib left love of Islam does not apply to lib left Arabs. That’s usually the religion they hate the most. For what it’s worth, she also hates the pendant wearing tarot card reading “witches” too. So that’s a plus.

  4. No, libleft loves defending people whom they see as marginalized. They don't defend Islam in states where it is in power, they defend Muslims in states where they are ostracized and oppressed.

  5. Palestinians aren't Arab, they come from the sea populations and historians think they come from Albania.

  6. Oy vey, I'm so sorry about your mother. I lost my dad two years ago, if you ever want someone to talk to, feel free to DM me. I know how hard it is to lose a parent.

  7. Well, it was over 20 years ago. I’m sort of “over it” I suppose, as much as one can be about that sort of thing. Thanks though. Sorry for you loss.

  8. I am Marxist in a purely economic sense. Most Arab Marxist parties and groups consists of largely religious people and the conditions of our people have adapted to this. Not all Marxists are in favor of Soviet style religious oppression. Marx didn’t say what to do. He was a theorist, not a revolutionary. He can be wrong in some aspects.

  9. I gotta tell ya selling crack is the easiest money anyone can ever make.... of course I wouldn't know that tho....

  10. Masha'a Allah, brother. Based family covering every color. Allah yarham valdatak and yahfez valdak and keep giving you more of those shwarma na'amateh.

  11. Inshallah brother, I hope you and your family reunite with your mother peacefully. she sounds like a Good Women

  12. It’s very common in Arab Marxist circles. We essentially accepts (most of) Marx’s views as a theorist while accepting that certain points can be wrong. I mean most Marxists had disagreements with something in Marx’s work. Even Lenin didn’t view religion in such an idealistic sense.

  13. We have angels and demons, yes. Jinn are a kind of demon, sort of. Jesus (peace be upon him) was both a prophet and is the Messiah. That should not change thought there are tiny minority sects with self proclaimed Messiahs as their heads..

  14. I read “mom” as “me” at first and when i read everything else i thought “what about his mom?” then read the centrist text again and realized.

  15. As someone who is a White Nat gotta say respect man. May not agree on everything obviously but as long as I can have in one place my ethnostate and in yours an Islamic Marxist state, I am more then happy. Also gotta ask since I have seen it here and as someone who actually studied the Quran and the hadiths. Where do these libleft people in the west get these ideas that Islam is this pro feminist, people gay, ect ect cause it is not from the Quran or hadiths.

  16. Their ideas aren’t based on anything Islamic they’re based on “tolerance” and a hatred for white people. Which when you dig deep enough, I can tell you as an Arab living in America, they don’t like POC much either. Libleft whiteys will tell you how much they hate whites but live comfortably in their white neighborhoods.

  17. Sister based, the rest of you i hope you leave that degenerate religion created by a man who forgot to wipe semen of his clothes when he raped a 9 year old

  18. If you believe in religion then you aren't a Marxist, you may be a socialist and incredibly close to Marxism but in the communist manifesto Karl Marx calls for the abolition of religion as it is opiate of the masses preventing revolution

  19. Well yes, he does say that, which I minor point which I disagree. Not all Marxist believe every single word of Marx’s works. As Lenin put it,

  20. Damn, thats so cool, OP. Youre muslim and marxist haha thats so cool 😐 L-O-L no relationship in 4 years thats so cool wow you must be pretty mysterious huh ? 😐 Wowie your brother is borderline islamist thats so great, thats exactly what the world needs fr fr Mashallah right haha 😐 Damn your dad must be so cool he doesnt care ? Wow would really like to meet him someday fr fr 😐 Your sister doesnt cover herself in burka ? Kinda haram haha get it ? 😐 Bro pls more posts about your family sooo interesting 😐 Trust 😐

  21. Once upon time there were. My grandfather was a pilot for the PFLP in the 60s. I was with them for a bit of the Intifada when I went back home for a few years but.. the leftist movements are largely dead. Palestinian tend to be less focused on ideology and more on freedom. So whichever group(s) are prevalent win the hearts of the people by default.

  22. Shayāṭīn (شياطين; devils or demons), singular: Shaiṭān (شَيْطٰان) are evil spirits in Islamic belief, inciting humans (and jinn) to sin by “whispering” (وَسْوَسَة, “waswasah”) to the heart (قَلْب kalb). They are one of three invisible creatures in Islamic tradition, besides the noble angels and jinn,(p21) often thought of as ugly and grotesque creatures created from hell-fire.The Quran speaks of various ways, how the devils tempt into sin.

  23. Once I get my car fixed, I wanna look into how much of a Muslim/Jewish presence there is in my city, and go to a Synagogue and a Mosque. Just to get a different perspective.

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