Hey Texas, is everything ok?

  1. It’s annoying that Republicans don’t think of crap like this. Just give Dems and pro-choicers ammo to use against them.

  2. Wait fuck how have I never thought of that one for the hardcore side? Allow the abortion and charge the rapist for something like homocide obviously on top of any and all other charges.

  3. I've always thought that 3 months is a good compromise. 90% of abortions in the UK actually happen within 12 weeks of conception, and I think that's a good line to draw, but after about 15 weeks it starts to get a lot more iffy for me. I don't actually like that we have 24 weeks as a cutoff in the UK, I think that's too late in the majority of cases.

  4. That’s a fucking fantastic idea actually. It might have to be a manslaughter charge realistically, but I’m about that for sure.

  5. I will say, I an pro-choice (kind of), but I have to applaud my state Louisiana. While it is true that we are incredibly stringent on abortions, there have been many attempts, some successful, to provide assistance and emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault. There’s actually a bill in the legislature right now. Hopefully it passes, considering it’s literally not even fertilized yet.

  6. wouldn’t septic or bleeding out count as "in danger of death or a serious risk of substantial impairment of a major bodily function."?

  7. Imagine having that happen to you, and the party of "small government" wants to force you to keep your rapist's offspring. Imagine being the husband.

  8. Here’s the thing, I can completely empathize with your sentiment. But at the same time, if you hold the stance that life truly does begin at conception, then that conversation quickly becomes “so murder is acceptable if the person isn’t wanted.” It’s a horrible, traumatic event, but you begin to see these strange moral conflicts arise suggesting that the value of a life is dictated by the circumstances of its creation. You frequently hear it said “does one horrible action justify another different horrible action?

  9. Going on a tangent here but I’m so confused on this. Why do people think “small government” means no government? Doesn’t it mean state powers > federal powers?

  10. Imagine having a stowaway on your airplane only to discover them mid air and the solution is to kick them off the plane thousands of feet in the air.

  11. I like to think of it like this. Imagine someone is in the hospital for kidney failure and you're the only person on earth who can donate a kidney to them. You're a young adult in the prime of your life, and they are elderly, nearly brain dead, dependent on life support. Can the government force you to donate your kidney?

  12. Even if I believed killing a zygote was the ethical equivalent of killing an adult person, in cases of abortion following rape, I would see the rapist as the one responsible for the death.

  13. Hey I just want to say you’re probably one of the most based LeftCenter people, because looking at all your comments you clearly aren’t the standard PCM stereotype of LeftCenter and your views on abortion are quite similar to mine from what I can tell.

  14. Ah Texas, the land of the free. A place where you can conceal carry without a license and own a tiger with ease. What's that? You want to gamble? Smoke weed? Well that type of degeneracy isn't allowed in the great state of Texas.

  15. It's after all the rightoid refugees coming from their war-torn and banned subreddits taking up all of the living space

  16. One of the cases covered in the article highlights an interesting consequence of forced birth. Suppose your doctor says that due to a medical issue you're most likely going to give birth prematurely before your baby is viable outside the womb. But it already has a heartbeat. Now instead of terminating the pregnancy you are forced to wait and give birth to it, during which time the fetus is developing more, because it's important that it dies the natural way, slowly and painfully. Wait how is this pro life again?

  17. while i don’t agree entirely with the first part of your comment i appreciate the rest of it. not a lot of pro-choice people i see think like that

  18. I couldn’t imagine having to raise my rapist’s child. Thank god that I was able to abort it. Nothing against the child I just couldn’t deal with having to raise that sick bastard’s kid. I feel so much sympathy for that woman.

  19. You're literally the only person in this comment section sane enough, and has enough experience, to come up with a comprehensible comment.

  20. I would prefer zero abortions, but I think myself and most other pro-life people are okay to give in on verifiable rape cases for abortion, if it gave us a road to a ban for all other instances

  21. It's wrong to let babies conceived in rape be murdered, but if we can help other babies while the babies conceived in rape wouldn't have been helped anyway, then ok. I agree with you. We'd need to still keep fighting for those babies though. The problem is the rape exception makes no sense in reality, because how would you even verify it was a rape? By the time the trial goes on, the baby will be too old to abort even by liberal standards. Imagine the pain it's putting the mom through by telling her yeah you can abort, but let's make sure you're not lying first, and let's scare you into not knowing what will happen. It's actually way more humane to say from the beginning no abortions, we will help you through this. It gives very much needed stability.

