Who's ready for round 2?

  1. Why would you buy Fallout Shelter™ when you can easily download it for free™ from the Play Store™ or Steam™

  2. I'm terrified the black death 2.0 will happen, and everyone will ignore any and all safety precautions because the powers that be have been crying wolf for 1+ years

  3. That's what happens when governments have less responsible behavior than literal children who've been read the boy who cried wolf at least once. It should be their fucking job.

  4. Honestly I already don't really believe it. Give government emergency powers and it'll create emergencies to get power. Maybe I'm wrong, but I genuinely don't care.

  5. Next you're gonna sarcastically suggest Putin's war games with the west just before the war went public is shady

  6. the fact that an apparently sexually transmited disease is spread quickly between gays and straights to various countries in a single week tells a lot of our hook up culture and globalism

  7. Bro I went TWO YEARS without it with a long distance gf. Now I'm going to see her this week and bring back monkeypox to the US. ffs sorry bros but like... two years, y'know?

  8. Depends on which strain. The Congo strain is upwards of 10% fatal, meanwhile this version seems to be far less fatal (under 1%).

  9. Well this disease is more like HIV/AIDS, so it's more like don't go fuck around with more than a person a month

  10. I was pretty anti-lockdown, since the facts didn’t really seem to reflect the need for 95%+ of people of to worry, but if this one gets serious then it’s arguably more needed.

  11. How about this. How about we just pull the plug, rip the band aid off and say goodbye to all the worthless fucks who do nothing but sink our countries, our cultures, our generations, and our economies.

  12. Is the media in the US getting crazy about this? Because I live in Portugal and our media said it was a disease that was something unpleasant but relatively mild and not deadly at all, they actually didn't jump the shark (at least for now). Also, I can't stop laughing everytime I hear the monkey part

  13. Careful. I was banned for 3 days on here for mentioning that a certain emergency may have caused certain law-bypassing measures for a certain election, causing a change in outcome.

  14. Isn’t WHO currently working on some global agreement that supersedes democratically elected government in declared epidemics? Wow, sure am glad they are working on that, good timing what with the number of potential pandemics floating around currently (bird flu, cv19, monkey pox, infant hepatitis…)

  15. I read like 83%? Either way, the jab sucked big time. Had a rash and that itching, oozing fucking blister for almost 2 weeks.

  16. Actually even if a major poxvirus pandemic occurs we'd be much better set up to handle it than covid. The reason is that getting a patient through a poxvirus is quite a bit of fluid + fever support. We're rly rly rly good at that with all the diabetes and foot wounds our hospitals handle vs all the intubations and ventilators severe covid needed.

  17. You chucklefucks BETTER not fuckin comply. I’m seeing people tired here right now but if I see ANYONE falling for this bullshit again i’m gonna slap the shit outta them.

  18. And how did we get here? They tested small pox on monkeys, trust the scientists they say, that totally don't have corrupt human nature we all have.

  19. Couldn’t care less. I worked through the Covid pandemic just like normal. Went on vacation just like normal. Can’t be bothered

  20. Here’s what this ‘monkeypox outbreak is’. It is either A) nothing significant, B) a bioattack, probably the most unlikely option, or C) is the AIDS-like side effect caused by the covid vaccine. If it is significant, which I don’t think it will be, people won’t be as willing to accept it, they have had two years too much. People also seem to forget there is a ‘vaccine’ for it.

  21. D) it's not a very infectious disease that is being cover up for months by China who then let millions return from the mainland after CNY and spread it to the world

  22. And yet you're side and a lot of dumbass dissenters would still likely to be in support of ruining livelihoods for the sake of it, as long as it's trendy enough

  23. If covid was a 2, this is a 1 or 2, monkey pox has been around for quite a while and is block by other pox vaccines.

  24. When will people stop fiddling monkeys? With AIDS we had the excuse that the hippies were degenerates, but we don't have that excuse now...

  25. There's already a vaccine avaliable + conventional smallpox vaccines are useful. It is not anywhere near as infectious as covid and there was already and outbreak in America in 2003 that was easily contained and everybody survived.

  26. Apparently it's close to AIDs in transmission, anal sex/blood transmission are the main method and it came from eating/fucking monkeys. But as all cultures are equal, and disease spreading primate cannibalism is part of theirs, I for one welcome this new viral purge.

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