Pasco Sheriff cops said they shot Jerry Dwight Brown during a drug bust after he refused to surrender and ignored orders to raise his hands. Leaked vid⁠ shows they never gave him a chance. Executed right away. They tried to hide this video. This is why we kneel. No accountability.

  1. Pasco County Sherrifs Office had a policy where the school system sends names of kids to the police department and they go to their house to harass the kids and their parents. They called it active policy to keep the kids from going down a life of crime.

  2. Upvote this. Reddit or Facebook visibility/ Netflix docs seem to be the only way to incite demands for accountability these days.

  3. They always release the footage within hours if cops are actually the good guys in a story. If they are hiding the video, you can 100% sure they are full of shit.

  4. In Louisiana where they were beating a man to death, they held the video for over a year. Their official story was that he died in a car accident. Two very different things. And it was like a dozen cops there.

  5. "If you're not a criminal you have nothing to hide" needs to be the slogan of ethical boards and public committees that need to govern accountability of these guys

  6. These are the same guys who were using students grades to try to predict which kids would be criminals and harass them.

  7. Also, unarmed guy won't get out the car. Fine. A) Leave him there till he's tired of it. B) Break his window and drag him out. C) Break his window and taze him. D) Break his window and hit him with tear gas. E) Break his window and hit him with pepper spray.

  8. I hate Crazy shit like this because one time I got pulled over and my friend who is not a criminal at all he’s never done drugs never done any crime was in the passenger seat.His reaction to getting the lights turn on behind us as i was dropping him off was toget out the car even as a cop yelling at him to stay in the car. He completely just fucking panics and kept getting out of the car as a cop yelling at him to stay in the car.

  9. I honestly don’t understand how a country can operate like this. It’s just so unbelievable to have the amount of evidence publicly available and see no counter action

  10. Cop onced reached in grabbed my friend because he thought he had a gun. It was his poop bag and we got pulled over for a stop sign I missed. Cops are ready to kill in a second because to them we are all violent crazy assholes. We where going to the store for fucks sake.

  11. You know, part of the problem is that people have to experience it, first hand, in order to “understand” what victims have been telling them the entire time.

  12. What about that video of the two cars getting into tan accident on the highway. They’re both stopped on the side and cop rolls up, the guy gets out of the car to start handling the accident business and the cop immediately pulls his gun and shoots the guy

  13. i was in a chase when I was younger and when they pitted my car and draw their guns on me I panicked and started getting out before one just straight pulled me out through the window.

  14. My local ex-sheriff shot and killed a guy on his own property. Shot him two or three time. Once in the chest and then again in the chest when the guy was on his knees. He is still a cop a couple county's over.

  15. There needs to be a documentary named 'a couple counties over' documenting cops who kill only to find employment elsewhere in law enforcement.

  16. So they setup a murder, not a drug bust. This would be akin to premeditated murder since they literally executed him and this was all planned.

  17. This is where shit went wrong in my opinion. I could care less that reddit will disagree, but these guys are partially just brainwashed to do these types of things resulting in deaths. From day one they are encouraged and trained to do the following:

  18. I've lived in Pasco my entire life. I went to middle and high school with MANY of these officers and racism has been taught to these men since they were boys. Guys in school would openly wear swastika's on their backpacks, we had open recruitment for the Ku Klux Klan (Look up Pasco KKK or Moon Lake KKK, or "Redneck Shop KKK"). This is just the tip of the iceberg of abuse of power in Pasco. Our mayor for one of the towns here is in jail on his way to prison for ATTEMPTED MURDER OF LAW ENFORCEMENT! That's right, our fucking mayor shot at cops when they tried to serve a warrant on him for practicing medicine without a license. Our interim mayor was then arrested for conspiring to help the old mayor out of jail.

  19. I grew up in Pasco (Holiday to be exact), I hate going back and seeing how drugs have destroyed everything. It’s absolutely tragic and no one cares. I’m thankful every day I was able to get out.

