Pro-Ukrainian Demonstrators gathered downtown last couple days. 💛💙

  1. There was one yesterday at the washington high building too. It was pretty cool to see, I got to work early and stood with the demonstrators for a while. There was around 200 of them, many clearly being ukranian and they were singing some beautiful songs that I couldn’t understand literally but could hear how sombre they were.

  2. My uncle works for the United States embassy and was stationed in Kyiv when the invasion started. My family and I have been worried sick about him and everyone suffering in Ukraine. I work at the Starbucks in pioneer square and seeing those people gather in support was so beautiful to see after a long day. Slavs Ukrani!

  3. Not to be a debby downer here. I have donated a couple hundred $$ to the Ukranian efforts, but how the hell does protesting in downtown Portland OR help Ukraine? I think their citizens get that the world is behind them. They need financial aid, not foreign protests the only make the people attending feel bette about themselves.

  4. I saw maybe a dozen police with sirens rushing towards downtown on 84 yesterday afternoon around 5ish anybody know if it was protest related or something else?

  5. Yeah, what was that? Cops tore past me northbound on 205 and I noticed they had intersections cordoned off as I proceeded down the freeway. Never heard anything else about it though.

  6. I think this should be something that we can all get behind for once. You cannot live in Portland for long without having some kind of contact with Ukrainian immigrants, and in my experience the vast majority of them are good, kind and fundamentally decent people who I am proud to have as neighbors and fellow citizens.

  7. The same is probably true of Russian immigrants, or for that matter immigrants from any other country. Or are we OK with not liking immigrants from certain countries now?

  8. I'm not pro Ukraine. I'm pro global working class. Ukraine is not any better of a country than any of the others involved in this conflict. People putting the flag of the Ukrainian state in their profiles is performative af. You don't support a country in a war. Ever. You support the people caught in the crossfire. The Ukrainian PEOPLE. Not the military, not the state, and certainly not the president.

  9. Shouldn't the Fat Boys be there shooting at the protesters? Or is it only when skin color is involved? AFAF

  10. Respect for Ukraine , we need to help them anyway we can. Lots of Russians in the area, are they showing any support for Ukraine at all

  11. The Russian ex pats that landed in Oregon are mostly old believers who left due to government persecution. They are generally not fans of the Russian government

  12. Bro, you are one of the loudest voices in here criticizing the protests for Black Lives Matter. But a bunch of white people on the other side of the world being attacked by a completely different country? Well we can't hop to fast enough for you, can we?

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  14. While there is a small bit of truth in that, it does not justify invading a sovereign nation and killing a large number of people while using crazy dictator lies about Nazis, etc. to justify his behavior. Dude just put his nukes on high alert. Are you down with that?

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