“My genders studies degree is NOT useless!”

  1. They just need to get rid of federal student loans. Easy access to loans is what has been pushing up tuition costs since the ‘70’s. If the tuition is under control, people could work while studying and leave with no debt. I got the old MGIB and got through college for $36k, but I lived cheaply as hell. Lots of deer meat.

  2. Also cut funding to universities. We send them millions of dollars in grants that they end up using to buy useless modern art bullshit or renovate the same building ten times while still charging students obscene tuitions to get useless degrees.

  3. I used post 911 and the yellow ribbon program. I loved dirt cheap and got a degree that would be useful not useless in case I still had debt after.

  4. I’m curious how much loans push up tuition costs. I went I a private university where full tuition 1) was absurdly high and 2) only covered about 35% of the cost of the education. The other 65% was through alumni donations, other fundraisers, and returns on investments of the endowment.

  5. Why would you become more efficient is there's guaranteed money. The only incentive is to keep driving costs up.

  6. I wouldn’t necessarily say that. Moving towards a more privatized system doesn’t inherently sound right here. I mean the tuition may be lower but the interest rates would be higher. It’s not like the private market would accept LESS money. And it’s not like education is demand limited at all right now

  7. Or allow bankruptcy like all other debts. Then the problem would naturally solve itself. Loans wouldnt be given to those unlikely to repay, but people in need of loans but from communities or a family with low credit would still be able to receive them.

  8. The DOE brags in its annual letter about doling out $112 Billion (!) of mostly student loans (along with some grant and some work-study). Massive subsidy that has been compounding for decades.

  9. This is what happens when we have a two-party system. This is the sort of dumb-shit that is going to cost votes in a general election, but get you elected in the primary.

  10. Allow bankruptcy discharge or refinance loans at lower rates. Don't cancel debt unless there was fraud like some of these for-profit schools.

  11. Everyone talks about student loans but no one actually asks why universities are so expensive. When you dig into it and find the root cause of the massive spike in costs, it becomes more apparent that government should just stay out of the business of education.

  12. Iirc the allocation of wages since the 70’s within universities has gone from 70:30 professor to admin ratio to 30:70. When the people writing the checks make their own salaries what else would you expect tho

  13. It’s election year and the Dems need the college kids to actually go to the polls during a midterm so they are pushing debt cancelling again

  14. Only on the right. This bill does literally nothing, but right wingers applaud the immense waste of taxpayer money that went into creating it and parading it around the news.

  15. The problem with student loan forgiveness is it does nothing to get to the root of the problem. Universities were able to jack up the prices so much in part because the student loan program has guaranteed them essentially free money. If we just cancel existing student loans without also doing away with the student loans program, we'll be right back in this same situation in ten years or less. If the university knows that no one is going to be able to pay 50k a year and starts seeing its revenues drop, prices will drop to stay competitive pretty damn fast.

  16. It’s also a vehicle for turning bad debt into good collateral because it can’t be forgiven. A bunch invested now non-existent capital is leveraged against it and things would break if all that came due.

  17. Anyone who abolishes student loans will torch their political career but will be a hero despite it. The same reason no one will ever touch social security.

  18. Can they at least make student loans less predatory? Fair interest rates, and debt forgiveness through bankruptcy, like every other form of debt?

  19. Well if they do that, then all those 18 year olds will no longer qualify because they don't likely have credit reports so there is no way to gauge how trustworthy they are as lendees. If you offer debt forgiveness through bankruptcy that'll be the first thing every(most) college student does after getting their diploma. And fair interest rates would be very high.

  20. At least let people file bankruptcy out of these loans. Then banks have to at least consider who gets these loans.

  21. What about beta/hard sciences like atmospheric sciences, alpha/soft sciences like economics, these are usually most expensive to follow, yet I don't think people would say they're precisely useless

  22. No dummy, haven’t you seen all the expert analysis on Reddit? Literally the only thing the world needs or values is STEM, going into any other field is a waste of time and money (not to mention probably means you’re gay). Every single college freshman across the country has to become an engineering major or they’ll never pay off their loans. When they all graduate in the next 4-5 years, they will slot right into millions of mandated high-paying engineering jobs that will be waiting for them, because that is exactly how the economics of supply and demand work. If you take even a single course that isn’t 100% geared toward making as much money as possible in STEM fields, you should just get a bullet in the head as a mercy kill. Hyperspecializing everyone into a single narrow field will in no way have a negative impact on society, and in fact will improve it.

