180G Custom using Amazon clip on light filters, well worth the money!

  1. I didn't have the tank custom made myself. I found it at a thrift store for an unbelievable price. I was looking for something unique and this kinda fell into my lap and it was too perfect to pass up. I paid 91% under what retail is for the aquarium from the manufacturer. And it had never had a drip of water in it before I bought it 😁

  2. i love this! i’d never have to confidence in myself to start a reef tank, i’ll stick to freshwater aquascaping 🥲

  3. Is cleaning the acrylic panels as much of a pain as it looks like it is? I have an elongated hex tank and having so many panels to clean is the only downside.

  4. It's not too bad, I have a magnet cleaner that fits right in the grooves...if anything is being stubborn, I bust out the melamine foam.

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