Winter weather advisory for tomorrow-- an unprecedented April situation. Stay safe on the roads tomorrow morning!

  1. It’s absolutely dumping snow on Hood currently. Best skiing of the season since December or early January. I live in Rhododendron around 1800’ and there’s a mild slush going on right now

  2. Beedeeddd..dedee....beep. This just in from the action new network. Mt. Hood has become active. The governor will have a press conference tomorrow to update the situation.

  3. Weather up there was pretty nuts all afternoon! It was a wild one. Definitely made me think this was entirely possible.

  4. I’ve been feeling crummy and behind the ball because I haven’t planted mine yet, so I felt a little better (justified even?) once I saw this forecast. I love excuses 🙃

  5. This is the 2nd year in a row now that I have struggled to grow all my starts from seeds and the second year in a row unprecedented weather has killed my plants lmao. I hope they last through this. I had JUST gotten rid of a fungus gnat infestation.

  6. Lots and lots and lots and lots of experience with snow and winter weather, here. The temperatures aren't predicted to fall below the high-30s and daytime temps will be well above that. If any snow does fall, it's going to melt like immediately. Don't panic. Proceed as normal. I know people who still think studded tires here are necessary will unnecessarily panic but please don't be one of them.

  7. To play devils advocate… It’s not the snow, it’s the black ice that catches people off-guard. Especially those who have experience with lots of snow! The super cooled rain droplets hitting the ground (colder than air temps) can freeze on impact creating a thin layer of ice that is hard to see. I would personally proceed with some caution. If the roads haven’t seen much traffic yet they are very cold, and you can get black ice up to about 37 degrees. So early morning commuters should be cautious.

  8. That's what's likely to happen, but it's best to be prepared. I've been stuck at my house for days on several occasions due to snow/ice.

  9. I do; I’m moving out of the PNW in a week and would have liked one last bit of nice spring weather before Im away forever. Oregons giving me the middle finger on this one.

  10. And it’s why I never complained about the dry streak then. Because the rain always comes back strong. This season has been rainy as fuck. Can’t wait for sunny streaks

  11. Last year we had 116F in damn June. If we get snow in April that's a two month gap between times of year for that shit.

  12. I'm in the camp of "I don't believe it". Seems impossible for it to get cold enough. That being said, the weather models almost all call for 3-5". The GFS is particularly nuts, calling for over a foot.

  13. We're not going to get that much below 500 feet. The hills might get a juicy snowfall, but the valley floor will be just wet pavement by the afternoon, if not earlier.

  14. god I have to commute all the way from Tigard to NW PDX and I have a few 'occurrences' for tardiness...pretty sure there's gonna be accidents and like +30 min delay on traffic.

  15. For people who have greenhouses, when are you hoping to get warm weather plants like tomatoes into them? I’ve got like 10 starts under lights indoors that are getting big. This cold snap was discouraging. This is my first year with a greenhouse and indoor lights. Was hoping to get them in the ground a month early (Apr 15) but that doesn’t seem viable.

  16. Went for a drive up Skyline. 2" down from Burnside to Germantown, and coming down hard. Was still sticking below the zoo exit on 26, but rain by the tunnel.

  17. My birthday is April 19th. At least two years I had snow parties for my birthday growing up here. Not unprecedented.

  18. As usual this is being blown way out of proportion. Above 1000 feet, temeratures for lower elevations will be above freezing. Metro will not be compromised. Like the local news that makes snow in the coast range a disaster for the city. We can’t resist fear as entertainment

  19. God I can’t wait for long sunny streaks. I don’t want to hear about droughts anymore. This is why I never complained about the beautiful weather last year. Rain always gets made up

  20. What’s annoying is I checked the weather 8 times yesterday after my dad said he heard it might snow. It said rain

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