It’s getting scary to be in Oklahoma right now

  1. American houses are made of cardboard - I think it's the bunker business or bust right now. You can even use the name: Bunkers or Bust

  2. he’s probably referring to the Supreme Court justices also vaguely threatening to overturn Lawrence vs Texas, which was a case fighting against same-sex activity being straight up illegal and punishable by jail time and a fine

  3. If you want someone to be the mother of your child all you have to do is rape her, if she can't legally abort it.

  4. Being gay in public has only been safe for maybe 20 years. There’s a lot of rage from the bigots out there. Protect yourself friends

  5. 20 years? id say more like 10 max. these are generational changes that are superficially sped up by social media. it confuses the members of these communities because corporations and echo chambers keep parroting that its ok, and thats how the world works now, when in reality we all know this world is far less accepting

  6. I live in Missouri and took down our pride flag. I feel like a coward, but also realize I am a marginalized demographic. I won’t go back in the closet, but I also won’t make my home a target. Sucks right now…

  7. It’s a horrible thing, but, in Maine we had a young man called homophobic slurs and then he was thrown off of a bridge, he drowned to death. I can’t remember his name but the outcome of that is Maine has become one of the most accepting places for lgbt+. We have about 50 lgbt flags hanging off of our downtown buildings, our crosswalks are painted with the rainbow, our jersey barriers are the trans flag. My town at least, being openly gay is very safe. I hate seeing this shit happen in the rest of the world knowing that it takes a tragedy to make change.

  8. Some folks in certain areas might say it's never been safe, it's still not safe and now getting even less safe over the last 4-6 years

  9. It still isn't completely save. Multiple friends of mine have been threatens or actually beaten up for being gay, or looking that way. And that is in one of the most progressive, gay-friendly cities in the world.

  10. Start planning to fight back. We're not going to be victims. We are NOT locked on this planet with them. They are locked on this planet with US.

  11. I was stationed Oklahoma in 2010. I accidentally cut my foot and went to urgent care, using my military ID to prove I had Tricare. While the nurse was looking at my foot, she went off on "liberals" completely unprompted. I guess she saw I was military and assumed I would just love to hear about how much she hates liberals while she was cutting loose flesh off my foot.

  12. I'm a tall white dude with a mullet. I bartend. I can't tell you how many people think that I'm gonna be on their side when they go on racist rants. No bro. This is Los Angeles. I'm more left than AOC. I'M NOT DOWN

  13. I came here to say something similar to all the people here that are claiming this is fake and nobody would actually do that.

  14. My barber does that up here in Nebraska. Was a pretty chill place when his pops ran it. Got my hair cut there for 30 years. Once his dad passed up went the military stuff, the police stuff and nationalist stuff. Son started talking openly like an ultra conservative. Virus and climate change is fake. Immigrants are hurting us. Hilary is the devil. Bernie and his followers are going to destroy the country. Libs want to take our guns. All the hits.

  15. Some customer at my store went on a rant about Inslee, Liberals, and science changing (it's supposed to lol) because I wouldn't throw away his trash for him

  16. I don’t are what someone identifies as, looks like, dresses like or anything; this was a shitty thing to have happen to them and no one deserves to be treated like that.

  17. Unfortunately, comments like this are all too common during pride month and around minority civil rights rallies. I've had assholes make shitty comments to me several times in LGBTQ rights marches and outside of pride events. It's like these particular people see our existence and hutzpah to celebrate ourselves and demand equality as a personal affront to them, when the reality is we just want to be left alone to live our lives in peace. I grew up in the country, work a blue collar job, and have friends across the political spectrum, including friends who are at the far opposite end of my own political beliefs that I chat with every week. The irony is these people who spread that hate probably have far more interests in common with me, than differences. They've just chosen fear and hate over risk and growth.

  18. Left that shithole state years ago and life has been great since. You know there is tons of racism there and if you don’t go to their church and look like them and believe what they believe then you are wrong. The governor and that gov does not thing to help. Leave if you can.

  19. Tiger King ran for governor and got a significant portion of the vote. I think that says a lot.

  20. What we need is more people that are accepting to move to places like this and outnumber the fucktarda. The only way to begin to defeat stupid is to outnumber them and out vote them in places like this

  21. Agree it used to be a shit hole, but it's getting better. I'm still here and have lived in Cali (love it) and Colorado (love it). Trust me, there are shitty racist people everywhere. I'm not religious or redneck. I'm a surfer who just happens to be from the wrong state. Do I wish I stayed in Cali? Yes. But I'm here and I gotta make the best of it. I honestly haven't had any problems here in the last 10 years at all. It's getting better.

