Landlord threatening student leasing room.

  1. This is enough evidence for this guys guns to be taken away. What an irresponsible asshole. If you’re going to own a gun have some responsibility.

  2. Yup, take this video to the cops and ask for assistance when you are moving out. Don’t spend another night there. I don’t know what’s wrong with this fucker but if he’s like this if you go to the kitchen then I’d be even more afraid if your moving out and not paying rent for the remainder of the month.

  3. Yeah he needs to show this to the police and hopefully his uni has legal council available bc he needs to sue for the money he’s paid

  4. Fucking power tripper, people like this are so pathetic and take up precious space on this earth getting off on joking with people's lives, trapping people like dogs just so they can watch them squirm no wonder people have a problem with boomers I've seen this shit more with them than any of the generations.

  5. Rented from a guy that could have been this guys brother. Made it a month and a half before I needed to move out. Pointed a loaded gun at me, used to get so drunk he couldn’t stand and would just lay on the floor yelling, I once asked if there was a key to my room and he said “Why? You don’t want me to rape you?”. Sheldon Homa if you are out there I hope you never rent again.

  6. At the least he is certainly menacing with a gun. Even though we don't know what state, it is generally a felony in most all states. He needs to take this to law enforcement, AND find a better place to live.

  7. So this happened near my school, the police did get involved but stated that no direct threat was made so they couldn't do anything. I informed the person in the video that maybe they should reach out to both the news and possibly school administration to warn other students.

  8. Any reasonable person would take this as a threat to their lives. Sure, he didn't say "I'm gonna shoot you off you go to the kitchen, " but he didn't say "I'm not gonna shoot you unless your attack me. He said figure it out, meaning that he may very well shoot, and any reasonable person would feel threatened. I suggest the renter press charges.

  9. Condolences pal, that’s an awful experience and my heart goes out to you. If I may humbly off some advice: Move Out. Any landlord comfortable enough to bring out a handgun (specifically designed for killing people) to establish dominance, respect or rules will inevitably use it to enforce them. As a victim of gun violence, I can personally attest to this level of brandishing empowering a person to do you harm. I hope & pray for your safety & continued education. Good luck friend, and be wary.

  10. He still may be able to sue the landlord, depending on the state. Tell him to contact a lawyer. Dude has a house, so he has money, so he can be sued. Fuck 'em.

  11. Probably not false imprisonment, in my opinion, as it's likely that he wouldn't be restricted from leaving the house. Seems like the nutjob shitbird landlord is just not letting the dude go to the kitchen.

  12. Holy shit, being from TX and thinking there was a crime here I did some digging and the way the law is worded since he didn't POINT the gun and made no direct or clear indirect threats at the guy and is presumably on his own property, there isn't a crime here. For arguments sake lets say the guy filming owned the home or this occurred in public then we would at least have a crime of brandishing.

  13. I wonder if they could get him for false imprisonment. I mean the guy said that it was his choice to go to the kitchen but he was trying to intimidate. That sandwich just ain't worth the lead man.

  14. As far as I know, brandishing a firearm is illegal and does not require pointing it anyone, nor making specific threats. This dude is brandishing

  15. This vid will get back to the student's home country and go viral there. Maybe will receive help from the school after a few calls from [country of origin] embassy.

  16. There are many landlords who purposely rent to foreign students because they can get away with…wait for it…murder.

  17. Since the landlord was "just trying to show it" to him, he should've had no problem handing it over to the student so he could take a closer look.

  18. He knows he’s threatening him with a gun. And he thinks as long as he doesn’t explicitly say the words “I will shoot you”, that he’s legally in the clear.

  19. This is a total brandish. He needs to have them all taken away, and given to the student immediately. I hope the cops get involved.

  20. Police got involved and said that no direct threat was made and they didn't pursue further. This guy is gonna get killed and it's gonna be on the cops hands.

  21. Another example of a guy who has no business owning or even being allowed to handle a firearm. Small small man indeed.

  22. This dude was way too calm talking to a drunk holding a gun. I would say whatever I thought he’d want to hear, and immediately get out asap

  23. This guy's name and address CRAVE being put on the internet ... (I ment to be shamed ...and it worked

  24. I'm gonna leave this up to the guy in the video. Dont know if he is still in the house. Could be a dangerous to let public know. Who knows how the landlord would react.

