Remember when Jon Stewart called Tucker Carlson a dick and that he was hurting America?

  1. It still holds up if you rewatch it today for sure. Calling out the talking head pundits masquerading as news on cable TV as brain poison.

  2. I’m not blaming Stewart at all but I legit wonder if Tuckers ego isn’t so fragile that this beat down made him even worse.

  3. This is like a villain's origin story. Humiliated on national TV, an incompetent jerk decides to become more devious and vengeful so he can do as much harm to those who mocked him. The same thing applies to Trump when Obama humiliated him at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

  4. Seriously could envision him locking himself in a bathroom stall after this and telling himself that someday Jon will pay...they'll all pay for laughing at me and my bow tie

  5. The Atlantic just wrote a month ago about the blowback from the Trump/Obama and Carlson/Stewart public embarrassment in a lengthy piece about Stewart’s reemergence into the public eye.

  6. I watched that live and remember it clear as day. Little Tuck-tuck thought Jon was going to come on and play the same destructive game as he (and the rest of the Crossfire team but especially him) did.

  7. Clearly you're at least halfway intelligent because that's a real bowtie and those are not easy to tie.

  8. Imagine if President Biden was calling CNN multiple times a day to get advice from Don Lemon. The Republicans would seriously lose their minds.

  9. All joking aside, what really bothers me is that even then, almost 20 years ago, Jon Stewart was pleading with them to be civil and cut out the negativity; that people watched the show and believed that's how we need to be, a divided people because of our political leanings. And Tucker's only response was that Jon wasn't being very funny. I hate it when prophesies like this come to fruition.

  10. There was a poster on here a few months ago talking about this on a Tucker topic and they said that for a summer they worked on his website The Daily Caller, apparently you were not allowed to mention the Crossfire incident at all while working there. I hope that's true.

  11. I remember him trying to patronize Jon by saying "I thought you were gonna be funny" and Jon saying in return something like, "Nope, I'm not gonna be your joke monkey" and then post-interview Tucker's team tried to make it in a big thing that Jon was backstage excoriating the guy by saying 'how long it took him [Jon] to leave'. Just a propaganda machine even then.

  12. I realized it even before that. Tucker is a spoiled jerk, and his whole job is ratings. So he whips up outrage. His permanent look of confusion is real.

  13. Imagine being such a huge asshole that after being fired from your job because you're hurting America, that you get a new job with the intent to hurt America even more.

  14. I remember that. I also remember the very next day, Carlson stopped wearing bowties. Jon got to him. Hard. If Carlson really wanted to pull the 'I'm better than you' card, he could have ignored the obvious low hanging fruit jabs and kept wearing bowties. Jon went after it because he knew calling Carlson a little spoiled brat struck a nerve.

  15. I told someone about how funny it is that Tucker stopped wearing bow ties after Jon Stewart gave him shit for it - he actually said “SO HE WAS BULLIED THEN????” Lol

  16. I also remember when he would dance like a trained monkey on MSNBC every morning. I wish someone would compile his most cringeworthy MSNBC moments and play them to his Fox fans.

  17. I watched that live. I'm embarrassed to say that, despite the fact that i liked Jon Stewart and largely hated Carlson's politics at the time, i said for a while that i thought Stewart was being overly antagonistic and disrespectful in that interview. Time has not been kind to this view.

  18. I could see that initial reaction. I mean, he was invited to the show, so it's natural to be civil. But he obviously saw a serious problem with the media that he couldn't ignore any longer and was willing to make himself look like a dick to reveal an even bigger one

  19. So sad that he's gained so much influence after such a ridiculous display of ego. When the response to criticism is to try to flip the script and do a very poor job of criticizing the person who is offering criticism, you're only going to be the hero among idiots. I guess that's where we're at.

  20. Stewart call Tucker what his back some 20 years ago. Not only is he a dick, he is proud to be the most Anti- American Propaganda leader that promotes violence against anyone who disagrees with him. Truly a DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

  21. Tucker Carlson had much more of a sense of humor back then. He dealt with someone poking fun at him relatively well and rolled with the jokes and jabs even as they were directed solely at him. Nowadays he’s just a bag of shit.

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