  22. Left 12 years ago. The whole state is full of religious idiots who look like they all came from the woods. It’s 2022 but if you go to Oklahoma you will feel like you stepped into a time machine and went back 100 years.

  23. This is true our governor is part of the problem,and Trump when he was in office fueled hateful horrible ways like this,it's not something that will die off it's only going to get worse as like as their are government officials who supports this way of thinking! Live and let live! Love is love! Kindness and compassion are the only way to empower our nation! Trump and his followers set us back years and even though he's not in office his followers are still pushing his hateful agenda! I live in Oklahoma and I'm ashamed of what we've become! Hate is going to kill alot if people,and this needs to be stopped!

  24. We moved 20 years ago to Arizona and finally landed in California. I miss my family but I could never return to the oppressive Fascism of that region. Visited recently and a tweet came to mind: The American Taliban has arrived, wrapped in a flag, wielding a cross.

  25. Here I am, still trying to figure out wtf is going on with the common sense of Americans. It's 2022, and there is a powerful minority of people who think it's reasonable to restructure society based on their capricious interpretation of a 2000 year old book, because hey, science and deductive reasoning is so overrated.

  26. I thought this was supposed to be some kind of joke until I watched it all the way through to the end. We are all so heartbroken for you - but we stand with you.

  27. At the rate the craziness is ramping up, non-Christian religions will be getting targeted soon. The US is becoming like Nazi Germany.

  28. So there’s a distinction you’ll see politicians on the right do, they ask for religious freedom and add that wording into things instead of freedom of religion. It sounds almost the same so most people assume it is the same. Freedom of religion means you get to pick your religion freely and practice it without government involvement. Religious freedom on the other hand means the religion itself has the freedom which it uses to force its views and requirements without government involvement. Watch for the distinction when they talk, it’s very telling.

  29. I’m the same way! Live and let live. I don’t give a shit if you’re Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist. I am happy you found some meaningful to you, and I will fight for you to practice your faith peacefully.

  30. "What I identify as" is just another way of saying "This is my identity", but because it's an active verb, it makes it sound like a choice. People need to be more aware of optics so bad-faith bigots don't take advantage of it.

  31. I’ll never understand someone’s need to hate someone that’s different from them. All of these hateful people are seriously mentally ill and it’s showing more and more.

  32. This is precisely why the left needs to abandon a lot of the gun restriction concepts and arm themselves instead. That’s what a growing number of us have done.

  33. Im a big lefty with a big ol gun collection. If the fascists ever do start shooting, it wont last long if everyone on our side is standing around hugging each other and crying.

  34. 100% agreed. If the left as a whole stops talking about gun control and becomes trained, law abiding, liberal gun owners, not only will the facists think twice before starting a war, the left will also begin to win a lot more elections and be able to cut the GQP off at the ankles.

  35. 100% this. Yes, it would be beautiful if no one needed to think about carrying a weapon for protection but that is not reality. Reality is that there are some real bastards out there that walk among us. The only thing that keeps them from doing evil things is a law which does nothing if the person accepts the consequences.

  36. Clearly, what we need is for everyone to be on equal ground again. The right won't give up their guns, so I think you're right. We need to either get guns ourselves, or leave this country

  37. As someone who lived in Oklahoma for 30 years, only having moved a year ago, it's insane how many absolute fucking freaks are crawling out of the woodwork over the past year. My entire family is from Oklahoma. In fact I would consider most of my family left or right of center at most. None of which are homophobic or even religious. None of which are pro-life. This makes me sick to my stomach. The normal people there will soon have to stand up to these emboldened religious pieces of shit. There is a silent majority in a lot of these states and it's just disgusting the direction humanity is headed there.

  38. I genuinely thought it was supposed to be shorthand for "Female" then I thought how stupid that would be and looked it up.

  39. I think it's a pronoun but real talk fam is a good pronoun. Yo fam, where my fam at, what are you up to fam, fam relax.

  40. It is scary everywhere in the US right now. Seeing this hurts to the core of my soul. Nobody should be told that, and nobody should have the “right” to say that to another human being.

