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  1. I recall researching this quite thoroughly in my younger days. Different studies varied on percentages (I don't believe it was nearly as high as this guy is saying) since it's quite a hard statistic to pin down, but gays do have a higher than average propensity to be victims of/perpetrators of child molestation

  2. It's based on the proportion of female/male victims of childhood sexual abuse, so it depends on if you think noncing a boy makes you gay or not.

  3. Impossible to have a correct statistic on this considering closeted gays and unreported sexual assaults which is especially high when children are the victims.

  4. Honestly, normal people that happen to be gay are fine. No problem with them. But... I fucking can't stand the gays that make it their whole identity and are walking stereotypes. Those guys are fucking annoying.

  5. Exactly this. Its annoying in the same way that guys who make it their entire personality to be a fuck boy are annoying. Like no one cares stfu you are annoying.

  6. So right, people who shove their political, sexual and religious-based identity into your face should be executed, bonus points if they set it as their name or portfolio online

  7. Since I do that with my religion I can’t fault them. I just think LGBTQ is a religion and act accordingly.

  8. And then the people who try to attack the "gay people I respect versus gay people I do not respect" by saying All gay people should force themselves back into the closet.

  9. Gays who act very feminie and overtly animated are so fucking annoying. Bruh, I thought you like guys, TF are you acting like a women???

  10. Itts the same with anyone who makes any one thing their whole personality. Have you ever talked to someone completely obsessed with anime and all conversation leads to anime and how you need to watch it?

  11. What? You don't think the 45 yo obese dude with a feathered boa doing meatspins in the street is stunning and brave? How dare you.

  12. Codcomedytj he was an unironically fascist Omegle streamer from bit chute/bit wave. I could PM you his archive from telegram if you’d like.

  13. Probably more than half, but I imagine the statistics are skewed since male teachers having sex with students is rape, and female teachers having sex with students is "sex"

  14. Other great stat is upwards of 75% of homosexual men are infected with parasites. If you know anything about parasites (especially intestinal) you'll know how much they can influence their host. Probably the reason they vote democrat and MSM is squashing ivermectin

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