Look at all these cute lil faces

  1. Yeah, I bet there will be people who will comment that as long as they’re all being looked after, well fed, their environment is clean, and so on, it’s ok. But hundreds? There’s no way you could possibly give all of them the most rewarding life each one individually deserves. They may as well be wild at this point, as none of them would be well-tamed or acclimated to being handled as pets as you simply wouldn’t have time to interact with each one regularly. This is just a head-shaker.

  2. Cmon, we’ve all been there. You go to adopt one animal, then they have a bother/sister and you CANT seperate them… then they have parents… and cousins… and step siblings… and one has a cute lil ear…

  3. You know when they say “don’t think of a pink elephant” and you think of one. Yeah, now I’m thinking about rat dung. I’d like that space in my brain back thank you, i need it for other things 😂

  4. Now I have this funny image in my brain of a photo of all these r. Norvegicus, hundreds of them posing for a photo and in the middle is an r. Rattus just hangin’ out all like, “Oh, me? I’m just here for the free cup of tea and a biscuit” 😂

  5. Approximating to 10 in a litter, half females, 100% survival rate, 22 days gestation, 2 days before fertility returns, 50 days to maturity: on day 147 the population jumps from 272 to 372 when another set of grandchildren is born

  6. I think a lot of people on here will disagree, but the funny thing about this sub is I doubt many people will judge you for this. Pretty sure we’re all rat people here. Part of me know the logistics of caring for 300 rats, but another part secretly thinks how lovely it would be to be surrounded by that many, even for an hour or so 😂 oh, the chaos lol

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