  25. I have received the full video and additional videos. This is much worse than I originally thought.... I won't post these until the investigation continues. The racism experienced by this student is shameful and I'm shocked by what I've heard. I will make additional updates as more is known.

  26. As a gun owner, I'm saying take that dude's guns away and bar him from ever owning anything bigger than a pump action air rifle.

  27. He didn’t even have to say anything. Blocking the stairs while holding your gun is already considered brandishing a weapon. Pretty much telling the kid “find out what happens if you go to the kitchen while I’m holding this” is most definitely a threat. This guy could and should get in some big trouble for this.

  28. I got the vibe that this guy was probably really cool at the first meeting and this poor kid probably thought "ok cool I'm gonna be covered this semester" then once the kid moved in and didn't have an easy way out the real person came out. I hope the guy faces some backlash over this and moreso hope the kid gets somewhere safer.

  29. That landlord is a drunk stark raving mad lunatic that used to get his ass kicked in high school.. 😳🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  30. Man is very clearly not healthy enough to be in society needs to be locked away in a mental institution or jail for the safety of the public

  31. Go figure, Texas police don’t see any problem with a drunk middle aged white guy indirectly verbally and directly physically threatening someone who doesn’t speak perfect English as a crime. Fuck these pigs WE DONT NEED THEM

  32. That man I'd drunk, and on a power trip, and a racist! This student needs to take this video to the police, university and teacher to gain assistance in getting a new place to live ASAP!

  33. He was heavily insinuating he would use the firearm if the tenant went to the kitchen. Can’t insinuation of the usage of lethal force be considered intent to commit murder? What’s the legal name for that? Come on lawers of Reddit, don’t let us down.

  34. The landlord Phillip young has been Arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A new post with additional footage will be shared later!

  35. He sounds like when they used to have drunk characters on cartoons when I was a kid. All he's missing is the hick ups when he speaks.

  36. OP! You can have him evicted from his home if you have a lease for the residence! You have every right to be there same as him, and if he threatens a weapon it’s a domestic disturbance! I wouldn’t throw a man out of his house if he’s already threatening you with a gun, but just know that is your right!

  37. Idiots like this should be stripped off of their gun license. ASAP. I hope the boy is okay. He should definitely press charges against this man.

  38. My dude is on drugs, Pedro needs to figure it out by calling the cops and asking for an escort out. Take the guy to court for whatever rent or security deposit was retained by the landlord.

  39. This is a wingnut that has no business with a firearm. Nobody should know you have a have put a round or 2 in them period . This is an ass trying to flex I'd go to court with the video and get TRO against his ass and HE'D have to relocate

  40. If this is indeed Denton Texas, then I know exactly who this mf is he’s a client at our bank and a total POS to deal with.

  41. He’s slurring his speech. Obviously under the influence. That in combination with being armed breaks a law right there. What more proof is necessary to arrest on the spot? I live in this city, and the PD has posted this is ‘under investigation.’ Wth is under investigation here? Don’t need the tenant to press charges (according to them they declined to) to prosecute in a situation like this. Although I believe landlords definitely have some rights, this doesn’t apply. He’s dangerous.

  42. People only act like this when they think they are not being watched thank god this was video taped because people go through this all the time without any consequences

  43. This guy is thick as pig shite, listen how dense he sounds and he rents houses and can carry a weapon mental country

  44. Odds are that drunk Texas asswipe landlord will someday make the mistake of fucking around and finding out with this type of behavior.

  45. A lot of states roommates are domestic partners in the eyes of the court. This would make it domestic assault which means you can't legally own firearms.

  46. Jesus Christ. This looks like the setup to some college thriller. Find another place bro, the owners not fucking around

  47. These "Mom & Pop" landlords make me sick. They're such a mixed bag of nuts you'll never know what to expect.

  48. Rumor has it. The student is the new owner of the house. Grandpa is in jail sobering up. The student is having a huge party this weekend.

  49. Go to the police now. This man is crazy my dude. Ur life is literally in danger. Don't temp this situation. Hey ur self out now. Jesuse holy shit. Dude get out now

  50. Since he lives in Texas and not somewhere with a respectable police force or any regard for human rights, someone should contact the landlord’s employer if he has one. I certainly wouldn’t want a violent drunk and likely future murderer working with me.

  51. I really can’t wait for the follow up to this. Whoever took this video needs to get a lawyer and sue the fuck out of that Pd

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