  20. And they probably felt so proud of their hard "work" here. Not to sound corny but I genuinely don't understand how these guys and officers like them sleep at night. Like HOW do they not see themselves as awful people? How does their brain warp the shit they do into them being the good guys? I don't understand.

  21. I've been a big proponent to if a cop commits a crime while they're on duty and in a position of authority, the mandatory minimum should automatically be doubled.

  22. Fucking amen. Ideally by firing squad, because if they can casually disregard the lives of the citizens they murder then there's no moral obligation for any of us to regard theirs with any degree of significance either. THAT societal sentiment would absolutely be a deterrent for more wannabe murderers. It's sad to say but I think that's the level it has to go to for them to understand the gravity of their actions.

  23. How many brutal an unnecessary killings like this will take place before people start retaliating against police forces? PDs need to get their shit together

  24. As a non-american, the TV-series "The Wire" made me understand a lot about this toppic and why that problem will stay for the next decades the same. I recommend everyone watching It!

  25. Because most cops are cruel humans that just wanna help fill jails with people that mostly just need help and are at a low point in their lives already.

  26. because america is obsessed with a failing war on drugs, which low IQ cops and small town LE budgets make a perfect pairing for targeting poor, dumb, desperate dealers that are stupid enough to get into a car with an undercover cop in the first place

  27. Even if it was just a few, imagine somebody handing you a bag of apples, most of them good but 3-4 will kill you outright. That's not a good bag of apples.

  28. I mean you joke, but I've had to explain to people that if you think 1% of the police force were bad apples, that's 7000 police officers who are bad apples.

  29. That is nothing, the Pasco Sherriffs Office has a horrible history. Check out the work the Tampa Bay Times has done on them.

  30. Uh, have you seen the ultra red, Trump-loving Pasco Sheriff (Grady Judd) who warns all new comers to not “vote the stupid way you did up north?” Ain’t no way shits changing under his watch.

  31. Anyone else notice that the victim was probably still alive when the cameraman went behind the car, and then the cop pulls another trigger... make sure he's dead... we don't want another big court case...

  32. They rolled up with a riot shield and still felt threatened? Can you imagine a world where cops have rules of engagement like the military? These guys are cowards pure and simple. If you feel that threatened that easily maybe you shouldn’t have a service weapon. Or at the very least you need more training. Looks like they had a personal grudge against this guy and executed him. And they almost hit the undercover too.

  33. Alright this sucks for sure, but him reaching into his pockets like that wasn't the smartest move. Not saying what happened is justified, but as a brown dude I'm not putting my hands anywhere near my pockets while getting pulled over, I know at least that much. With that being said, that's probably why they shot so quickly...

  34. bruh they shot AGAIN like 6 seconds later at a guy who was already swiss cheese? Are they scared of a lifeless corpse?

  35. If you are out playing bad ass and are so terrified that you execute a citizen while almost shooting your own undercover you need to rethink every single one of your life choices. While you resign your job. As you sit in a prison cell. While you wait on dinner or to be traded around for a few smokes, which ever comes first. In today’s society he will most likely get promoted. Cops wonder why they don’t receive “respect” anymore.

  36. I was watching the newest Frontline the other day and it covered police shootings. What was fascinating was during training all of the trainees agreed with the general public about situations where force was unnecessary. Cue bald trainer guy just berating the shit out of the trainees, essentially calling them pussies and wanting their partners to die because they had a shred of empathy.

  37. This is so fucked. Where is the accountability? They never gave him a chance and they straight up murdered him. Is there any hope of justice? Based on when this happened and the vid coming out last year it doesn't look like it.

  38. Damn ruthless entrapped him then straight murder as he's screaming in pain, holy fuck this is inhumane shit going on here

  39. Honestly I'm just more confused than anything. Why was he trying to escape the vehicle? Why was there yelling? I don't get it.

  40. They ran up yelling and pointing guns at people, he probably panicked and tried to get out if the car. He had about 2 seconds to think before being murdered.

