When you give sauce

  1. Maybe it's like... People lie, and have pre-dispositions, and that's something every human except maybe Jesus Christ himself, has had.

  2. The issue too is that a lot of the time people never accept a source as good enough, and sometimes that's even because the source isn't actually good enough. Then there's the whole issue that comes out when two competing sources are presented.

  3. Yup, because this sub is a cringe centrist-conservatiard sub, when I commented about people giving me just a single argument for a pro life position they just down voted my shit and said nothing, the Emily horseshoe theory ftw

  4. I like how this has three fourteen times the amount of comments as otherwise identical colour-swapped version right below.

  5. And by reading them you find out 3 are blog entries, one is a thread of messages from Facebook and one is a whitepaper made by a medic without license.

  6. I once asked someone for evidence that the capitol riot was perpetrated by undercover feds and they sent me a link to a blog post describing a Tucker Carlson segment based on a Revolver News article that cited an indictment - and after digging through all those layers to find the indictment, the "evidence" was the mention of an unindicted co-conspirator, which undercover feds aren't ever listed as (for obvious reasons)

  7. tbf this does have some weight. If someone cites OAN to me ima laugh. same with the Jacobin by leftists.

  8. The page won’t load for me on mobile for whatever reason but it’s infinitely funnier to just see the FES header and then nothing but grey for like 6 pages then their contact details

  9. To be fair, I’ve been provided sources on occasion in arguments here. They’re not always particularly good ones, but an attempt at a source is still something

  10. Yes right winger thank you for … yep, another source that doesn’t say what you think it says and/or some random blog that cites other random blogs.

  11. Yeah, but if you ho through ALL of the random blogs, you get to mega blog, and that blog, is the correct blog

  12. Yours is the same you know, just you concentrate your source-retards in californian universities and give them titles. Our source-retards are plain, honest retards.

  13. My favorite thing over the last week or two is just posting factual information about abortions and when fetuses are viable etc. and see how fucking allergic to facts the debate has been.

  14. I know many facts about abortion. I just choose to be liberal about it, despite it probably to some level being morally wrong.

  15. This has been my experience. It seems to be an exercise in wasting the time of people you disagree with online. If someone truly cares, they would be more more informed and familiar with opposition arguments. If they just post "Source?" online its just a low effort passive aggressive discrediting tactic.

  16. If an argument is based on something measurable and that measurement seems odd to me I will ask for a source for it and that is not in bad faith. I will either learn something or know that the claim is false.

  17. More like the throw some shitty academic study about dog park rape culture invented by some woke researchers from Berkley or some such bullshit.

  18. Or if you're in a conspiracy sub, half the posts are just "trust me bro, do the research" instead of properly sourced points.

  19. Don't ask sources to a guy who spends every weekend saving crime statistics infograph from a private discord, you will just waste time explaining that genocide is bad.

  20. People are telling you to flair up but you could flair as a centrist and your opinions wouldn't matter anyways 🤷

  21. Welp. Is there any place on reddit were left bad and right bad meme get equal upvotes? Or is literally every single forum here heavily biased one way or the other?

  22. Typically it's the leftists who pull the stuff like "why is a human more valuable than an animal" and not us.

  23. ah yes the book banning people that think the election was stolen-- a robust source of accurate information

  24. "Just Google it, and find whatever source you want, whatever source pleases you the most, because I know you won't like my source"

  25. Based, truth is from my eyes first. And thus also, whatever sources agree with what I can see. Hence, I amalgamate them into knowledge, and can further judge sources by their coherence with this set.

  26. There has ALWAYS been fake news. It's all about the credibility of the source. A source's journalistic history/integrity, their possible motives, any possible benefits from possible motives.

  27. If argume ts dont need sources anymore you can claim anything and the other person cant deny it because without sources there are no facts, and without facts there are no awnsers

  28. Flair up, literally a convicted paedophile who we learned was just released in 2020 after serving 5 years for raping a child.

  29. Hey I had someone PM me and do exactly this not long ago. Saying that vaccine mandates were just private businesses making business decisions. I showed him the mandates in Quebec, the Australian quarantine camps, and the Biden administration's vaccine mandate. He still couldn't admit that he was wrong

  30. People who constantly ask for sources are extremely cringe. Unless someone is quoting a specific study or a specific statistic.

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