Just another day at Wal-Mart.

  1. Yep, but what do you do? Employees aren't paid to stop shop lifters and are directly told to not physically stop them.

  2. You can’t pay people or incentivize bystanders enough to get bit or cut/stabbed by a crackhead. They will fight you even when they’re dead wrong and caught.

  3. It’s a catch 22. If the shoplifting keep going, prices will raise to account for the lost and worst case the store would just close. Another issue is that it can get so bad that shoplifters would start robbing clients inside the store or vandalizing items/cars park outside or attacking clients and workers just because. Shoplifting is the first step into a slippery slope sadly.

  4. I wish we as a society DIDN'T tolerate this stuff, but for the aforementioned reasons, we do. It's an interesting place of thought, for me.

  5. naa you can just pay more for your items because they are going to pass that cost on to you you got robbed and did not even realize it

  6. Companies like Walmart and Amazon send much more merchandise to landfills and write it off as loss than is ever lost to shoplifters.

  7. Still, that’s some shady behavior to allow to happen in your neighborhood. It leads to deterioration quickly as businesses pull out because they don’t want to operate in a high theft/loss area and people who live close by without reliable transportation suffer.

  8. This level of brazen shoplifting and the videos seems to be a uniquely US occurrence. I’ve seen countless videos of people walking in, not hiding they are stealing and expecting to get away out the front door. What’s the script with this becoming such a trend?

  9. if I worked at Wal-Mart I would put 0% effort into fighting people on behalf of the Walton family staying rich

  10. This seems to be a new trend, I have never seen so many videos like this since covid started.

  11. I work at a gas station and it’s not exactly in the nicest area but so far I haven’t had too many issues with customers. I know there’s shoplifting going on but I generally don’t see it happening.

  12. The script is this. The governor made a law allowing shoplifters able to steal with zero jail time zero consequences as long as the theft is under $1,000. This is 100% due to this evil law upheld by evil politicians.

  13. I keep thinking people are doing this because the cost of living has gotten so high. It’s everywhere in this country, doesn’t matter big city, small town, whatever. The nearest Walmart from Where I live has 24/7 security patrolling the outside and inside, we have more security on site then we do Walmart staff, and I’m not saying it’s ok to steal, but if you’re absolutely desperate I mean considering the crimes Walmart commits daily the least of my concerns is someone taking merchandise from them, however you do have to be really careful because these people don’t just walk in and take merchandise their also going to pickpocket and steal the regular peoples money while their doing their shopping if they can. Just my opinion, but these conglomerates like Walmart aren’t losing profits from theft, the biggest problem is these people stealing from the other working class people at the Walmart, this girl seems strung out on drugs to me, she’s kind of darting around like a squirrel and acting like she’s invisible before she gets confronted, I was kind of laughing at first watching this because she legit looks like she thinks other people can’t see her, so somethings for sure wrong with this girl. Idk if drugs or mental illness or both, but I never feel sorry for corporations.

  14. Certain groups are not held accountable for their actions, because trying to enforce any kind of rule is dismissed as racism, so anyone who has the brains to care also has the brains to just stay away because it’s not worth the social suicide.

  15. Pretty much a fuck it moment. They know they’re gonna get caught, so mine as well commit the crime and get it over with. Sadly a lot is due to addiction. Once you’re in that mindset, you’ll do anything to get high but also these are human beings who need things just like us, so they resort to this. Sad but happens

  16. They don't want workers to try and stop shoplifting because if they get hurt, it'd cost the company more $$$ than just replacing the merchandise.

  17. Google LCBO thefts in Ontario. People been walking in and out with bags full of 100’s or thousands of dollars worth of alcohol.

  18. I can’t speak for all of the US but in my area the penalty for petty crimes has been significantly reduced because there was a push to not ruin peoples lives over things like shoplifting. When they are arrested, they would be granted bail but they could never afford to bail themselves out so without even going to trial, they could spend a year or more in jail just waiting for a court date. It also made the jails/prisons overcrowded. So, knowing that, as long as they steal under a certain amount it has become ‘worth it’ to be brazen.

  19. The reason is because most stores have a policy in place for their LP people. LP is loss prevention, their security peoples. So most places have a policy of "do not try to stop them. They can counter sue us and its just not worth it." In most places, security is just there for show. Just saw an article today actually that highlights this very problem. Here in ABQ, NM, we've had a serial shoplifter who has started carrying, brandishing, and shooting a gun at anyone who tries to stop them. They just got caught after escelating their crimes every time. But this was also the projected outcome back years ago when this policy was first enacted.

