Attack on Gustav Klimt's "Death and Life" painting with black liquid at the Leopold Museum in Vienna.

  1. If you look closely you’ll see four metal posts projecting from the wall. Those are holders for a barely visible piece of plexiglas. They can be securely attached to the wall and have an end cap that screws in to hold the plexi. They’re tricky to install so they don’t droop, though museums these days often have a layer of plywood under the drywall that makes everything easier. In the old days paintings in galleries were hung by wire attached to hooks that hung from a piece of moulding that ran along the top of the wall. Knock around the storage area of any old museum you’ll find a box full of these brass hooks from which masterpieces once hung. One advantage is they allow plenty of ventilation around the painting. Putting glass in a frame can create a “micro-climate” environment that needs to be carefully monitored to prevent moisture to build up. Oil painting usually have a durable, removable protective varnish that isolates the artist work from damage (fly specs are probably a bigger problem than activists, conservators likely spend a lot of more time cleaning off fly specs than anything).

  2. At this point I’m hoping that one of these art galleries wait for the glue to set, turn off the lights and locks them inside; then show up a few days later with cameras and reporters to find them sitting in their own shit.

  3. Most if not all are its just to try to get peoples attention, not to vandalize. It being discussed and spread is the point.

  4. They're heavily coated in a protective layer. To my knowledge none of these paintings have sustained damage in attacks.

  5. Yes. Which is why people need to stop sharing these stupid videos. They do nothing to actually draw attention to any meaningful climate change issues, they are just misguided attention whores.

  6. I believe they are specifically targeting protected paintings, they aren't trying to be destructive of art, they're trying to be heard, and apparently vandalizing the companies responsible doesn't get reported on.

  7. Yes of course. Stop oil themselves stated theyd never target art that wasnt 100% protected they have no desire to actually damage art for real. It's just a statement.

  8. I don’t think it was… I visited just yesterday and do not remember a oder of glass. I took close up pictures of the painting to admire the great texture of paint….

  9. In my opinion, I feel like every painting on display should be a copy of the original and the original be safely stored somewhere

  10. The real cost here is that beautiful floor. Just ruining products made from precious trees and the amount of energy and time it took to put it there.

  11. You’re in luck, Gustav Klimt in this post is a terrific artist and some of his greatest works are the series of Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence once painted on the ceiling of University of Vienna’s great hall

  12. What is funny is you could a learn about architecture too, but people don't share when they attack building owned by oil companies. I wonder why.

  13. "we have known the problem for 50 years, we finally need to act. The planet is dying." -guy in black

  14. Actually I saw a video today where they threw paint at an oil company's office building. Do you think people in the comments supported it then? Nope. Just a bunch of people desperately trying to talk about anything other than their point. It's so frustrating, at this point I feel like we deserve what's coming.

  15. Aah, reddit. Yes, they already did, noone gave a fuck, while I see every single piece of art here on reddit and on worldwide news

  16. If they attack the oil execs, they get arrested and you never hear of it. They do this, you get mad for some reason, but people learn about their cause. Not saying this is right, but at the same time mega corporations are doing practically the same thing as these guys but to your clean water, air, food, and no one seems to care.

  17. I think the point is more to upset the public with something beautiful being destroyed. Similar to what the oil companies are doing to the ecosystem. This way they get the publicity they wouldn’t get if they just sprayed down their corporate headquarters

  18. People have been trying for decades to get people to talk about the coming climate disaster. People have tried things that the majority of people think is an “acceptable” way to protest climate change. Nothing has changed. As we get closer to irreparable damage to our environment, i am of the opinion that literally any way we can get people to talk about climate change is an acceptable form of climate protest. We are talking about the end of our civilization as we know it. Millions dead, possibly billions dead. Again, this is the end of the world, without exaggeration. What else are people supposed to do? Just sit by and let it happen? They throw paint on art (that’s behind protective glass) and people say “well I agree with their message, but they should try to find another way to say it”. Like what? What should they try that hasn’t already been tried? A huge percentage of the world is going to die, and these people are trying to just get people to talk about it.

  19. Because anyone would care if they threw some oil on the Exxon headquarters? This gets people talking and it doesn’t damage the paintings.

