Man attacks skater kids 3 times before eating a board

  1. This clip will always be funny, for no other reason than Officer Farva waddling after the kids who cleaned his friend's clock.

  2. If it helps, there's no follow up to this vid in all the times it's been reposted so the kids got away.

  3. Pretty sure "the adults" were all friends with the guy throwing punches. They were already programmed to excuse some of their friend's behavior

  4. Don't forget going after the boy once he stood up for himself. "Get that boy! Someone get that boy!" Fuck you bitch. You weren't saying shit before so just keep keeping your mouth shut.

  5. Looks like there are also 2 security guards in this vid, and one of them is clearly seen watching all of this happen but not doing anything.

  6. The same people that see teenage skateboarders as a blight rather than some teenagers getting out of the house and enjoying a hobby. I also like to think the type of adult that would hit a teen offensively still is trying to ride out their highschool glory days well into their 40s.

  7. I’m not saying this in opposition of the skaters but I’ve heard hitting someone with the trucks of a skateboard can be considered assault with a deadly weapon.

  8. I relished watching this guy get hit with that skateboard and believed it was justified, but they did assault him with a weapon. They could very easily have accidentally killed the dickwad.

  9. If you watch closely at the beginning, the first person he hits is the shortest person there, obviously a minor, and is reeling for the rest of the video until they all run. That asshole should be in jail for that.

  10. This poor man, innocently assaulting teens. Then all of the sudden, consequences? WTF is this world coming to?

  11. Cops / Security are silent while he takes 3 swings at minors but the second they defend themselves security is on it.

  12. If it helps, there's no follow up to this vid in all the times it's been reposted so the kids got away.

  13. That's right, everyone help the idiot and justify the actions of said idiot who was committing crimes of attacking probably minors (can't tell).

  14. Everyone does nothing when he hits 3 people. They defend themselfs suddenly everyone is like „stooooop theses kids get him a towel“ …. Let the stupid bully take a nap with this new nose man

  15. Stupid boomers natural behaviour. „It‘s always them lazy kids fault!“ Guess who raised them without taking any responsibilities

  16. I'm not on the side of the adult. However, his injuries wont just be a hurt nose and a nap. If you get hit hard enough on head that you pass out... you talking about some serious life long problems.

  17. This is curious. I wonder what proceeded this video, why the crowd all seems to be in striped shirts side.

  18. "Get that boy!" oh, the small child. That a full grown adult just smack to the ground, while you said or did nothing. That kid probably weighs like 30kg. Could have picked him up, moved away from the situation.

  19. I have a feeling hitting someone in the face with a skateboard while they’re already on the floor won’t go down too well in court. He definitely deserved it, but that kid could have just ruined his own life.

  20. I have seen this video before but it did not have the ending which I enjoyed. You could see the guy coming too and the typical are you ok, ya I'm ok. Camera swings away and back, guy looks very not ok and people yelling for towels.

  21. such a clean hit. ultra satisfying. moral of the story, don't fuck with skaters, they are tougher than you think and they carry a weapon.

  22. The way that metal will leave a breach on his head puts a smile on my face, even better considering that big ass slam was by the first attacked kid.

  23. Half a lifetime ago, a local business owner tried to run down a few of my friends with his truck, for skateboarding in his empty lot after business hours. We booked it down the block to a church that was getting let out. None of us kids having cell phones asked the adults if we could use their phone to call the cops, or at the very least our parents.

  24. If it helps, there's no follow up to this vid in all the times it's been reposted so the kids got away.

  25. Who are these people in the crowd? No reaction to assaulting three kids but let’s go round up these kids once they fight back

  26. So the story is that the skaters were trying to grind a rail in or at the mall and a Security guard told them to stop or leave. He called for backup and the "adults" took it upon themselves to step in and help the Security guard.

  27. It's because they are cowards. They didn't intervene at first because they are afraid of the bully, but then they all stand up because they see the bully on the ground and the kids running away.

  28. This is my new favorite video like this. The guy was being an obvious douche, the skaters were sticking up for their friends, and the kid who got punched first comes back to get the ultimate revenge. 10/10

  29. Solid too. Between the tensile strength of the board and aluminum trucks it's basically a like fucking with someone holding a reinforced club.

  30. Fuck those shrill assholes in the penut gallery. Dude assaults kids? Silence. Kids stand up for themselves? AuiAGhhHh oh lawd grab those degenerates.. DO YOU HAVE ANY TOWLES STOP RECORDING REEEEEE

  31. Fuck all those people who stood by as this asshole literally punched 3 kids, then act like he's the victim when he gets a deck to the teeth.

