Abortion straw man go brrrr

  1. I would say this strawmans the left more, except for the fact that actual real people who, I assume, have a functioning brain seriously say this.

  2. People who unironically say this stuff just prove they don't know biology if they can't tell the difference between a fertilised and unfertilised egg.

  3. True mw and my wife did an experiment and tried to hatch some store chickens. No dice. Always worth a shot to try but we have better luck with the damn silky eggs and im sure you know how temperamental those idiots are

  4. I bet if I scrambled a partially developed baby chick for some pro-choice person they wouldn't treat it like scrambled eggs.

  5. Hey now. Someone in PoliticalHumor might actually post this and treat it like an actual counter to pro lifers.

  6. Time to crack open a pregnant woman and cook her unborn fetus. That way I stay consistent with my beliefs

  7. I'm not vegan, but the problem isn't the murder of a potential chick, it's the exploitation of the hens, which tend to be kept in nasty, cramped conditions.

  8. If human females laid their fertilized eggs shortly after conception, and could be kept under a heat lamp rather than sat on for nine months, there'd be a far stronger case for a pro-life argument against smashing the eggs before they hatch.

  9. Vegans usually have problems with any and all animal products. Like even diary isn't life and can be extracted without confining and mistreating cows. But they would still be against it.

  10. Because abortion good!!!2! It’s your murder your choice but also YOU ATE CHEESE YOU NAZI WOMAN HATING SCUMBAG YOU ARE WORSE THAN TRUMP!!!!!!!

  11. It depends on which animal, I mean you can't torture one, smart or not, but killing is another thing, for me between a smart animal like a dolphin a monkey, a dog, a cat or a human, like hell nah man it depends a lot on who tf are they , but if you say fockin' chicken or human, absolutely human

  12. While a minority for supermarket factory farmed eggs, it's far from uncommon to eat fertilised eggs. You do not notice any difference unless the egg had been left out, and incubated, for days.

  13. Who would guess that the top 5 comments are librights acting like PCM memes are suddenly both supposed to be accurate and present faithful arguments.

  14. Welcome to PCM. Being mad at a shitty straw men post here is like going to Dominos and complaining that they mostly serve pizza.

  15. I love that even though this is a joke, I've actually encountered people who compare eggs to abortion. Sad 🥚🥚

  16. How come every thread shitting on the right is filled with a comment section telling them they’re wrong but when it’s the left it’s just more shitting on?

  17. Aren’t those eggs unfertilised though? If you cracked open a fertilised egg and a little gooey baby chicken falls out, I’m gonna have a problem.

  18. Is the joke that this is the stupidest argument in the world or is OP the stupidest person in the world for making this argument?

  19. The more I hear during the new abortion debate the more I realize just how bad the DOE failed. People legitimately do not know how babies are made other than "the sex happens then a magic lottery occurs"

  20. OP must not know what a fertilized egg is. This is single handedly one of the stupidest and laziest memes I’ve seen from a pro choice person, and that’s saying something.

  21. It's always amazing how the Left recognizes the right to life of every unborn species except humans.

  22. Why would anyone care? Auth right is probably a farm boy anyway. You ever watch the chicken dance without its head. Auth-right has.

  23. Can you imagine if we met an intelligent alien species that laid eggs? Every month the females lay eggs. If they are unfertilized they are green. If they are fertilized they are yellow. And then we see them just bashing open yellow eggs. And everyone is cool with it cause it’s the parents decision. We’d be fucking mortified.

  24. Reminds me when I finally understood what it meant to be on top of the food chain. We finished fishing out of devils lake and I got to watch our guide take a wooden baton and smack them all to death before cleaning them. It made me realize that we never did that before 💀because we fucking skinned them alive what the fuk.

  25. Looking at this comments, America is surely a Third World country with the best propaganda ever.

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