  41. So, passenger seat guy was reaching into his right pocket. Are they trying to say he was reaching for a gun or?

  42. We’re supposed to treat cops as heroes for putting their lives on the line, but they don’t. They aren’t taught to do so. They are taught to dehumanize potential criminals, swiftly kill them if they sense themselves in any danger at all, and then feel no remorse for doing so. They’re not heroes, they’re brutes.

  43. Horrified but not surprised. Pasco County is a shithole. I mean, it’s Florida but Pasco and Polk are well known for this shit.

  44. A few seconds before they shoot it looks like he reaches near his right pocket. The cops will 1000000% say that they HAD to take him out because he was reaching for something, despite the fact that they basically surprise rushed a man and yelled orders for 4 seconds before unloading fire upon the man.

  45. I don't know about where you are, but in Florida the deputys are far and away the most incompetent law enforcement. It's like they went to some random redneck's house and told him he was a cop for the day.

  46. 37 M white dad here. I sold small amounts of weed to friends and friends of friends so I could smoke for free in J

  47. Traffic stops are terrifying. Police are trained to react at a moment’s notice if they detect a threat. From the cop’s perspective, they’re paranoid about the person they apprehended reaching for a concealed weapon.

  48. I read that the wife received a settlement from the sheriff's office...does that mean case closed or can the cops still be prosecuted pending independent investigation?

  49. Sad shit. I always hear about how war creates terrisosts in the middle east but you never hear about this kind of shit creating a whole generation of kids who can't trust police. We live in a fucked timeline.

  50. It pisses me off that they continue to say show us your hands after they riddled him with bullets….i swore i heard someone say “he’s dead” right at the end.

  51. Tamir Rice will always come to mind. They shot that kid within 2 seconds literally 2 seconds of being on scene... at a park.. for a toy gun in a state that allowed open carry.

  52. I love how they always yell some shit like “stop resisting!” or “show us your hands” after they’ve already killed the person.


  54. Fucking stop the drug wars and stop giving cops immunity. And when suing make the fucking cops pay not the taxpayers. Make cops take out insurance or pay out of their pension.

  55. So how often do cops get killed to the point that this needs to be procedure when approaching a possible threat?

  56. I mean… you can see in the video his response to show your hands was to start reaching in his pockets or below the seat or the door sooooo I mean I don’t get your point?

  57. Don't go reaching in your pockets. It's common sense. You all sit behind a screen and act like you know what you'd do in this situations.

  58. Put your own guy in a dangerous sting, and then kill your suspect because you set up a dangerous sting... complete cowards.

  59. Sometimes I wish we could try cops like the Nuremberg trials and hang some of them after if they want to behave like Nazis

  60. Literally shot first and asked questions later. The undercover cop almost got fucking assassinated by his coworkers

  61. Imagine this gets you shot but running towards police with an assault rifle after shooting 3 people gets you told to go home.

  62. I can't believe you are getting downvoted for asking a question. The video literally shows him reaching into his pocket after failing to grab the door latch. People just want to ignore the facts because its not sexy.

  63. Well he was trying to get out of the car but they certainly didn’t let him do that. The man is unarmed so he wasn’t reaching for a gun if that’s what your trying to insinuate.

  64. End the war on drugs. It’s the lowest hanging fruit. Police reform is nebulous. End the fucking drug war + 90% of violent encounters go away. Mass incarceration goes away.

  65. a lot of people are saying he's reaching into his pocket between 11 and 13 seconds, but the camera's shaking way too much for me to tell. it just looks like his hand was in the general area of his upper leg.

  66. They never released my moms cam footage. She ate a plea because we didn’t know our rights and they were afraid she would sue. My mom’s life was screwed by cops who don’t give a shit and just want a pay check. The system then protects them because they pay for it (tax payers technically) if they don’t protect the bad cops.

  67. I am all for accountability, but drug dealing scumbag made a move he shouldn't have when you are surrounded by cops. He was a walking definition of making wrong choices. His last one was his fatal.

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