This America again?

  1. It's a fucking's not a machine. Training doesn't always work which is why it's a liability to have trained attack dogs privately everywhere in the US. Private citizens aren't even given legal protea to train these animals to do this for defense even though they're allowed to carry firearms for self defense just as police do. A few states have narrow exceptions.

  2. I tought my dog to bark when I give the command "calm down" in case I ever need him to scare someone and I want it to look like hes crazy.

  3. Idk but i’ve seen videos of officers beating these dogs so I am not surprised the dog isn’t listening. They aren’t properly trained at all.

  4. He’s not even trying, fuck. He’s pulling! Which is making it worse - anyone who knows anything about this kind of training knows.

  5. I’ve heard once that switch is flipped it’s hard for them to release. But I’m not cop or k9 trainer so I have no clue

  6. The thing that’s get me tho… is the other two cops rush over to hold down a man that’s already detained, while the K9 is breaking his arm.. okay

  7. Those other two cops could have assisted in getting the dog off of the prone, handcuffed man. But they sat on his legs instead.

  8. At first I though ok maybe the dog has just lost control and the officer can't get him off, but when you see the other guys run in and restrain him more you know the dog isn't the problen

  9. COMFORTABLE..... seems the command to down that dog is "Comfortable"..... you'll hear the restrained guy repeatedly scream "I'm comfortable" as he thought the cop was yelling that at him.

  10. That’s what I was thinking, but no just two more incompetent little piggies coming in just as badly trained as that K9.

  11. It’s because he was resisting getting devoured. Never resist when a wild animal has decided to turn you into sustenance. Give back to the circle of life and stop being so self obsessed.

  12. Only the handler can control the dog or attempt to touch him, etc.... the dog could've bit the cops, which is why most wouldnt intervene.

  13. I’d rather have my arm broken than my tendons, ligaments and muscles shredded by a dog. Broken bones heal, damage like this doesn’t always heal.

  14. What gets me is that if a dog makes an aggressive move at them from 10-15ft they'll risk everyone in the area to shoot it but if it goes crazy and won't let go they don't kill the fucking thing. Don't get me wrong I don't like the use of horses or dogs by police at all it's holdover sleeve chasing shit that should have been banned years ago, that said if it's a person or a dog the person aught to be priority.

  15. Context. .. suspected criminal handcuffed, detained, facedown on ground. Why the fuck is your dog treating him as a chew toy.

  16. This guy is going to have the charges dropped or at least reduced. Not sure if it was worth having a dog bite your arm off

  17. Because cops think they look cooler with animal sidekicks … that the Supreme Court has affirmed they can also use to skirt the constitution.

  18. would not be shocked if this guy was charged with "injuring a police K-9" for a broken tooth the dog got while attacking him

  19. There was a case where someone was beaten by the police and then charged property damage for the blood on the officer's clothes.

  20. "A San Diego police lieutenant defended the actions of the dog and officers in the video, saying the animal "did exactly what he was trained to do.''

  21. That or I would not be shocked if the officer claims it was the dog’s fault and it gets put down while the officer gets a new one and stays on the streets.

  22. This country has its priorities seriously misplaced. We are allowed to sue everyone in this country for their actions, whether deliberate or accidental, except the one person who holds your life and liberty in their hands.

  23. Why didn’t they shoot the dog just like they shoot other people’s dog? The man was down and not a threat. The tax payers are the ones that get fucked by this stupid shit.

  24. Why are we still using animals at all in this sort of field?! It’s vile, so many service dogs get killed for this shit. Archaic at best.

  25. Nah, there excuse is that he deserves it for "breaking the law". Because somehow its the cops jobs to dish out punishments in a free country?

  26. apparently the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" doesn't mean much to cops or to conservatives...or to this sub.

  27. The handler is either intentionally allowing the dog to maul a handcuffed individual, or is negligently incapable of preventing that from occurring. Either case should have criminal and civil consequences, imo.

  28. It's amazing how calm he stayed during that. I know for a fact I'd be flailing and crying during the entire ordeal. Fuck this nonsense.

  29. Seriously! I’m all for “knowing the whole story” but absolutely no one deserves this kind of literal torture.

  30. I'm always interested by the disconnect between officers claiming to lose control of their supposedly highly trained dogs (police dogs really don't get great training most places, they're just abused.) And the absolutely casual nature with which they shoot other people's dogs often for no reason.

  31. Oh, and if you happen to kill a child because you missed the dog, that's okay since there's no sufficiently on-point case in your circuit.

  32. I definitely agree with your attitude and most of what you wrote, but I would disagree with "they shouldn't be allowed to have dogs. For any purpose."

  33. Second video I’ve seen today of a police dog mauling someone. Some commented it in the first one I saw. “Dogs are nice companions and pets. Police dogs are weaponized and not the same” I love dogs. This shit pisses me off. Love how the two other cops just hold the dudes legs down instead of helping get that dog off. Fuck the police

  34. I know this might sound like its anti america, but on every US video of police dogs they have 0 control of their k9??

  35. noticed the amount of bootlickers in this sub increased 10 fold since all the rittenhouse shit started getting posted here. coincidence?

