The very last Herblock cartoon in August 26, 2001. "We are a Superpower and You are not!" In the Washington Post. Herbert Lawrence Block (1909-2001).

  1. Remember that this subreddit is for sharing propaganda to view with some objectivity. It is absolutely not for perpetuating the message of the propaganda. If anything, in this subreddit we should be immensely skeptical of manipulation or oversimplification (which the above likely is), not beholden to it.

  2. My favourite buildings are the Twin Towers, so yeah. 9/11 was so important historically. I am kinda sad that the new buildings have not been rebuilt (yet). Or I have never seen the Twin Towers in person or stay in the hotel next to them.

  3. Obviously nothing bad! Especially if the big stick guy actually needs anything or finds themselves in the other end of the equation. :)

  4. It could be more a comment on what Herblock might've considered Bush's reckless approach to foreign policy, rather than just Boo Hoo Hoo Poor Little Putin.

  5. The message is that the US is maintaining its superpower status over Europe and weakening Russia by raising tensions through Europe and NATO despite Russian and European attempts to negotiate reducing tensions

  6. I feel like the idea that hubris is an English disease should be expanded to be an "Anglo" disease.

  7. Putin was always a rat bastard. He made several false flags with the Chechen rebels and allowed a fanatical Islamist government to come to be in charge there even though he murdered countless innocent Russians when gassing them in the botched Moscow theater hostage crisis.

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