Do you work out if your DEFINITLEY straight, bi or gay in puberty or does it continue beyond it and all your life?

  1. Your sexuality can be pretty fluid, and remember sexual attraction and romantic attraction don't have to align - you might find guys and women hot, but only want to date one or the other.

  2. Labels are useful for canned goods like corn or green beans but as a person just be you. Sex is an act and sexuality is about preference. Basically if it feels good it is.

  3. Sexuality can be fluid during puberty. As you explore and learn more about yourself and attractions you'll figure it out. It can happen soon or in a few years. Don't worry about labels right now.

  4. Well hard to say. For me it was clear that I am gay when I was like 14 and so am I till today... But the fuck do I know if it'll change again over the next few years.

  5. There's a lot that goes into it, and the pressure to do the same things friends are doesn't help at all either. You just have to learn to listen to yourself and your emotions and just follow whatever feels right for you. It's a long journey even after you come out, if you decide to. Just don't let your interactions be driven be the thoughts of what people feel you're supposed to be doing

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