  36. Am I the only one who absolutely loathes seeing dogs used in the manner? No one deserves to be treated this way and no dog needs to be trained to treat a human being this way. It's far past time to outlaw the use of animals in this way.

  37. Dude, K9 units are so brutal, we really need to change how heavily they're used. This is another of the dozens of cases where a K9 unit is just mauling flesh because it ultimately is still a dog. I respect the police and use of police dogs, but this is still an unacceptable occurrence that can only be changed by the police. Even if the man was a real criminal, he's down on the ground on his stomach with his hands restrained. Teeth are not needed, and that's all the dog is delivering

  38. YOU DON’T NEED CONTEXT. THE DOG SHOULDN’T BE ANYWHERE NEAR THIS MAN ON HIS STOMACH AND HANDCUFFED. Anyone saying they need more context is MISSING THE POINT AGAINNNNNN. If you see this and are looking for context, then you’re a demented asshole and you don’t get it. Sit down and shut up PLEASE DEAR GOD.

  39. A police K9 was recently killed by a criminal suspect in my area. It was very sad, they had a whole funeral and salute to the dog, and social media lit up with condolences for the poor guy.

  40. Dogs aren't people and are NOT suitable for law enforcement, they're intelligent but do not have the understanding or self control needed to handle situations that involve tense energy. A.k.a. dogs aren't also robots and shouldn't be expected to act like one in chaotic/tense situations, especially when the reasons these situations come about are instigated by the dog's handler or another officer.

  41. That’s horrifying. I’m freaking terrified of big dogs like that and taht is my worst nightmare. I cannot imagine what the poor guy was going through. Hands cuffed like that couldn’t even protect himself.

  42. That dog is no longer acceptable in that line of work and probably not as a pet for most people. May the lawsuits be plentiful and rewarding for that man.

  43. This is not acceptable. he is handcuffed face down on the ground. He's under arrest already, get the damn dog off him.

  44. I wish reddit had a way to differentiate between different kinds of nsfw. Maybe im in the wrong for saying this but sometimes i want to take a break from all the horrible shit in the world, or atleast seeing it like this. Reading about it is one thing but scrolling past this is really rough and there are days where i just dont have the mental strength to see something like this. Idk maybe im a pos for thinking that but i cant be the only one...

  45. This is way too common,cops with dogs seem to have an extremely hard time getting the dogs off of people once they’re attacking and proceed to make the person cuffed suffer further by acting like they’re the one bugging out while its their dog dead set on murder and they have zero control of the animal. Like ok the dog is ripping him up and we cant do shit to get him to stop so make sure you wrestle the perp and hit him,etc. That way least seems like we are doing something ,awful,fully unnecessary and abusive for sure,but least we are doing something..

  46. How can you handcuff someone while a dog was chewing his hand I suspect this happened after he was handcuffed.

  47. Jackass cop just pulling the dog? Had neighbors that were K-9 officers and every one of those dogs gets German commands. Officer just had to open his mouth and say it…instead, tries to just rip the dog off the guy. The man was on the ground and apprehended. No need for this.

  48. I have no idea what led to this incident. All I can say is that that handler should be answering for his partner's behavior.

  49. I remember learning about "attack dogs" from WW2 literature, specially dobermans were considered the tool of an oppressive and violent fascist army, it's always very clear to me how some things translate over so clearly.

  50. The other two “cops” immediately go for the guys legs AS HES CUFFED AND BEING BITTEN BY A GERMAN SHEPHERD. Dog should be put down and three cops should be in prison based on this short clip alone. Dude was already cuffed and not resisting. Fuck context. We saw enough.

  51. Police dogs should be illegal. It’s not even a debate imo. The fact they’re still a thing just shows how departments view suspects they’re dealing with.

  52. Since K9s are considered officers, this is just another case of allegedly "good" cops standing by and letting the bad cop do whatever they want.

  53. There is no context in which this is okay. His hands are behind his back and he’s complying. If you can’t control your fucking dog, then your department needs to re evaluate how they train dogs.

  54. Let’s trust the fuckups who couldn’t handle passing high school with handling an animal trained to attack people without restraint.

  55. The dog will be euthanized. Unfortunately nothing will happen to the other animals in the video.

  56. Maybe, now hear me out, but just maybe, if we can't control police, maybe, we shouldn't let them control K-9s. Cause it sure seems like these dogs, are turning into bad apples.

  57. Is the post title meant to be asking incredulously "is this America?" Of course it is, it's very distinctively American. In America this is known as "resisting arrest", and I'd be astonished if this guy wasn't charged with it, and if he didn't do time for it. BTW

  58. Regardless of the age or out come, it’s evidence that these dipshits can’t even control their own dogs, let alone a delicate situation.

  59. i don’t care what the guy did prior to the attack theres no reason for the dog to still be attacking him. dumb cops and shitty training don’t mix well.

  60. So this gets bandied about a lot. Anybody reading should know this is far from a surefire method. I've broken up well over 100 dog fights, and I've tried this method. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. What I've found to be the most effective when they're really getting after it is lifting them by the hind legs like a wheelbarrow. Go high enough and the front feet will come off the ground too, making it even more effective.

  61. oh look! more good apples!! no wait, they are the other thing. glad the other cops were there to do absolutely fuck all to help the situation. ACAB

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