  32. Because he’s a little bitch, so strong when fighting children, so weak when board meets face :(

  33. Here are two articles about the incident, but absolutely no updates. The articles just describing what can be seen in the video and a tiny little bit of background information:

  34. No one cares about bullying until the tables are turned. Then everyone gets in trouble. In my experience teachers wait till a fight happens then expells everyone for fighting. So, instead of looking at the root of the problem they just punish everyone. Happened to me, so I did everything to get even myself without adult help. I slashed tires, broke a forearm, and a couple noses. I have also suffered from cracked ribs and a sore head a couple times. In short the anti bully movement did nothing but make us more violent in private but still bully in public and in front of adults, which did little to stop it.

  35. Hope he has a permanent scar, corresponding bald spot, and most importantly is publicly shamed for wearing that adidas clownsuit

  36. These kids fall down on the asphalt, smash their dicks on guardrails and risk their lives to land a goofy 720 flippy-dipoo noscope manual in the dark and heavy traffic, and travel in packs. They travel on improvised weapons and are more agile than you have ever been in your life.

  37. Exhibit #3727482919 for an example of why you never get into a street fight. The best self defense is to always walk away or deescalate. Too many times you see cheap shots and weapons. Dude got wasted and probably needs his skull reconstructed because he was punching out kids and couldn't control his anger. Dumbass.

  38. I love the look of determination on the fat guy running for the kids after his homeboy got wrecked. Good for the kids.

  39. If you're gonna pick a fight, maybe don't pick a fight with a large group of people who slam themselves against concrete all day for fun, and are armed with wood planks with metal bolted to them...

  40. As a skater this used to happen to us loads of times in high school. Everyone picked on skaters. This was fucking beautiful.

  41. I remember the skaters being seen as less when I was in school. "The Green Day thumping, pot smoking loners", which was ironic, because Green Day was suddenly okay when Good Riddance became a hit and the homecoming song, and the skaters we're in a group of 6, so why tf are you calling them "loners"? Because they're not goggling after you, Mr. and Ms. Popular?

  42. the tall kid was just telling him “he is a minor” and the guy knocked him out, i was afraid he hit his head on the pavement. that guy was picking on kids and deserved to eat board.

  43. No one cared when the dude assaulted 3 kids, everyone jumps in and acts like they give af when he gets hit with a skateboard. Makes sense.

  44. Dude punched a 16 year old in the face and nobody bats an eye, but the moment he gets trucked people act like it’s not self defense… AFTER he hit 2 other people. Annoying the woman tells him to stop filming and help, like gtfo telling someone what to do like that.

  45. No one cares about him swinging on a kid. But all of a sudden they care when the kid fights back... weird.

  46. Violence begets violence. The injury he sustained looks like it had some chance of being disabling or even fatal, but this is the risk that violent people take when instigating a physical altercation

  47. i just don't know why everyone stood around to make sure the dude was okay, what about the kids he hit? where was the energy then? i would've laughed at the guy and gone in for seconds

  48. Idk looks like dude deserved that truck to the skull, I believe this is a case of ‘fuck around and find out’

  49. He deserves every skate board that hit him upside his head. He should’ve kept his fucking hands to himself, lesson learned.

  50. This why you don't fuck with skater punks. They have numbers and skate boards make a decent improvised weapon. That asshole deserved to eat those trucks.

  51. Not really decent for fights but the absolute perfection for beatings, the guy on the floor got no chance to defend himself and gets absolutely knocked out, a scar and a bald spot, simply perfection.

  52. Security did absolutely nothing to help the kids but tried to intervene once the kid got a hit in. What a joke

  53. That's unacceptable. In America we don't hit people with skateboards. The reasonable and patriotic thing for those skater boy would have been to get some decently sized firearm like an AR-15 and shoot the guy in self defense. The ONLY way to stop a bad guy is a good guy with a gun.

  54. Guy just swinging left and right doesn't expect the kids to fight back. Picks up teeth off ground. Lesson learned. Totally deserved it. They tried deescalation repeatedly to an answer of punches in the face. Guy is lucky he didn't get killed for this.

  55. Can we get some towels, fuck those guys smacking kids for skateboarding. Dude got exactly what he deserved

  56. Why are the bystanders acting like the kid is to blame? Like.. didnt they notice the adidas conesuer was the agresor here?

  57. Isn’t that the guy who straight up punched two minors? He can’t really complain too much now can he, lol. Like bro, your drunk ass punches couldn’t even KO a 15 year old, then you get beat up by one of the smallest ones there……. That pride has to be hurtin more than that head wound.

  58. Anytime this is posted I have to watch. Jackass assaulted three kids and paid the price. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  59. He got what he was asking for. I applaud the kids for the patience and trying to keep it as a dialogue. His time ran out.

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