lady takes ALL the baby formula, definitely a reseller

  1. Honestly if I had a child to feed I would just reach in and take what I needed out of her cart. She isn't going to get any sympathy from a worker at the store who probably sees this shit all the time.

  2. That's what those white laminated signs are posted on the front. You can kind of see one. She's going to be in for a surprise when she tries to check out. After scanning the limit a pop-up with show on screen saying there is a limit and you can't purchase anymore.

  3. Yeah, I’m not a ‘complain to management’ kinda guy, but I would definitely head straight to management and be like “yo this bitch is buying ALL the fucking formula. Stop her”

  4. In Australia, after China had a huge issue with their factories that made formula and some poor babies died, the formula made here became a hot commodity. There’s been restrictions on the amount of formula you can buy for years now. People could earn fucking good money selling it on to desperate parents overseas. Shitty situation all round.

  5. The paper signs taped to the shelf probably say there's a limit. Whether or not it's getting enforced at the register is another question.

  6. The supermarket I worked at in the Netherlands had a buy limit. They just end up hopping to other stores after they bought the formula. It had to do something with Chinese formula being poisoned and the Chinese living abroad were sending it back.

  7. I remember this happening with certain products during the beginning of the pandemic, namely toilet paper, disinfectants and hand sanitizer.

  8. That’s the secret captain, they aren’t planning on purchasing that. They’re going to walk that cart right out the front doors. This is why the store I used to work at moved the baby formula behind the customer service counter.

  9. In the Netherlands we've had this for years in many stores, mostly due to Chinese people buying all formula since they had their scandal.

  10. I'd be yoinking it out of the cart and wouldn't hesitate to go further. My baby is going to eat.

  11. I did this during the tp raids. This guy loaded his cart up with the last 4 bulk size and I took 3 of them out when he wasn't looking. I happily gave one to this lady who asked me if she could please have one, and put the 3rd back on the shelf.

  12. If they don't have any personal stuff (Like bags or children) in it you can even steal the whole fucking cart.

  13. During covid, the FBI prosecuted some guy who would stock up and resell sanitizing supplies. He was out the money he paid and faced a fine I think. It should absolutely be the same in this case.

  14. Waiting two and a half years now to buy a ps5. I refuse to give them one penny and will continue waiting. Scum of the Earth.

  15. The real kicker is states like New York actually give these people tax exempt status for sales tax. I do not understand the reasoning behind it. The goods are being sold retail. They should be charged sales tax. A resale business is not a public service like charities, government agencies or religious institutions.

  16. Wouldnt be in this scenario if the corporations who made baby formula and their regulators didnt massively fuck up

  17. Lady is going to sit on all that baby formula like the rest of those idiots who bought meat, rice, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. No returns, or store credit. Fuck off.

  18. Probably selling at her own store. I see this alot in the city. Especially when stores have sales and stuff, they’ll go and buy up everything to sell in their corner stores.

  19. We had this family who bought $300 from the meat department, this is during peak Covid, and tried to bring it back the next day because they didn’t “need it” We told them of the very normal “no return” policy most stores have for certain things, and that we wouldn’t be able to accept food that could have spoiled. The 3 guys proceeded to whip out their phones, call police, record and call the manager and employees racists in front of the entire checkout area and started pushing stuff off the counter and took off before the cops they called got there.

  20. In Australia, theres basically always a hard cap of 2 baby formula per customer because Chinese people always buy it all out and send it back to China, since the baby formula there is unsafe and people pay a huge markup on it.

  21. You can get store credit for formula or switch it out for something different as long as you have the receipt. But this bish is dirty. I hope she loses money.

  22. This really predates covid. Looking through the comments, no one really pointed out that the lady with full cart is probably Chinese.

  23. Not really at all. Love all the people attributing this to covid. She's Chinese and selling it to people in China, overseas formula is really expensive there as several years ago Chinese formula harmed/killed some babies, so now all the rich folks there pay a lot for stuff like this. Been happening in Australia way before covid hit.

  24. We had a lady try this at my local WalMart with about 50 cans and people just started taking what they needed right out of her cart. She couldn't even walk away with the cart and had to try to grab just 2 while everyone was cussing her out. That cart was empty again within minutes!

  25. I work at a Walmart we have had a 5 item limit on all formula products for a while and just today I had an alert pop up saying item limit exceeded and when I went over there the guy had 5 in bags with a 6th on the person's area next to him and I had none of that BS and said they can't get the 6th as they are obv together lol

  26. No shit. Profiteering off food for LITERAL INFANTS. This is absolutely one of the most cynical and shameless things I've ever seen... and i've seen some shit.

  27. This is so upsetting. I am one of those mom's who are having troubles finding sensitive formula for my baby and then there are people like this. I literally have family members all over the state looking for formula for me because I can't find any near me that my baby can have. This is infuriating to see. IDC who you are, if you're doing this you're a POS.

  28. Are you finding enough? I’m in Canada but I will happily send you supplies if you need it and I can get it. Please feel free to DM me okay?

