Man kicks the piss out of man who put hands on his momma

  1. Honestly, good on the dude. When I was young my step father...was not a nice person to my mother. I would have loved to have been old enough to do something about it, so I understand the anger this guy is feeling. You don't touch someone's Mom and not expect a reprisal.

  2. Hitting a defenseless person on the ground over and over in the head is barbaric. He beat the shit out of him, that was enough. The rest was overkill

  3. I’m assuming the guy is the Mums boyfriend. I wish this wasn’t filmed the Son could get jail time for protecting his Mum from the abusive boyfriend :(

  4. I knew a dude who got the shit kicked outta him by his girl all the time till he just up and left one day. She told all her bothers she’s pregnant and he hit her ( dude was out of state interviewing for work that I hooked him up with when she claims it happened) so they found him and beat his ass into a coma. It’s like ten years later and dude still doesn’t walk right and he still doesn’t seem all there mentally. Vigilante shit like this seems so cool but there’s a reason we have laws.

  5. The domestic abusers in these videos are always just running away or getting their face bashed in. They may have a worse record than shirtless guys (especially after this one)

  6. this reminds of the time when my sister showed me a clip of a getting absolutely beating the shit out of a guy for stealing his belt beating so hard he pissed himself

  7. Ouch I felt that just watching the video, I have a feeling that dudes head is still somewhere in upper orbit.... very much ouch ! Never mess with mom !

  8. I feel terrible when I see people get beat on but this right here !!!!! You are a good son who loves his momma vary much (waterboy voice)

  9. The thing any real man would do is walk away. Ain’t nobody got the rights to put hands on no female. Its looks like his momma raised a stout and good son.

  10. If you look closely there was 3 perfect throat punches too. He was knocked out by then but he's gonna wake up sounding like a speak and spell.

  11. He definitely has brain damage. He was already knocked out, that's a concussion, and then multiple more hits to the head when he was totally defenseless. Sickening

  12. When my mom was alive she had a boyfriend. We were alone once, I flat out told him if you ever hurt my mother, there is no place on earth you can hide from me.

  13. That stumble run to the car and then falling headfirst into it was super hilarious to me. I could just imagine him saying to himself 'if I can just get to my car I'll be safe'.

  14. I mean there is very few cases id justify beating them up while down , but this for sure is one of them ... hope he kept going

  15. Why do black dudes swing like their mommas and aunts? That's not a man swing at all. Maybe that's why they shoot instead of fighting.

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