  20. It's in the handbook not to. They have "loss prevention" in certain stores, they walk around dressed like a civilian. But otherwise insurance says forget being injured, that cost more, just let them take the product.

  21. Too many slaps on the wrist by the cops, judges, and the district attorney. People would rather video tape for the gram, than call the proper authorities . Some people don't give a shit. Some people are cowards. Lots of reasons honestly. In my opinion its mostly because of them being out on bail so easily to commit more crimes they won't be persecuted for. For some reason we have been pushing a soft on crime approach these past couple years.

  22. Same, is shoplifting legal in America or something? I’ve seen so many videos of people just doing it in broad daylight in front of everyone

  23. The first time my brother's wife from Venezuela ever witnessed a shoplifting incident like this, she was going to Ross and as she gets over to the doors, these women run through the doors with the Ross carts and the anti shoplifting poles on the carts bent in half so they could get them out the door. It happens ALL THE TIME. I was surprised that was the first time she'd seen something like that. That was like after 4 years living in the US.

  24. I saw in a doc that stealing stuff under a certain value (500$) in certain states will no longer be punished with jail. since then... organized stealing

  25. Idk man I saw a lot of very brazen shoplifting working security in the UK. I think it's a bit different, in the US it tends to be stuff to sell afterwards or drugs whereas in the UK it's more often alcohol but it's just as if not more brazen.

  26. I think maybe because during COVID a lot of police started not responding to nonviolent calls to reduce exposure, and people took that as a chance to commit as much petty theft as possible, including organized rings of shoplifting gangs. Couple that with most places being below bare bone staffed and the employees being too tired and underpaid to give a damn led to people realizing so long as they don't get scared and keep on moving they basically get away with anything

  27. You don’t really get in trouble in any way in the major cities across the country for shoplifting

  28. Honestly if these shoplifters were just more casual I wouldn't care. Like "Hey, sorry, I know this is inconvenient for you that I'm stealing but it's Wal-Mart, m'aam, it really doesn't matter. I'm just going to take all this and leave" instead they're always like "fuk u this is my shit I paid for it fuk u"

  29. There was a homeless man who frequented a Starbucks near my work who would come in and take a prepackaged meal and a water and just walk out. He did it so often and everyone just pretended like he wasn’t there and completely ignored him. It was truly a wild thing to experience.

  30. exactly. they dont even need to make a scene. just get what you need like a normal customer, but walk/sprint out the front door.

  31. Call me crazy but what does your pay have to do w doing the right thing. We have seen videos posted here of elderly shoppers intervening in these mass shopliftings. We have seen random shoppers stand up and stop them. Whether you are getting paid or not. Thats like someone paying you to pet sit and they watch the house they are in get ransacked and vandalized, then saying well you didn’t pay me to watch the house, only your dog. This is what society has become. You shouldn’t have to be told or paid to do the right thing. Thats like the moto of every douche behind a camera that records a group of men attacking an elderly woman. There is something seriously wrong w people who think its ok to sit back and do nothing. Those are also the people that are tearing our society to shreds. People like this are the ones that give actual progressives a bad name. These people want anarchy. Its just the other side of the coin when it comes to right wing extremist. This person wasn’t stealing food for them or their child. This has zero to do w Walmart’s wages.

  32. $6 bucks a gallon, everything is up in price, mental hospitals all but a thing if the past, minimum wage laughable. Surprised we dont see even more of this.

  33. The real crime is the wages that Walmart/Sams Club pay its employees. They are encouraged to go on welfare despite the company having more than enough resources to pay its staff a living wage. It’s fucking shameful.

  34. Yup. Why should I worry about people stealing from Walmart? They're going to make billions regardless, and it's not like they can possibly pay their employees any less, so fuck em.

  35. They also pay for your college now and pay pretty decently above minimum wage in a lot of areas. Not saying they are perfect as they are very far from that.

  36. Shoplifting varies by state. In some states placing items in your own bag inside a store is considered shoplifting.

  37. What interests me is the people shopping don't care about the wreckage that is the US's policy on drugs and mental health care, or health care in general.

  38. I finally find a comment like yours that addresses the real root causes for things like this which is poverty, mental health & drug addictions.

  39. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, grocery theft is going to become more and more common with rising inflation and slave wages.