  29. What is this, amateur hour? Just take it out of the cart and walk away. I remember women fist fighting over shoe sales on black Friday, and nobody wants to touch this woman for monopolizing all the baby formula.

  30. The people who go to Black Friday sales and fight over shoes know what they’re getting into, and might like the excitement or thrill of being the winner in that whole fiasco. They know that whoever grabs or punches, usually wins. And that someone always goes home disappointed, not having gotten what they wanted. They’re ok with the idea of winners and losers, in those circumstances.

  31. While I never panic bought toilet paper I did find it prudent to buy a 'family size' pack later on which was 48 rolls. I swear that one pack lasted an eternity and looking back at the panic buying... some people must have literally been left with a lifetime supply of TP.

  32. Looks like Target shame on them if they are allowing this. Companies place limits on toilet paper so everyone get some but not baby formula?

  33. I mean it doesn’t mean she will be able to buy it. When she gets to the register they may limit her. I doubt they would pay someone to actively guard the formula preventing them from putting more than four in a cart.

  34. Target has item limits in place at checkout for formula. If she actually tried to check out in target with all of this it wouldn’t allow the sale.

  35. Same thing for ammunition. My local academy sports and bass pro had been enforcing per customer limits for the past year or two due to supply issues.

  36. As a dad, I wouldn't have been as calm honestly. I would have just taken her cart and started unloading it. I don't get angry, but messing with babies food makes me see red.

  37. As a parent, this is so upsetting. I couldn’t imagine how stressed out I’d be if I couldn’t feed my baby. Fuck this person and anyone else out there doing this. This is stealing food away from babies who need it.

  38. A lot of good comments on this video. Yours was the one I was looking for. I’m not a violent person, but I’d definitely open up to being physical in that situation - knowing it’s wrong, I’d do it.

  39. I swear to GOD I would’ve just started taking that shit. Not even in a “I’m a big tough badass” way, that lady is a 125 pound Taiwan woman what’s she gonna do try and take it back?

  40. Actually in Texas there’s a wet nursing and milksharing group with tons of mothers offering. It takes a village 🤷🏼‍♀️

  41. It looks like target and there are signs limiting the amount you can purchase. Hopefully they stopped her at the checkout and only let her take 2 or 4 or whatever the limit is

  42. Yes it’s the store responsibility to put a limit on it. However people need to stop being such selfish fucking morons, it’s also the responsibility of each and everyone of us to not be an absolute piece of shit.

  43. Probably takes it to her place of retail (convenience store, ebay, flea market stand, etc.) and doubles price.

  44. there is a very simple solution to this, and that is for the store to place a limit. Now, as a father to twins, some do have more need than others, to some extreme.

  45. Haven’t even thought people would try to scalp these like they’re new PlayStations. Makes me want to go on Marketplace and fuck with them

  46. People have shown their true colors during the pandemic. Though covid isn't at an apocalyptic level, just imagine how bad people would be if it were. Everything we see in movies when it comes to the apocalypse and society will likely come true. We'd use to look at those things in movies and be like "Nah no way we would be like that".. it took a pandemic to show us otherwise. So again I reiterate.. imagine if these were apocalyptic times. May whatever deity you may or may not believe in watch over us.

  47. The toilet paper crisis was not a crisis. The hand sanitizer crisis was barley a crisis. This is a fuckin crisis. I’m scared for the babies of the world who’s mom’s can’t breastfeed.

  48. They are, most definitely. My wife has been looking around everywhere and most big chains like this(at least in Texas) have a hard limit.

  49. Special place in hell for anyone taking advantage of the shortage! How do they justify flipping baby formula?! Literally babies starving is all good with them or what? Makes me so mad!

  50. It's the product of decades of decadence, when you sabotage your own institutions for very temporary political gain and spend all your surplus money funneling money to the top 1%, at some point the House of cards starts the topple. The cracks are big getting the show now, everything will settle into place in a couple of years, and then a couple years after that more cracks will show, at some point you won't be able to have any more cracks and it'll all just fall down.

  51. My coworker buys as much as he can now like 10 at a time. I told him he was a part of the problem. Said he doesn’t give a shit. Real winner.

  52. Don’t forget it’s not a shortage because of the pandemic or a baby boom. The manufacturers had to do a massive recall for bacteria being found in the formula! Do some google searches and make sure you haven’t been affected

  53. Lots of people especially Asians do that here, so most Aussie Coles and Woolies have a limit of 2 pack per person

  54. I’m literally down to ONE CAN of baby formula for my 8 week old son right now. It’ll be gone in three days. And I can’t find a single fucking place that has his formula available. Seriously, if y’all find Alfamino or Puramino infant formula ANYWHERE, let me know. I’m so desperate. And he can’t have any other formula per his GI doctor (he has severe GERD and it has even caused him so much pain he’s quit breathing on two occasions and was hospitalized). Fuck people like this. Seriously hope nothing good happens to them.

  55. I always waste scalpers and resellers time by setting appointments, dragging them along for as long as possible, and then I'll tell them what I think of their character when they finally get wise.