  23. It’s a catch-all for degrees that need government help to pay back their debt because they aren’t lucrative enough to do it on their own. People shouldn’t be encouraged to do degrees that cannot pay for themselves.

  24. Shhh, it’s the one joke they have. I’ve seen this strawman argument probably 12 times this week. It’s kind of sad… just let them have it. It’s much easier for their soft, smooth brains to screech “lol gender studies” instead of providing any sort of real solution or analysis of the issues.

  25. And gender studies isn't even a useless degree lol. Lots of successful marketing draws on info learned by studying gender. The right just hears "gender" and loses their mind lol

  26. They think if they got an useful degree it would be easy to get a well paying job with no experience and with the good wage loans wouldn't be a problem.

  27. It's depressing seeing people arguing like there are no alternative systems to look at in the world.

  28. Serious question do you have more info on this? I’ve never heard of it. I always heard that it was just “free” and assumed it was just included in taxes. Seems kind of depressing you have to pay your loan every month until you retire, is it like $20 or something? I’m just seriously ignorant not trying to make a point or anything

  29. Disagree. Students might be educated but this doesn't mean they're not broke since most jobs will want experience that collage students couldn't make. Even if they find one that's probably not paying enough to cover debts as employer gonna try to exploit even with a degree

  30. Student loans are one of the rare items where I support government intervention. It’s rare to get them discharged in bankruptcy, which makes sense because you can’t undo a college degree. They also give out loans to students with little to no credit history, which requires a higher interest rate because that’s a riskier loan. However, because you normally can’t discharge a balance, that’s not as risky as, say, credit card debt. It’s a lose-lose situation all over.

  31. “Cancelling” student load debt is also essentially taxing the lowest income earners in the country to pay for the education of the highest earners in the country.

  32. Only 13% of Americans have college debt. 50% of those cases are for graduate degrees. Pay your own fucking bills. Stop forcing the working class to pay for shit you couldn’t afford in the first place.

  33. I dropped out of college (realized the career prospects were grim), saved up money for two years, and picked up a trade (paid in full). Sucks that people like me who were responsible have to suffer.

  34. When Musk was buying twitter, we were told that was enough money to end world hunger. Now that it's going to Ukraine, crickets.

  35. Every time this shit is brought up the agenda that gets pushed is that every high-amount loan holder has a PhD in basket weaving. That is simply not the case and likely is more the exception rather than the rule. I have high student loans (yes... I pay mine thank you very much). I have multiple advanced comp-sci degrees + certs. Fact is the pay is shit for most entry to intermediate level gigs here in America. All these well paid boomer fucks are working well into their 70's sucking all the fucking money out of the job market so you can STFU with all this "gender studies" degree shit. That is obviously the opinion of the uneducated as if you had anything on your wall you'd know much $$$ it currently takes to get them

  36. I feel you. Every time student loans is brought up, you can be sure to find the "uH bUt LiBuhRaLL aRtS" nearby, sidestepping the actual average student who're just trying to progress in life

  37. Sounds like you work in some sort of bizarro computer job. My brother got a job as a programmer make $80k a year as a junior in college, then dropped out of college and kept the job. He now makes $140k a year as a college dropout and he’s under 30...

  38. I have a masters in nursing education. To switch to teaching would be a massive pay cut. So it’s not a useless degree, it just doesn’t pay for itself where I’m at in life now.

  39. Almost $600k in debt here, my degrees were pretty worthless though as no one can afford to see the doctor anymore and pay me for my services.

  40. I don't always agree with him, but at least he seems to go with what he actually thinks and feels and not just whatever the party line is that particular day, which is more than I can say for most.

  41. Just get rid of the interest for government backed loans. It's rediculous that the narrative out here is 'haha muh librul ahrts dugree' when people have paid the loans worth 2x over and still owe more than when they started paying due to rediculous amounts of interest.

  42. Not anymore than other taxes, IMO. I do think though, that Biden cancelling student debt would violate separation of powers. Congress has the power of the purse in our constitutional system, not the president.

  43. Regardless of your position on student loans and student loan debt, Republicans are trying hard to throw away an easy midterm victory lol

  44. Or you know, you could go to a rehab and quit spending whole government's income on military addiction and use that money to help with loan debt?

  45. Fucking ROMNEY dude?! That mf been irrelevant since 2012 somebody tell his dusty republican ass to sit the fuck back down

  46. Good, its not my fault they went to a college they couldn't afford. Community and online college exist if you feel like you need to go. Trade schools, apprentices and military service are options if you don't.

