Forget the Inquisitors, what happened to Obiwans signature spots??

  1. I think the cancer scare was a different set of lumps. The ones on his forehead were just normal skin bumps from that I’ve heard, like the ones most older folks have.

  2. Those look more like sebaceous cysts which are generally harmless but you can get them removed. Some people are prone to them. I have a couple under my hair that have been chilling there for decades.

  3. He had laser(sword) surgery to make himself less recognisable. Although maybe he should have shaved, too..

  4. IDK if this is common knowledge here, but McGregor has a history of getting cancerous moles removed from his face dating back to like 08'. While i get this is a meme, that's probably where those bumps went.

  5. Damn you guys are knit picking the hell out of his character. I saw someone saying that they thought his voice doesn’t sound the same as the prequels like chill out lol just be happy that we’re getting this show made

  6. I'm glad they're gone, kinda grossed me out. They should just go back and edit them out of the prequels and we'll all say it was Mandela effect

  7. If I remember, it was a topic during filming of episode 3 whether or not to remove them as Alec didn't have them. At the time they chose not to. Seeing this gets closer to the OT and CGI being what it is today, it was probably a no brainer this time.

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