  56. There isn’t even a shortage of baby formula, there’s a shortage of ONE BRAND, which just so happens to be what most WIC recipients are required to buy.

  57. Got a source on that? All I can find is that the Abbott plant in Michigan found a food borne pathogen in their factory that proved fatal to a couple of babies. Can't find anything on wic only formula or one brand

  58. Agree wholeheartedly, and also wanted to mention this shortage is not caused by resellers (although it is made worse) but the real problem here is that the US relied on maybe two companies to produce all the baby formula and one of them made an oopsie and now there's not enough. If the US produced their own baby formula (but we can't that's too socialist) according to the need of Americans rather than the wants of investors, this problem would never have happened.

  59. She needed to report it to management because store directors can override how much they can sell to a person it’s all under their discretion too

  60. Why can't they place a limit on how much you can purchase? If that bitch rolled into my lane with 50 bottles of formula, I'm telling her no and selling her only a few of them.

  61. As we saw with toilet paper, sanitizer and masks 2 years ago.... Some people are just subhuman garbage and see a horrible situation as a means to extort money out of desperate people.

  62. If I saw someone pull a gun on someone selling baby formula out of their trunk and rob them, I'd just keep walking. (Not like I'd intervene if it was a regular robbery but I'd call the cops)

  63. As much as I hate normal scalpers, scalping infant formula is a new low. Like I don't even have kids and I'd be filled with rage seeing that. It's one thing to scalp game consoles and toilet paper, it's something else entirely to scalp a product that people literally need to keep their children alive and healthy.

  64. Why isn't the owner putting a stop to this, couple ppl per customer, we have it in NZ and it stops the dam fights, specially God dam toilet paper, yes u only allowed two per customer

  65. The stores need to set limits just like they did with the alcohol wipes and toilet paper. No one should be allowed to buy this much at once.

  66. I mean, that woman is not the reason there’s a formula shortage, but the fact that there is a shortage will motivate soulless hucksters to pull some shit like this.

  67. China had a shortage too, there were chinese raiding the stores here in Europe. Got dialed back to 1 cannister per person, from behind the counter. The hamstering stopped quickly.

  68. There is a pretty simple fix for this: Limit the amount one person can buy but ohhh wait it’s the US everybody is greedy

  69. In Australia most big supermarkets will not let you buy more then 2 tins at once, I've seen cases where people will try and go though the selfservice checkouts and they were told they won't be allowed to buy any because they were spotted earlier picking it up..

  70. That's sad man. Hoarding Playstation is one thing but my wife was in tears last night because she couldn't find formula after spending 4 hours going to 10different stores. Shits real man and all we got is half a can ledg

  71. She is a reseller. Foreign baby formula is trusted in China and sells for 5x to 10x regular prices there so apparently Chinese living overseas make a business of buying formula in USA, Canada, Australia, EU and selling it on Chinese online markets for massive profits. Check out this lady's explanation

  72. If I was a cashier in this situation I'd scan two of them and say "sorry that's the limit" even if there wasn't a limit. Fuck scalpers.

  73. Sounds like a Chinese International Student. Since they can’t legally work they buy American goods and bring it home to sell for a healthy markup.

  74. Umm nah, people like this do not cause baby formula shortages. A government sanctioned monopoly on baby formula caused this. That combined with crumbling supply chains. This lady is just a symptom of the problem.

  75. It’s BOTH. Just because the monopoly causes the original problem doesn’t mean people like that lady aren’t also part of the problem too.

  76. Yup, that’s what a free market looks like. Unless the store implements a limit, that lady can buy however much she wants and resell for a profit. Supply and demand, pure capitalism gives no fucks if some people get nothing.

  77. I've seen numerous warehouses run by Chinese immigrants that are completely ful of baby formula that they send back to China to sell there. Probably what's happening here.

  78. I know the baby formula shortage has nothing to do with the ban on abortions (yet) but this is a good example of what we can expect. We already have too many dumb idiots like this around. Banning abortions will just make issues like this 1000 times worse. Going to have more idiotic parents running around ruining their childrens lives and buying out baby formula, then those poor kids will grow up to be just as big of idiots spreading more and more like a virus. Idiocracy here we come!

  79. But this is not why America has a shortage rn, it’s because of a monopoly that a certain company held. Since they shut down and that company pumped out several main brands of formula, it’s all gone 🤷🏻‍♀️

  80. From the sound of it, the lady is some chinese reseller, i use to work at walmart and i had this couple coming almost every weeks to buy all our stock of eggs (well what was on the shelfs) and then proceed to resell them twice the price in their little shop. I fucking hate those type or persons

  81. Yep, as soon as I heard her accent in the video it was safe to assume she was a reseller. I used to work at Staples and any time there was any kind of sale, there was only one demographic that would come in and try to buy every last item that was on sale, regardless of what it was.

  82. When the thin veil of capitalism is pulled, it becomes very clear, people only care about themselves and FUCK anyone else.

  83. Target has a limit to the amount of formula you can purchase, so the signs are probably saying she’s only allowed to buy 2 or 4. She won’t be allowed to purchase that whole cart at the cash register.

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