  47. Really fucking sick of this "gender studies degree" straw man. Person I know with the most student debt is an authright tradwife that teaches at private Christian and sometimes public school.

  48. It’s being used as a collateral base because it never looses its paper value. Greedy ball guzzlers have it so over leveraged that forgiveness would be 2008 part 2.

  49. Im fully against student loan fotgiveness until there exists a full breakdown of who holds that debt.

  50. A vast majority of those with degrees have a decent job. They are just mad that they have to pay it back and see that Europeans or Chinese barely have debt. Never mind that it’s a different system and that a good portion of the debt is used to pay for football stadiums. The idea that they have useless degrees is not even true. Almost always they would have a pretty good job that pays well. There issue is they refuse to live in affordable places and they pay for useless amenities. They could easily go to Dunkin’ Donuts but instead they want Starbucks. Please don’t follow these morons, they just want free shit and are mad that Americans don’t believe in handouts (Or at least that’s what I used to think)

  51. I graduated in 2020 and paid off $25k in loans this year. What compensation do I get for fulfilling my contractual obligation while everyone else got free money?

  52. And if you get swindled by a used car salesman before their arrested do you deserve a reward too? You’ll probably get 0.30 in a class action lawsuit and a reminder to get more lucky.

  53. One of the arguments I’ve heard (not endorsed, heard) is that your credit rating will be exponentially better than theirs.

  54. Hey sport why don't you look at what degrees have the most student loan debt right now and then go "mug gender studies"

  55. “Turn our epicenters of intellectualism and human achievement into concentration camps with engineering classes”

  56. Ugh, Romney. I can totally imagine the dude proposing the bill in an attempt to sabotage other Republicans.

  57. Here's an idea from a european, make the student loan interests lower. Much lower so that it isn't as hard to pay back.

  58. This is all political theatre lmao. Biden would never cancel student loans and this bill will never pass. Modern American politics are a joke.

  59. If we prioritize degrees which actually contribute to society I’d be down. Gender studies degree are last on the totem pole.

  60. Why not put rules and caps on the total interest that can accrue? One of the real problems is that a $70,000 loan balloons into over $100,000 during the 4+ years of Undergrad education and between low initial income, high expenses from health care/rent/car/other bills, that loan value won't go down for years, and by that point you've paid it off, you've paid 2 to 3 times the principle.

  61. I have no student debt, but I would still see the benefit in debt forgiveness. Most colleges are predatory in nature, and make you take useless classes while only buying overpriced books. If you have to spend decades paying off that debt, you can't escape the poverty line and contribute to the economy in full.

  62. I’m pro nationalizing the universities because it prevents this in addition to also decreasing the number of people who go to university over all in turn reducing the amount of jobs that require a degree

  63. Quality of life goes up for millions, economy improved somewhat due to people being able spend their money on things other than loans and bare necessities, we get to have a good time laughing at a bunch of disconnected boomers crying about "fairness" and "bootstraps" and "much tax money"

  64. NGL, I enjoy political discussions with actual fascists, better than that of Boomer Republicans and Trumpists. At least fascists have political ideas besides "fuck you, I've got mine".

  65. Some degrees (like CS, Engineering, Math, etc) should have some kind of forgiveness programs.

  66. But why would we forgive debt of techbro working for Google in Mountain View pulling down $200k a year or two out of college? A $400 monthly payment is absolutely doable and reasonable for jobs with all of those majors.

  67. I mean make all public universities free, but get rid of social security and medicaid. That will offset the cost and allow for positive economic growth. Plus only make this apply to stem degrees and certain art degrees

  68. Can’t we come to a middle ground? We revamp the system, we don’t charge a “flat fee” across all degrees, but instead, we charge a fee comparable to market trends for each degree?

  69. They can’t cancel student loan debt because it’d actually help the working class to do so. People can strawman gender studies degrees, but anyone with a brain knows that’s such a minority. Idc about austerity mindset, I care about helping the working class.

  70. 1D Chess. Should have the universities on the hook for the forgiven loans. At least so there can be a talk about their effects on the situation.

  71. instead of cancelling the loans how about making education affortable? american costs are over the top and so are some universities. like i've seen one with a more expensive stadium for their college league than any stadium from any of the professional clubs in my country. And same goes for coaches i've read how much they earn in those college basketball league ...

  72. Oh no. Now they won't be able to implode the economy and subsidize the useless degrees of people who didn't graduate with higher taxes for workers. Anyway...

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