When should abortion be allowed?

  1. Imagine a doctor having to go into the examination behind some bulletproof glass in case some 5.56 starts flying out of that pussy.

  2. I only support this if the fetus get's a background check and firearm training classes so it doesn't accidentally abort itself

  3. I will sell a gun to any fetus that has the cash and asks me for one. No background check, no questions asked. Glad that is settled.

  4. This is just your daily reminder that Canada has absolutely no laws against abortion whatsoever, all abortions are legal up until the fetus "has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother, whether or not (a) it has breathed; (b) it has an independent circulation; or (c) the navel string is severed".

  5. No man is an island, and the argument is survivability outside the uterus. So abortion should be legal up to 5,200 weeks

  6. I know that Catholic doctrine allows for indirect abortion if it was a result of trying to save a pregnant woman’s life and if termination of the fetus’s life was not the prime motive.

  7. The Catholic Church does not allow for direct abortion, which is generally what is being referred to in political discourse. So saying the Church supports abortion can be inadvertently misleading for those who do not know the distinction between direct and indirect abortion.

  8. I hesitate to call that “indirect abortion” considering what the Church tolerates are tragic side effects of a medication or procedure, not the actions of abortion. Even when the child is harmed due to necessary medical conditions the child doesn’t suffer the same procedure as what an abortion would to it.

  9. Me too. That's actually the official libertarian position. Word for word exactly what is says on their website.

  10. I would give the father a slightly shorter period so that the mother has all the info when deciding to abort or not.

  11. In principle I agree, but the fact that the father doesn't physically carry the baby makes things a bit more complicated and the law will inevitably be somewhat hard to iron out. What if the father has only learned of the pregnancy near the end of the timeframe? or even after it has expired? what if this was through no fault of the mother? What of the mother when the father decided to abandon at the very last minute? should she not be granted a reasonable opportunity to respond?

  12. If the baby doesn't have a right to be in the womb, the woman shouldn't have a right to fertilize her egg with my sperm.

  13. Lib right is torn in half. Depends on whether they consider a fetus alive. I’ve even known liblefts who believed a child in utero counts as life.

  14. eh, kind of depends on your stance on life. if you believe abortion is murder librights could still believe the government should prevent said murder.

  15. I would agree, but prominent lib right figures like Ron Paul and Ben Shapiro are pretty staunch pro-life. It obviously isn't universal, but still

  16. I think it's a complicated issue. For starters, American orphanages are shit. Most orphans age out of the of system and end up in prison. We're overpopulated. What if the woman was raped? What if it's the product of incest? What if it has birth defects? Like what if the child is going to be crippled for the rest of its life and not be able to depend on itself? What if the mother doesn't have the money to pay for the child? Like that's its own conversation, as there are many men that refuse to take care of their own offspring. And then there are conservatives and libertarians that don't want to pay for women in welfare. Conservatives and libertarians are like, "It's not my fault you got knocked up. Why should I pay for it?"

  17. I think OP is confused because a lot of the people flared Lib-Right on this sub are actually right-center/Auth larping as Lib-Right. The less babies poor people have, the less of my tax money goes to paying for said poor ppl when they grow up. Simple as

  18. LibRight is pretty spot on to what I think. Also isn’t it true that most of the time when the mother’s life is at risk so is the life of the fetus? If that’s the case then it’s only logical to use abortion as a way to save the mother cuz otherwise no one gets saved

  19. Mt take on it is that as long as the fetus ain't conscious i see no problem with abortions, but after the development of the brain and consciouness, i believe it's only justified if the mothers life is in danger

  20. Oh so when a fetus kicks a pregnant woman it’s not allowed to be interfered with from then on, but when I do it I get arrested, I see how it is

  21. Ngl seems kinda arbitrary. Makes about as much sense as only witches float so load em with bricks and chuck em in the river

  22. No, they'll still argue that the state has no authority to compel them to use these artificial wombs, and that the mere existence of such children will be traumatizing to the ones who had to go through this.