  22. She got the abortion. Meme is misleading. She was confused because didn't know whether the baby belonged to the rapist or her husband. She couldn't wait for Paterntiy test as she had 6 weeks only. So she chose to abort.

  23. Not everyone takes a plan b afterwards, idk why. My friend was raped, didn’t know she was pregnant, and now has a wonderful baby boy. Also plan b doesn’t always work. I took one after my boyfriend didn’t pull out and now I’m 29 weeks pregnant. Not saying this justifies abortion, I’m pro life myself, but I’m also saying it’s not the most fishy situation

  24. Heh if Texas cares about the "life" so much then will they support the baby? Will they feed it? Will they give it free education? Hell no. They do not care about life, it's just about control.

  25. Consider this: if the aim of anti-abortion laws is to stop the murder of innocent babies, making exceptions for rape and incest is logically inconsistent. It's not the baby's fault that one of its parents was a rapist, or that its parents are related.

  26. Consider this: the world is a cruel and disgusting place and you can handle issues like this with nuance. In this instance if the mom killed herself would you be happy that a rapists baby was atleast saved?

  27. I do agree with this, and I think trying to make arguments based on abortion after rape isn't really productive, but how I see it is that murder is wrong because killing something with sentience is wrong.

  28. Yeah I'm sure the 0.001% of cases where something like this happens justifies not having a law against killing your child lol.

  29. Abortion is a tough one. Other than the fringe idiot crowd that literally celebrates it, I think most of us agree that it's a shitty situation.

  30. Glad to see a fellow lib with my thought process there. It’s probably the toughest issue for me to tackle; I have pretty concrete opinions on a lot of things. Abortion is not one of them, and people who look at it so black and white either way must have an IQ below 60 or are just being disingenuous.

  31. This is where I stand with Left. A woman shouldn't have to go through all the biological, emotional and physical changes to her body because of r*pe or incest.

  32. No one should have to go through that. The question is how do we help her after it already happened, without ending the baby's life.

  33. If a baby in the womb is alive, why should it suffer for the criminal and evil actions of a rapist. I don't mean to minimize what happened to the woman in any way. The actions she suffered are incredibly disgusting and sick and the man who committed them should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What happens to the child is another matter.

  34. I mean it all comes down to who you think has more rights. Should the baby or the mother suffer for the injustice commited to them?

  35. In an ideal world the baby could keep its life without the mother having to further suffer bodily and mental traumas through childbirth. In the current world, we believe that the mother had more rights than her unborn child and therefore should not be forced to carry a rapists baby

  36. Not that I agree with it but the lack of provisions in the law isn’t because AuthRight thinks it’s somehow the woman’s fault (some may but I’m speaking ideologically) it’s because they believe the child conceived in that way to have their own right to life.

  37. Pro-lifers of PCM please explain to me why you consider the fetus, clump of cells, zygote, baby, or whatever you want to call it is a living being. I’m legitimately curious.

  38. As a doctor I find it always disturbing that many pro-choicers manipulate the popular opinion by their wording, using the lack of knowledge in a population.

  39. Life clearly begins at some point, people merely disagree with when it is. It's a complete straw man to suggest that there is no stage between a clump of cells and a baby being born.

  40. It’s just intuitive honestly. The only reason leftists deny it is so they can be pro-choice without feeling immoral for having that position. Every single person knows when you piss on the stick and it says you’re pregnant that you are carrying a child. That is why abortion is even an issue, because a life is on the way and the mother doesn’t want that responsibility for another human life. When someone you love gets pregnant, you congratulate them on the baby, not on the fetus or the clump of cells. There also isn’t another line you could draw that is as consistent for determining life.

  41. Life must start at some point. When that point occurs is important. Whenever that point is, there must be sufficient reason to determine it is there specifically. Option 1: Birth (40 weeks). Opens the door to abortion at 39 which is only technically premature. Infanticide. Option 2: Viability (varies depending on availability of medical treatment). Being a living being now depends on where and when you live and your socioeconomic status. Option 3: Detection of heartbeat/brain activity/etc. Not arbitrary. Allows for a clear legal standard. Option 4: Implantation. Beginning of most of the physiological effects on the mother, interaction with the environment, past a large number of early developmental problems that are guaranteed lethal. My personal position. Option 5: Conception, genetically distinct, easily defined, easily explained without a background in developmental biology.

  42. It's by definition living, the problem is that this isn't a metric for anything, my blood cells are living and genetically human, but nobody is arguing that getting a blood test done is genocide.