  41. I don’t think it’s just that someone would say this that makes it so scary today. Six years ago someone saying this would have just been crazy. Still scary, but no one could imagine a scenario where religious fascism lead to slaughter. What makes this so much scarier now is that religious fascism is on the rise and that this unlikely scenario isn’t as unlikely as it should be.

  42. The States is so fucked. I used to look at it so differently. Now I don’t even want to visit it anymore and there are some genuinely incredible cities there. What a fucking shame that the voices of so few are dictating the lives of so many.

  43. These sick fucks are emboldened, but when that precious 2nd amendment is used against them by the peoplethey want to "hunt", they'll be met by the welcoming committee.

  44. Why I teach safety training and basic self defense to transwomen free of charge and if I can swing it I even donate the ammo. I've helped quite a few people over the years. Sadly with roe v wade there now is going to be large amounts of violence towards women.. yes more than normal, and no I'm not saying that's ok... but it's gone frying pan to fire. I'll teach for free, doubt I'll be able to swing the ammo but these violent fascist fucks come at you. Remember if nothing else. Take them to hell with you. Ideally stop then and refuse to be their victim.

  45. i hate oklahoma. i cant believe people can think threatening to kill a person is okay but abortion isn’t. what a joke. i want to leave this place asap

  46. This is what’s happening to America. The country’s done. Gtfo while you can if you wanna live in a country with real rights. Shit’s going to get real, the government won’t do anything, countries will begin putting sanctions on us, the dollar’s value will plummet, the banking system will implode, and then you won’t be able to afford to get out.

  47. I’m not the content creator, but it’s scary to think that if some death camp shit really did start happening in the US, no outside country would or could intervene—America is protected by oceans on both sides and could turn the planet into a cinder ten times over.

  48. How about we normalize leaving other people alone and not bully them just because we don’t agree with them we only have so much time on Earth so why would you waste it going around being angry and make other people sad so what if someone is gay so what if someone is a different colour than you so what if they are trans or whatever they are random people if you don’t like them you don’t have to hang out with them are we really still kids fighting over who gets to play in the sandbox come on man just let people live in peace everyone just wants to be happy so why can’t we just atleast leave each other alone if we can’t get along it makes me so sad to every day see or hear about people getting killed or beaten or bullied just because they were “different” why just…fucking why man

  49. I love how all of these extreme right wings think everyone left wing hates guns chuckles with 1911 in holster

  50. It's so dystopian that we're devolving in to this wild west scenario where we all need guns to defend ourselves from one another. We should form a government or something.

  51. Sending big hugs to all of my fellow LGBTQ+ people. I’m bi and I have two trans family members. I can’t believe how monstrous some people can be to other people. Love you all ♥️🖤💚💛🧡💙💜🤍🤎💗.

  52. That is felony threatening and she should immediately call the police and then call the FBI next to make sure the police action it because it's also a Federal hate crime.

  53. Just saying, but no sane human being says that sort of stuff. I don’t think this is a case of “religious fascism” or “classic republicans,” but more an example of how some humans are unapologetically rotten to the core.

  54. The rhetoric comes from somewhere though. Obviously you have to be unhinged to do something like that. But the ideas that political and religious movements put out into the world can definitely affect people’s thoughts and drive them towards or away from certain actions.

  55. Oh yes, the perfectly reasonable, sane man can’t wait until he is legally allowed to hunt down other humans. Even as a joke or meaningless threat, what kind of idiotic, piece of shit of a person says that to someone else, especially to a stranger they don’t know for any reason?

  56. OK people, any advice on self defense and gun training? I haven’t wanted to have one bc I have young kids, but have had several scares recently that make me want to be proficient to protect my family when the time comes. Any recommendations?

  57. I’ve been a straight white Christian male my whole life and I can confirm these people exist. And they are open about it around what they believe to be “like minded” company.

  58. i gotta say as a brit, i don’t like the gun laws in the US at all, but since they’re not going anywhere, or until they do, minorities and the at risk portion of the population should arm themselves to the teeth. beat the fucking nutcases at their own game.

  59. Clarence Thomas made it clear in his opinion in Dobbs that Obergefell v. Hodges (which legalized gay marriage) and Lawrence v. Kansas (which invalidated anti-sodomy laws) are next on the chopping block. Overturning the latter would make it illegal to be gay (many states still have such laws on the books even if presently unenforceable), and Texas’s AG has already expressed interest in challenging Lawrence in the Supreme Court. Oklahoma already passed one of those “bounty hunting” laws for abortions.

