Where do I start?

  1. Hello, I am no expert (only an armchair printerist at the moment). If you are looking to make minis I would suggest looking into resin printers. They are faster then filiment and will have a lot better detail.

  2. Do you have any recommendations for a specific resin printer? Also, I heard resin printing could be messy and have unpleasant fumes due to the liquid nature of the resin. How problematic is that realistically?

  3. You're basically looking at starting two hobbies at once here, and they both have something of a learning curve. Expect to do a certain amount of learning and tweaking to get the best out of any printer, rather than expecting to just pick a file and press "start."

  4. Thank you for your reply. I do intend to use the printer for things beyond 40k, like DnD and models just for decorating. As for “adequate ventilation” can that just be an open window nearby, or is it more involved?

  5. Don’t get into 3D printing because you want to save money. Any money you save will be way way way offset by the amount of time you spend “saving” it. Get into 3D printing because it sounds fun to you imo.

  6. Start first with familiarizing yourself with resin printing as that is the only way you can make decent 28mm scale figures. Make sure you know about the dangers and the maintenance that qill be required to print, cure, clean, and dispose of waste that your printer and cleaning processes cause. After that I would highly highly suggest getting started with a patreon that you like and stick with them as typically they will do a whole army before moving on. The makers cult comes to mind as one of the most popular but there are literally dozens to choose from. This will run you anywhere from 5-12.50 a month depending on the patreon. So on the low end you would be looking at 60 bucks to 144 bucks a year for models but you will likely have a complete cohesive and properly scaled army. Lastly is the paint unfortunately it ain't cheap! Even with Apple barrel Walmart paint and brushes you will likely spend over 100 dollars on painting products to paint your army. Even more if you use Vallejo, citadel, or army painter or decent brushes. It is not a bad idea away others have suggested to get a few GW models (eBay is cheap) and see if you like painting and playing the game. Even with a 3d printer Warhammer is far from a cheap hobby but it is a very rewarding one. Sorry for the text wall hope that helps.

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