  20. They did, in the video where some of the paint got on the protestors dress, and yet the comment section was still filled with people mocking her…. Huge surprise.

  21. Right? Let's inconvenience other people like me, not the rich fuckers who actually have any say in the matter.

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if this was a campaign by oil companies to discredit activism. They’ve been doing a damn good job of it.

  23. Yeah what’s wrong with these morons? I totally support the core of the issues they’re trying to protest. But this is just dumb.

  24. Today is a regional holiday in Vienna and OMV (an oil company) sponsors the museum in the video to be open for free on that day. If you enter a raffle, you can even win vouchers for gas! :-)

  25. The point is to show that people care more about some old paintings than they do about the environment. And they've sadly proven that to be true.

  26. It's not about dead mans art, it's about expensive art. If expensive art gets damaged, everybody cries and the news tell about it.

  27. The point they are trying to make is that when they "destroy" something beautiful and precious like a painting, everyone is appalled. Disgusted. They want to stop it. The same thing is happening to our beautiful, precious planet and no one is doing anything about it.

  28. Well art as a commodity of insane value is a result of concentration of wealth to the 1%, they spend their money on art instead of doing something positive in charitable. I know some rich people who own painting and just rent them out to museums, probably like this painting.

  29. They probably wore something over the shirts, like a sweater. Otherwise, yeah, they probably would’ve kept a closer eye on them, if not bar them from entering.

  30. The fact that this comment has 100 upvotes tells you everything you need to know about the people that comment in this thread lmao

  31. Wynn Alan Bruce. Don’t recognize that name? It’s ok most people probably don’t. A few short months ago he went to the plaza in front of the Supreme Court and in an attempt to bring attention to climate change, literally lit himself on fire. A few short months later, nobody even recognizes the name/remembers this happening. 6 months from now you’re definitely gonna remember the Van Gogh soup thing.. The POINT is PUBLICITY. Best ROI for less than $50, no lasting property damage, no loss of life..

  32. I was going to drive my car today, but after seeing this I now realize how bad fossil fuels are, so I’ll just ride my bicycle.

  33. They aren’t doing this to change your mind about your own actions, they are doing this to get people to side against big oil executives that are lobbying against more public/alternative transportation and energy

  34. Love the sea of comments missing the point. This movement needs to be more verbal with their stuff or people are just gonna continue going "uHh oiL PAinT HelLo?" And not understand that we are closely approaching if not past the environmental tipping point with fossil fuel/coal/co2 based emissions in this world, combined with deforestation and just mass pollution and waste due to the entire system of consumerism we center around gas cars, oil based products, and waste economy.

  35. They’re not defaming the paintings. They’re not attacking the artists or trying to harm the paintings in any way. They KNOW the paintings are protected by glass and that no damage will occur. It’s literally just about getting the convo started

  36. People don’t remember the guy who burned himself alive to protest climate change. People will remember these cooky protests. How much did it cost them? $10 for a can of paint? Keep it up just stop oil!

  37. honestly, at this point, if you dont put priceless works of art behind a protective barrier of glass or plastic or what have you, you're to blame

  38. I know their act it's heart breaking and non effective but a conscious mind is desperate about climate change and the state of the planet. We're really killing ourselves.

  39. There seems to be a rise in these extreme examples of activist protests. Lots of ppl commenting on how this can hurt the cause because it's distasteful while others say it raises awareness.

  40. This is not extreme by any standard, if you wanna know extreme, go see what was necessary for them to do in the years after we discovered the hole in the ozone layer

  41. If you think this is „radical“ I think it will be a rough awakening in a few years for you with the climate collapse getting more severe, the political system still unable or unwilling to do anything and the rich still lining their pockets while the world burns around them. This is a joke considering the circumstances that we face.

  42. Nah I'm calling bullshit. People said this same crap about protests in the civil rights era too. Even the most extreme groups during that time like the Black Panthers were able to make great impacts on their communities that are still remembered today. The fact so many redditors find this to be too extreme of a form of protest while our entire planet is being fucked so a few people can profit is honestly appalling.