  60. Looking through these comments most seem to be about the poster and not the hateful cunt that wants to be legally able to hunt another human being. What is wrong with you?

  61. America is dying. Christofascism will take over. Everything we have been working towards for equality, inclusion, and decency is crumbling. Peace was never an option.

  62. Right Wing Christian beliefs should be considered a form of psychosis. They are unwell and and are now making the progressives look like constitutional originalists.

  63. Murder is illegal, pretty sure you dont have to worry about murder becoming not illegal. Bullies suck, but gonna need to have some thicker skin to get by as trans in a place like OK; you gave that scumbag the reaction he was hoping for.

  64. Does it matter? That person wants it to be so. That shows the only thing stopping him from murdering people is he technically isn't allowed to do so. But I'm sure this dude would vote for someone that promised to make it legal. That shirts scary.

  65. Move the fuck out! We moved out of Oklahoma to Colorado 5 years ago almost. I’ve been in Oklahoma off and on over this past year and it’s dreadful, and going nowhere in society. Please please everyone move out of these shitty places!

  66. The best argument for owning firearms is to protect ourselves from the police and far right militias. There are nazis and crazy people fully armed who want to commit genocide against minorities, LGBT, and left leaning people.

  67. There is practically no way this is the only thing to recently happen to this person. A reaction like that is a result of multiple shitty situations piling up on someone. America is getting full on hatred and it’s not sustainable

  68. Move north. Canada will welcome you with open arms if you need to get away. In our country, you have the right to choose your sexual orientation and express it as free as you want. Not only that, but as a female, you have the final say when it comes to your body and your health. Here, you have the legal right to get an abortion, without fear of protest or harm by your choice. You don't even need to be a legal citizen of our country to use our services. Canada's Prime Minister made it crystal clear the day Roe vs. Wade was repealed - We strongly disagree with the opinion of the U.S. government. Our nation is saddened and disgusted with their actions. We will welcome anyone who needs our help. We will treat you with the respect you deserve.

  69. As much as i disagree with trans movements and what not i still acknowledge that theyre people. Its shitty that happned, hope they went and had a better day somewhere else

  70. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess she’s upset about being accosted and threatened with death by a complete stranger for how she looks, at a time when a Supreme Court justice openly announced his intent to try and overturn a decision that would make anti-sodomy laws enforceable again (effectively making it illegal to be gay in every state which still has those laws on their books).

  71. People in the LGBTQ community such as herself. Clarence Thomas made it clear in his Dobbs opinion that they’re coming for Griswold, Obergefell, and Lawrence, which legalized contraception, legalized gay marraige, and invalidated anti-sodomy laws respectively. The last one, if overturned, would effectively make being gay an arrestable offense in any state which still has its anti-sodomy laws on the books, and given that Oklahoma and others have turned to citizen “bounty hunters” to enforce anti-abortion laws…

  72. Don’t take it personally, that shitwhistle just said that because it is the only way he’d ever be able to eat a woman

  73. If your views make other feel like they’re less of a human then your views are shit and it’s you that are less of a human.

  74. Im old(ish), i dont get it. Im not used to the whole alphabet thing and gender stuff but why are people so fucking concerned with another person who has no effect on your life. No one has ever tried to convert me to gay, trans, him, her she, they, thing, it, alien, furniture, furry, or whatever. If they did I would politely tell them I like pussy and if they no longer wanted to speak to me I would go back about my day. Why do people get so bent out of shape over someone elses beliefs?

  75. Last week I was comming home from work and got approached by two men dressed hesd to toe in all black (this is 11p.lm at Night) and they pulled out two of those semi automatic water bb orbiz guns and just started to fire on me until I was able to get into my apartment to call the cops.

  76. Mentioned a pride celebration at work and a colleague went on about how she doesn't know why it's still going on and should stop now as everyone's fine with gay people now right? Yeah sure.

  77. What the heck does legally hunt her down mean? Like that’s the most insane shit I’ve ever heard. That guy should be sent away

  78. The guy is obviously a jerk for saying that to anyone, but this neo pronoun shit is getting out of hand. It defeats the purpose of being trans and hurts the cause.

  79. History and the world has your back. You are the Rosa Parks of 2022. Except you have the conscience of the planet at your fingertips.

  80. Take license plate and call police. He just wants to kill people in general and is a psychopath. Needs to be on a watch list

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