Does Renora fall into that cliche where characters break up only to get back together in a sequel or later season?

  1. "I've been bugging you about this for the last three seasons, and hinting even longer; but now that I have you, I'm suddenly unsure of my identity without you." - Nora, one of the flakiest humans in Remnant history and absolutely someone to avoid a relationship with.

  2. I will point out that Nora kissed Ren without his consent, and at a moment of great emotional turmoil, and later on being surprised at how the kiss didn't magically fix his bad attitude.

  3. Yes. Whether it was official or not, they had a healthy relationship that was broken up solely for the drama and then to get them back together.

  4. It totally falls Into that cliche. Which brings up the Question why focus on that Romance when they cant even develope the Romance between two Main Characters at least halfway decent

  5. Far as I can tell, it's exactly that. From what I remember, Nora's entire being is defined by Ren, so she doesn't want to be dating him specifically to figure out who she is without him. Basically, she realized her attachment was unhealthy, and is putting the relationship on hold until it can be more proper. Even if it was the most well done ship of the show thus far.

  6. I think it be best if they broke up and never got back together because she was a insufferable dog and being to preachy that a Christian preaching looks like a angle

  7. Eh... considering my only experience is Starco and Bubbline, both of which actually broke up then got back together, and that one pair in Friends that I can't remember, depends on how you look at "taking a break". Ren and Nora were kinda just attached at the hip so taking some time apart to develop Nora but still ultimately being together is fine. They aren't trying to see other people but get their shit together.

  8. Pretty funny that you call that a breakup even though they both said they loved each other. Nora just needs time figuring out who she is without Ren, erasing the unhealthy attachment she had to him.

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