Judge rules $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit can proceed against Fox News for pushing Trump’s election lies

  1. Judge says Fox News's parent company must face Dominion's defamation lawsuit because of Rupert Murdoch's alleged role in pushing election lies

  2. As an Australian, a personal 'I'd love to see that' moment would be Stupid Murdoch being broke. Theres 0% chance of that ever happening, but you gotta have dreams

  3. "Dominion and Smartmatic have also filed lawsuits against other media organizations and entities over election conspiracy theories, including Newsmax, One America News, Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell."

  4. Ah, I wondered if it was the Dominion lawsuit being referenced in the thread title. Thanks for clarifying.

  5. What about when we made them label gambling machines “for entertainment purposes only” or cigarettes “known to cause cancer”. Can’t we force them to put some kind of logo saying “Entertainment Only” on the screen at all times?

  6. The Dominion Voting Machines verdict recently had them lose billions and apologized on air, so while agree most of the time that’s been true, seems there’s a paradigm shift coming.

  7. Well it's about time to learn them that freedom of speech doesn't imply freedom of consequences.

  8. This argument won't hold in court next time. If they want to be an entertainment network, they need to look completely differently. They can't have shows called "news" and you can be entertaining until you're defaming people. If Stephen Colbert went on his show and brazenly declared Dolly Parton a pedophile, she'd have a defamation case, even using that defence.

  9. The title is wrong. Fox news was removed as a defendant. The lawsuit is aimed at the parent company's owners. The Murdoch's. Claiming they made the call about what to say, and incentivising the lies. So it might be a goer

  10. They sold away their entertainment division to Disney in 2019, so they really don’t get to use that one anymore

  11. They could only do that when the “opinion shows” were spewing lies. Once the entire network, including the “news” portion, began following suit they opened themselves up for litigation.

  12. But now they're up against a corporation. And there's big money involved. So Free Speech is now in the ring with Capitalism. And that's a toss up.

  13. Cool so they shouldn't be able to put news or anything related in their content and I want a massive fucking disclaimer warning

  14. And that’s also likely the last chance we as a democracy and society have to salvage a ruin of what we will be remembered for.

  15. It would be wonderful if they simply rule that is it's comedy, entertainment, satire or commentary. If the information is untrue or harmful they are responsible.

  16. There you go - that’s the kinda money hit that will make even Murdoch listen. You know how many pillows would have to be sold to make up for it? 😂

  17. They've been thru it before, it won't change anything and even $1b is chump change to them. Tucker already got sued on a defamation suit and got off, judge said people should already know the he is full of shit when they watch his show.

  18. The problem with cases like this is we only see the first number. What is going to happen is that either the amount ends up capped at a much lower number or they appeal and appeal and appeal until the amount owed ends up being only a fraction of the original number.

  19. I would think those black ladies testifying today, along with the hundreds, if not thousands, of other innocent people harassed by the MAGA mob after the elections could have a pretty good case.

  20. A lot of people like to shit on NPR, but they just state facts. They cover seemingly left and liberal topics more, though I think that's a matter of people's crappy opinions on what that means, but at least they don't actually add their own bullshit biases like FOX, CNN and MSNBC. They just say what's happening as factually as possible when it comes to basic news reporting.

  21. Tucker carlson is a slightly-sentient fart and his face looks like he's concerned the fart he just ripped might become sentient as well.

  22. These people know exactly what they are doing. It’s no mistake and they aren’t stupid. Don’t give them credit for being blissfully ignorant.


  24. Dominion probably cares about the money. Trump has singlehandedly tainted their brand with corruption, untrustworthiness, and schemes. Even if Fox is found guilty and pays for damages, they will never be able to go back to how they once were.

  25. It’s about time someone used Trump’s tactics against him - or, rather, his mouthpiece - tying everything up in lawsuits. Classic Trump.

  26. I'm willing to bet everything I own that Republicans will flip once again and claim they're against (and always have been against) such "frivolous lawsuits".

  27. They'll push it up to the Supreme Court which will overturn yet some other democracy protecting ruling in order to keep the Fox Propaganda Machine rolling towards their goal of total domination.

  28. The oil industry has profited a hundred times this amount thanks to Fox’s efforts to ensure nothing is done in regards to climate change. I would assume this amount doesn’t even come close to the amount the Murdock family has made off of their investments in the oil industry. This won’t change anything.

  29. It's nearly double the yearly operating capital of Fox News. Is it enough? I don't know, but it will get their attention.

  30. Don't say "It's no use, capitalists will always win". Say "If nothing changes, we need to put things on fire".

  31. Once a week I tweet @FoxNews publicly thanking them for exposing Dominion and Smartmatic voting systems as corrupt, fraudulent, hacked, and unreliable. I make it very clear that I would have never even thought such things but for Fox News.

  32. First fox actually has to lose the case, this is just letting the case go forward. Then the verdict has to survive appeal, and guess how SCOTUS is stacked now?

  33. “Big lie? What does the even mean? The only big lie is the one the democrats are telling the American people right now. It’s simple. Let me explain. [Insert ten minutes of illogical bs].”