  43. Genuine paintings are rarely on display even the ones under glass. The real paintings are in a secure climate controlled warehouse stored in low light conditions. Sorry to bust ya bubble people.

  44. This is like an urban legend at this point. There is not like an underground industry of artists supplying exact copies of art pieces to museums at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.

  45. So I haven’t read much about this … but anyone know the purpose of trying to damage painting and the connection with the environment? As well as having traffic stopped (idling, bad for the environment).

  46. They’re not trying to damage the painting, they’re trying to get attention to climate change. They know the paintings are behind glass, that’s why they do it.

  47. The question they are posing is; Why are people more outraged over a beautiful painting appearing to be destroyed (they aren't being destroyed) than they are about our beautiful world being destroyed?

  48. Nope, these people make the cause look like it’s backed by a bunch of idiots and loons. You won’t convince people who aren’t already on your side with this crap. Stop it.

  49. Suffragists in England went around destroying works of art in protest for their right to vote. I don't see how this is any different

  50. Honestly the comments about these stunts on social media make me way angrier than the actions themselves. I've read people asking for laws that allow you to punch demonstrators, as if these actions weren't caused by desperation about the climate

  51. how can you attack a painting. it’s not a living thing and compared to our planet literally burning it doesn’t matter.

  52. It's a common protesting tool used to gain attention (and it's clearly worked). The suffragettes employed the same tactic.

  53. Thank you. These all are just kids expressing their frustration, but as useless as it looks for the issues the're addressing, i can't help but feel bad for them beacuse of all the hate the're getting.

  54. Fucking thank you. I strongly believe that most people upset about the painting have never in their life ever given a shit about art, but now they suddenly do because "haha look at the stupid eco-maniacs".

  55. Why aren’t they pouring oil in places that make sense. Why art. How about an oil executives house. Idiots.

  56. A man set himself on fire in front of the supreme court and nobody cared. For some reason these old ass pieces of paper get everybody fired up as shit.

  57. An oil exec is a single person. You could kill them and the company would replace them within the hour. Oil customers and investors are the targets. Who has the most flexibility to divest from oil? Rich people. Where do they hang out? Art galleries (among other places).

  58. Keep splashing paint! These acts will be remembered in the history books, unlike climate protesters that burn themselves alive outside of important buildings.. Maybe when Florida is underwater and half the Midwest has to migrate north to escape wet bulb heat people will think back on these protests and say “I get it now”

  59. Oil and the assholes that run those industries are destroying our world. These acts are but small symbols (and actually non-damaging to the art work) of what oil does to all of us.

  60. whether there is a protective glass layer or not at this point if museums are not protecting the art with everything going on then they're basically letting this happen.

  61. I used to get mad at this kind of vandalism, like the Van Gogh paintings a while back, but my perception changed when I remembered that one guy who self-immolated in front of the Supreme Court earlier this year. I didn't care then when it happened, or rather my innate first reaction to seeing this kind of vandalism was greater than a guy killing himself for the same message.

  62. What I don’t understand is what the fuck are the guards and the employees doing in those situation. When I go to a museum I can’t even breathe too closely to a piece without being yelled at but SOMEHOW these people are getting close enough to vandalise it??? For real, where the fucking hell are the employees of these museums???

  63. Debtor's Prison. Assess the millions of dollars of damages they just did, then let them work it off at prison labor wages. Hey, maybe Rumplestitlskin will avoid a life sentence... that's about it. And it cannot be considered unreasonable punishment as the retributive labor fits the cost of the bill.

  64. There are few prisons, outside of Iran, Russia, or N. Korea that would be harsh enough for these assholes.

  65. Protests where you block traffic or just act like cunts. Does not help your cause. In face it just makes everyone hate you and be against you. How is that hard to understand? The well we're bringing attention line is nonsense.

  66. These people are scumbag idiots. What the fuck good is it to preserve the world if you go around destroying the reasons you want to preserve it?

  67. So I know that western artifact museums are evil and many art museums are not exactly winning the ethical race either. I am also aware that at least one of these "environmental protestor groups" have been discovered to be funded by big oil and is probably a psy op to discredit the movement. But why paintings that have nothing to do with anything?

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