  23. The reason that there is bias towards men when it comes to being forced to pay child support is because the legal system prioritises the well being of the child over the father.

  24. I personally don’t agree with it for the most part. However i do think that everyone should have autonomy of their own body and life and can make the decision for themselves.

  25. I think that at least everyone should agree that it's necessary when the mother's life is at risk. Nobody is obligated to give their life for others.

  26. It is very complicated. How it is right now balances everyone’s interests as equally as one can. If anything that’s how our democracy should operate.

  27. You see, the trick is that they are like 3 cases per year worlwide when this applies. 99.99% the time you just treat the mother, and hope baby survives.

  28. I try agree with LibRight, I don't think it's a good thing and I don't like it; However I don't believe my views should affect others in any kind

  29. One of my buddies ended up getting his ex pregnant. They were using zero protection whatsoever and were being absolutely idiotic about it. She announced her pregnancy less than a week after they broke up and he kicked her out. The girl is unstable, she was violent and abusive towards my friend and has been seen multiple times since announcing her pregnancy drinking, smoking, and eating shrooms. The whole situation is an absolute shitshow, and the person suffering the most would be the baby if it’s actually born. I honestly believe in this situation abortion is justified. Not sure I would ever be ok getting one myself however.

  30. Someone says abortion violates the NAP but I say this falls under castle doctrine. If you would grab a gun to protect your property why you wouldn't grab a pill against someone stealing your nutrients?

  31. If both parents have to endure the consequenses of bringing new life to this dying planet, they shoudö both have The right to veto that life

  32. Are there other instances in which we force by law someone to deal with the consequences of their action? Especially if the consequence could mean they die?

  33. The government doesn't have the authority to allow or disallow abortion as it isn't a power granted to them via the constitution. And I'm tired of them assuming these kinds of power.

  34. Just legalize murder and if you don’t want to kill people don’t do it and let people kill if they do. It’s not like theirs another person who’s opinion also matters

  35. My position is pretty much up to the mother. Having watched what my ex went through while pregnant with our daughter… having seen the absolutely immediate connection she made when she found out she was pregnant with this unborn fetus… if a woman feels like she is capable of making the decision to get the abortion and end that connection, then she has to feel pretty damn strongly about it. I know I couldn’t make that decision for someone else, and it’s ridiculous to think that you can.

  36. As long as it still a fetus and can not have a conscious yet, aka it doesn't have senses yet it can't process them (due the brain also needing time to develop). In that case the parents(woman) gets to decide.

  37. I do not believe in killing the unborn just based off want. But if the woman's life is in danger an abortion may be the best option to save her...this topic is always situational.

  38. If it's up to the mother, it's up to the father if he wants to support it financially. Also repeal single mother welfare government programs.

  39. Up to the 3 months mark it's should be legal, or if they detect it has any disabilities or is malformed. Like if they have downs or are a hunchback.

  40. I think it should be allowed, it just shouldn’t be advertised. Not that I would support the cursed views of many pro-choicers, such as that “the children are parasites”, but not only there could be some complications that would put the mother’s life at risk and the child wouldn’t probably survive anyway (these cases, that the mother dies because she couldn’t get an abortion, happen quite often in Poland, which is northeast to my country, the Czech republic, where it’s legal), but there could be cases where a woman would get raped and get pregnant, the child would have highly advanced retardation, the child would be born with an awful disease with zero chance of survival and it would just suffer, etc.

  41. Recently had a lib left friend who wasn't well informed say "Its not complicated, Just figure out when significant brain activity is happening and make that the cutoff" I almost didn't have the heart to tell him that even conservative states allow abortion for longer than that.

  42. Here's my thoughts: If the mother's life is at risk, then it should be done to save her life. Otherwise, I would prefer she not abort the baby, and put it up for adoption if for whatever reason she doesn't want to raise the child herself, but I would never force the issue as it should ultimately be her choice.

  43. should be allowed in most situations but as a form of birth control it shouldn't be. And those who are opposed to it for religious reasons can get a religious exemption so their tax dollars wouldn't go to funding it.

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