  34. So if a guest or someone crazy like Rudy or Pillow guy go on FOX and start ranting about Dominion do we get to see Tucker or Hannity scamper off stage in fear?

  35. Can we get one of those ads on tv with the legal firm "if you've got a broken family because of the lies told by Fox News, you may be entitled to compensation"

  36. I think this is a bit different in that it wasn't only one man, there was a network-wide effort to undrmine the election. However, it will probably end up in the Supreme Court and nothing will happen.

  37. NY Times v Sullivan makes it harder to sue public figures, it doesn't protect journalists, specifically. And the lawsuits have already caused Fox to stop spreading the lie, so they obviously believe there's exposure.

  38. Number 1 should be probable to the opposite by how many people "fell" for it. It doesn't matter how obvious I see something, if many, many others don't see it as obvious then it's not obvious.

  39. FOX is NoT a media outlet. They are rated as an entertainment channel who plays “news” - these fascist white extremest propaganda has been out of control since 1997 by design!

  40. Even though the US has freedom of speech, you still cannot defame. This means you cannot print/broadcast something that you know is untrue, for the purpose of hurting someone with those lies.

  41. 1.6bil is chump change for Fox. 50 or 75 might be closer to maybe changing some minds, but it's never going to come to that.

  42. Regardless who own a media company, you should not be able to have news programs that say whatever they want. For the good of ALL human beings. Any media source should need to be held to a certain standard.

  43. Well, with everyone piling on, I suspect Fox may end up in some trouble. Very happy to see accountability.

  44. I love how an argument you see floating around always at these times too is "Every news network lies and twists the truth to suit their agenda."

  45. Anyone else betting theres gonna be death threats directed at the lawyers and the people leading the lawsuit? This kinda shit always brings out the worst and I bet some of the people that watch fox will be defending them like zealots.

  46. How bout that fine goes to help the American people as they were the ones being lied to. Where’s it gonna go, FCC? Some other bureaucratic money channel right back into the hands of some fuck.

  47. Need to criminally prosecute the talking heads who promoted the lie. Need to prosecute the corporation. Need to pull their licenses to broadcast. Need to prosecute the ones who advertised during the promotion of the lie.

  48. Until such people & organizations are held accountable for their lies & actions, they will continue to spread poison.

  49. Considering that the voter fraud claims against dominion voting machines are likely to be verifiably false, I don't see Fox winning this one. They certainly did permanent damage to the Dominion brand. The fact is Dominion deserves this case. Lies have consequences. I don't work in the voting machine space, but I do work in enterprise security. These machines should be (more like definitely but I don't have evidence) subject to all sorts of risk assessments and 3rd party audits. On top of that machines like this log events and the network they are attached to logs events. There are IDS/IPS systems and firewalls. The on site network devices have software on them that prevent unapproved devices from connecting. There are segregation of duties up and down every part of these things, they are subject to change management standards and audits and so on.

  50. I am absolutely enjoying every minute of the Jan.6 hearings and the Lauren Boebert leaks but this is just icing on the cake!!!😂

  51. Serious question….can we develop a class action lawsuit for all the families they have ruined? My father is/was an intelligent man. He was a NASA engineer that helped put the first men on the moon. One of the smartest people I have ever known. Over the course of the last decade Fox News and Tucker Carlson have stolen him from us.

  52. This is why the GQP wants to dismantle our legal system because it’s getting in the way of their corruption🤪💯🇺🇸. They want to discredit legitimate news so they can sell the BS🤪💯🇺🇸. Wake The Fuck Up👀💯🇺🇸👍🏿

  53. Why stop at fox news for lies? Make all these channels stop with their opinion based news. Just give us the facts

  54. There will defense will be the same as ever: No reasonable person would believe anything any of their hosts say.

  55. Tucker had a rough up bringing something bad happened to him as a child. He has a permanent standing Bitch face, the man needs major help!!

  56. I for one would miss Fox news network if it wasn't around .There is simply just not enough new material on the Comedy Network too fill the daily minimum requirement to satisfy the population of the funniest and weirdest place on Earth

  57. It would be fine if so many people didn't take them seriously. Imagine if millions of people thought that National Enquirer paper were real stories?

  58. Guess you don't remember the last time Fox News went to court and had to admit that are for "entertainment purposes, not for actual news".

  59. Love to see stuff like this happen. Just like the $275 million dollar lawsuit CNN had to pay out to Nick Sandmann when they pushed a false narrative against a kid. Let’s keep going after all these media outlets!

  60. I think a good old tar 'n feathering is in order, along side a nice trip riding backwards tied and blindfolded on a horse. Been going on too long, and these people need to see and understand money=/= overwhelming power and authority. They need to be shown this will not stand. 1.6 billion may scrape out a wallet, but the -experience- of public shame is forever. It shows them we don't give a fuck about them or their words. Ask Howard Dean, and his was a total accident, and innocently hilarious.

  61. He looks like he just piddled on the carpet while staring his owner in the eye and doesn't understand why they just booped him on the nose and sent him to his crate.

  62. Money doesn’t matter. This is a multi-billion dollar company which gets additional funding from even wealthier donors.

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