Floridian Hillbilly breakup gone wrong

  1. I turned on the sound in the middle and the first thing I heard was this, I instantly knew without listening to anything else, that this would be the top comment. I love Reddit.

  2. This is drunk rob!!! I’ve been watching him for a couple years on YouTube he’s fucking hilarious. Here is a link to his channel:

  3. It was weird hearing her say his first and middle name cause mine is the same. For a second I thought my mom was yelling at me until I heard the last name.

  4. Dude I hated that villain. Not in like a "oooh I hate this villain, he's so cool and mischievous" the way it was with all the other far cry villains. I legit thought he was deplorable and not cool or badass in any way. Maybe it was the whole cult angle since I'm sensitive to it, but damn that game was rough for me.

  5. I'm not gonna lie, and yeah the whole handcuffing/domestic abuse is an issue, but there was something charming about them. Would definitely watch a rom com about these two.

  6. Someone further up said they looked up his name and apparently he was arrested a few years ago for bringing and alligator on a beer run

  7. They will get back together. Or MTV producers will see this for their next reality show, Hillbilly Breakups.

  8. Yeah I remember that time I took a wild animal, duct taped its mouth shut, and my friend stepped on it. LEGEND

  9. As much as I want to make an incest joke, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. She was acting completely out of control, yet he was as gentle as he could be with her. There’s a lot of respect in that.

  10. Taking their life out of context is definitely jarring, but I think despite having a crazy ex try and bite and headbutt him for minutes straight, he handled that as well as he could have…

  11. Dude handled this with a measure of calm and dignity that I somewhat respect, especially while this crazy chick is trying to bite him

  12. This dude has more vitality than most tiktokers 😂 arrested in 2011 for sniper shooting at cars, arrested for drunkenly walking into a gas station with an alligator looking for more beer, now this 😂

  13. Dude honestly dodged a bullet here... but the next family reunion is going to be awkward... Agreed give these two a show on MTV, this is pretty much reality tv gold.

  14. Has the saying "Don't stick your dick in crazy" made it's way down to Florida yet? That lip bite in the beginning was like, yeah man you got me cuffed and I want to fuck... Right now

  15. well, they seem like such a lovely and stable couple! I wish them nothing but happiness and hope their inbred kids aren't too disfigured!

  16. Robbie Jr. was surprisingly sensible and self-controlled when presented with the unfortunate ordeal of uncoupling himself from a blonde pretzel with bad teeth.

  17. What a gentleman omg!!! No way would I have remained so composed in that situation. He’s so much better off without her. Props to you Robbie!!

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