  43. It is clearly a living organism, and it is clearly of the human species. Therefore, a human life. Given time and nutrition, It will continue to grow and develop from embryo to fetus to infant to adolescent to adult to elderly, unless interrupted by disease or injury.

  44. Rape is bad and ideally abortion would be able to be an option in cases of rape, but how exactly do you guys think you would right a law that only allows abortion in cases of rape?

  45. Truth exists outside of the person discussing it. The fact that you have certain genetalia does not prohibit you from holding one stance or another. Whether it’s a person or not is a fact that exists outside of you, and you have to act according to the truth as you see it, even if it makes you look hypocritical.

  46. I think the only gray area in abortion is when the cutoff should be. I don't think there isn't anything special about a fertilised egg that means it should be protected, but I also don't think that killing something that is developed enough to look like a child is particularly palatable.

  47. Thats basically my same philosophy. I’m a man and like, unless its my wife(not married) and I want to be included in the decision, I really don’t have a place in the debate. Just doesn’t even feel right. I think for the MOST part, if someone is willing to go through that, that’s her business. And in situations like this one, I feel like it should be a no brainer.

  48. Okay, so Rape I get. But why is incest usually included? If we're talking about a situation not already covered by rape, why would incestuous pregnancies be allowed to be aborted? Would you have to prove that it was from a family member or could you just claim it was for any abortion?

  49. Children of incest are more likely to have genetic mutations that will make their life a living hell. Forcing mothers to give birth to children of incest is rather horrible.

  50. So we punish the woman instead by making her undergo bodily traumas and 18+ years of caring for a baby forced upon her by the most sinful of crimes

  51. Letting a child be raised in a household where the child risks becoming a living embodiment of trauma ain't good either. That can in turn lead to a shitty upbringing and fuck them up, in which they become a burden on society. Giving them away just puts a burden on the foster care system.

  52. Are you happy with your taxes being used to provide financial support, mental health services, and other social services to these women and children?

  53. if you believe abortion is murder, there is absolutely no moral reason to allow for the murder of rape babies

  54. If someone believes that abortion is murder then shouldn't accidentally killing a fetus while pregnant be charged for manslaughter or something?

  55. cmon authright just close your eyes and pretend that bundle of cells is a small, third world country with oil or lithium or whatever.

  56. I just imagine the clump of cells is someone who mistakenly stepped on a blade of grass on my lawn, conveniently in the same place as my land mine of self defense. Don’t aggress on my NAP.

  57. Hard to engage with these arguments in good faith when most of the time they are proven to be fabricated and the rest of the time they are only probably fabricated.

  58. Her body, her property. That reasoning doesn't apply to consensual sex because in that case it's her choice to put the baby there. For rape it does apply.

  59. Castrate or kill the man, put the baby up for adoption or have it and love it anyway. Terrible terrible situation, no one’s blaming her, but you don’t get to kill an innocent baby because of it.

  60. Vacuuming out a clump of cells, versus... The government forcing a wife and husband to carry, give birth to, and raise the child of a rapist? Every time you look at your child, their appearance reminds you of the guy who drugged and violated you at a party? You don't consider that immoral? As a libertarian, how do you justify the state enforcing this type of cruelty, as well as potentially causing the deaths of women as in the case of the poorly worded Texas law?

  61. Texans only care about the baby until it’s actually born. Then it becomes a drag on welfare, immigrant “scum”, or “anchor baby”. Seriously, the mental gymnastics of the far right is laughable. If abortion is wrong, then killing innocent people because they share the same religion as a few people who rammed a few planes into a building is as well. But of course, no.

  62. saying someone can't have an abortion because they took the risk of havint sex is like saying someone injured from skydiving shouldn't be treated because they shouldn't have been jumping out of a plane

  63. The post is weird but the comments trying to justify why women should give birth to the products of rape is even more fucked up.

  64. How long until Texas declares a "war" on abortion pills, Reagan style? I guarantee that because of all these bills pro-choice groups are gonna have to start flooding Texas with pills to counter these laws.

  65. If tut were raped why wouldn’t you request the day after pill when you went to the hospital for your rape kit?

  66. A doctor, married, but she goes to the kind of party with the kind of people who drug and rape her? I call bullshit on that

  67. In many situations, murder is actually a mercy. There are plenty of people who have no business raising children. Putting those poor souls out of their misery truly is the christian thing to do.

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