  40. So it seems as if everyone is ok with stealing from a corporation, I kinda get that sentiment, but also don't because it is only going to hurt lower income families that shop there and now share this burden in the form of price hikes. Also, these thieves endanger all of us. They will get more and more brazen in their actions. It's this today, but what tomorrow?

  41. There were always and will always be price hikes, and honestly places like this do more damage to lower income people than shoplifters ever could. Destroying local business and jobs, treating their employees like shit, telling their employees to go on benefits because the pay is so low they qualify, creating food deserts, etc. I don't get how this endangers people either. I used to work at a walmart, we're told not to intervene for a reason, safety. For us and their pockets. The safest scenario is one where people just take their shit and go, not one where it instantly escalates into a fight. We threw out whole dumpsters of food every day anyway, nobody gives a shit. Our crackhead friend here just skipped a step and took it off the shelf instead of out of the bins.

  42. I love how people actually defend this behavior now and find was to make it seem justified like wtf is wrong with some of you.

  43. Fuck this shit needs to stop .. no one should be allowed to steal stuff get a job or put them in prison.. f ing low life

  44. Everyday occurrence in places where laws are not enforced, where criminals have more rights than property owners and where public safety is second to criminal safety. Woke DAs, judges and politicians at your service who swore to enforce laws and the only thing they enforce is collecting theirs salary and benefits while pretending to care for the community.

  45. You'd out of your goddamn mind if you think I'm going waste my time, my life, for a shitty company to stop some stranger that could be carrying who-knows-what disease/virus because of some "goodness" or "tax raise" or some shit.

  46. No one condones stealing, but i see more of these pearl clutching videos on the internet about broke ass fucks stealing deodorant or diapers (maybe to resell) than you see people up in arms about the the ongoing grift by the uber wealthy of the American Treasury. Not that regular poors didn't take advantage of PPP loans, but we literally handed out 4 trillion dollars in 2020 to anyone who had a "business." Ya'll butt about tweaker though.

  47. Well you see when a corporation fails it's our patriotic duty to support them. When a citizen fails it's our patriotic duty to make sure it doesn't cost corporations anything.

  48. Remember if you see someone stealing from a multi-billion dollar corporation that fails to pay its laborers you didn't see anything.

  49. Saw a guy steal a bike, then breeze right past me. He claims he walked in with it. I found the packaging in the toy isle. It was like a 250 dollar loss.

  50. Maybe if they ponied up for actual security instead of making these ladies police the stores it wouldn’t happen so much. Think Walmart could afford that but they chose not too

  51. the cracks are showing, our society is on the decline. Only a matter of time before the cancer that is our culture/society eats itself from the inside.

  52. Stealing is wrong true but these shoplifter folks are just imitating the gigantic thieves that overlord us in corporate boardrooms and the congressmen who are bribed to do their bidding in DC. They have worked overtime to steal our public treasure and then admonish the desperate citizens who are coming to the fuk it stage. How many breaks and insider deals has the Walton family been given funded by our tax dollars?

  53. “What an S our society is becoming” followed by laughter. People like the person filming are the reason. I would guess that most of the people shown in this video voted for someone who decided it was a good idea to cut mental health care funding. You get what you pay for. “The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.” Hubert Humphrey.

  54. Why is this employee harassing a patron to pay for things when they aren’t done shopping? Maybe she planned on stealing sure, but you can’t legally make that accusation until she’s passed the registers in an obvious attempt to leave without paying or has already left. Technically if you wanted to hold items in your pockets instead of carts you could, as long as you pay for them. When I worked retail in high school it was strictly enforced that we do not accuse anyone of theft unless they exit the store.

  55. Agreed….But from what others have commented this person is a known shoplifter. Having worked in retail I know how aggravating it is when people steal from your store. Sure it’s not your stuff they’re stealing but it effects things like store bonuses and store morale. I know it almost feels like an insult to my intelligence when someone thinks they can steal right in front of me and I’m to stupid to notice.

  56. Could a business possibly require that you hand the store security your ID before you shop, and then the ID is returned after you check out? No ID no shopping? (or shoplifting)

  57. Majority of society feels like an lost cause, that`s true. God please bring back the dinosaurs. At least it was fun when they where around + they had no fetish to make ocean as plastic recycling waste place

  58. Everyone should steal from Walmart. We are in a time of worse income inequality than before the French Revolution, and the owners of Walmart, the Waltons, have 212 billion dollars in wealth because they steal from tax payers by paying their employees poverty wages and their employees are forced to rely on government programs to keep them from starving and thereby stealing from the middle class. F*** the Waltons and Walmart

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