My dad walked into the bathroom while i was talking a shower, i feel so embarrassed and uncomfortable. I feel like my privacy was violated. When is my dad gonna understand that i grew up

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  2. Lock the door. If he has a problem with it, tell him you don't want any more embarrassing situations. Same thing happened to me when I was a teen.

  3. im 15 and i was masturbating, it’s funny how he knocks when my 17 year old brother is taking a shower. He doesnt wanna listen, i tried talking to him multiple times about this.

  4. That's just something you have to keep stressing till he listens tbh. Or lock the door if possible so he gets the point

  5. Mmm. Not necessarily puberty related but you could try talking to an adult? Such as a counselor at school, a teacher, etc.

  6. Or talk to your fucken mom ? Somebody you’ve know your entire life before talking to someone you’ve never talked to ?

  7. probably when you tell him. Be honest about it and just tell him when you shower, dress or anything like that you do not want him to come in. I hope he'll understand that.

  8. Your dad has seen you naked before. If you can't be comfortable naked in front of family, who can you be comfortable naked with? Yea it might have felt a little weird and in a sense your privacy or at least personal space was violated but you don't have anything he doesn't have or hasn't seen before.

  9. omg my shower doesn’t have curtains it was this type of glass thing and he came in without knocking and that’s why in pissed and i hate the way everyone here is acting like it’s ok

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