First Gun - Rock Island Armory M206

  1. I’ve heard this is a really good affordable classic look revolver. Thinking of getting one myself for right price. Do you mind me asking how much it was and if you ordered online or brick and mortar store?

  2. I got it from a local store for $270. This did have a slight defect when I got it. The gun would not let me lock the cylinder in place. As a first time gun owner, I thought it was an easy fix. There were also a few scuffs on the finish. It won't win any beauty contest but for the price, I can't complain.

  3. Hi. Not OP but figured I would respond. Battlehawk armory has them in stock for around $240. There’s also a spurless version for a bit more.

  4. Honest outlaw just reviewed this. Tfb call it the best revolver for the price I've had one for about 4 years. Good beater and first revolver. You can figure out if they are for you.

  5. Idk I just got a Taurus 856 cheaper than I could ever find this ria. I'm hitting the range with it tomorrow and will try to remember to let you know how it goes.

  6. Mine came with wood and plastic grips (plastic don’t even fit).. did you buy rubber grips or yours came with it? Some decent grips would make this a nice little gun, but the shitty grips is my main complaint about it.

  7. Love mine, I carry it with me as a “coup de grâce” when deer hunting. My action was stiff when I got it but after about 100 dryfires (I used snap caps) it really smoothed out.

  8. I was actually looking at those in case I couldn't fix the release issue. Where do see it being $100 less? I got this for $270 and all the 856s are in the $320s.

  9. Big difference. The wood don't do you any favors. They make carrying easier but it's so heavy you are belt carrying anyhow so the bigger grip is where it's at. Gun points better with them as well.

  10. I haven't fired the gun yet but the bigger plastic grip is more comfortable on my hands. I was going to see if hockey tape with the wood grip would improve comfort since I like the smaller profile for conceal carry.

  11. Wood grips are aesthetic af, but not that comfortable to shoot with, (too small, hard to get a solid grip purchase, more felt recoil)

  12. I got some talon grip material and put those on my plastic grips. Makes a world of a difference. So much more comfortable now and didn't have to go through all the bs trying to get other grips to fit.

  13. Looks like a third edition Colt Detective Special. I like the Parkerized finish. Another gun added to the list.

  14. That's what it's patterned off of, but it's considerably larger in size imo. I've had a second and a third edition, the M206 is big lol

  15. I've always loved the look of this revolver, I've also heard good things given the price point. probably going to be my first wheel gun pick up

  16. I have one of these and love it! Picked it up used online for $170 about a month ago. Mine only came with the wood grips. I know larger hands have an issue with the slim profile wood handle but I haven’t noticed any glaring issues. My medium sized baby hands have enough feel confident while shooting. I’d still like to try larger grips to see the difference but so far I appreciate the slim grip

  17. I'm strongly considering picking up a couple of these for fun and maybe a tackle box gun. I'm an avid revolver person, and the honest reviews that I've seen on YouTube from reputable channels indicate that they're good bang for your buck (no pun intended)

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