low sided on Jackie Robinson on first day.

  1. Bike was not insured. I bought it from a private seller literally moments before. Bike is fine though. The left handlebars bent, so I just need a new left handlebar, who scratches on the left fairings. The shift lever is bent but it's working. I will change up with an OEM one.

  2. You rode a motorcycle you've never ridden before onto a highway that you've also never been on before, without insurance?

  3. You have to learn to countersteer my friend. But now is not the time to tell you what you did wrong. Now is the time to be thankful that you’re OK, and the bike could be repaired. Chalk it up to a learning experience, grow, and you’ll be all the better for it.

  4. I didn't know because I have never even driven on that road, let alone riding. "The seller said yeah he'll be fine just go, it's not about what other people do it's about what you do. Blah blah blah. You'll be fine."

  5. It’s a real issue in learning to ride here. There’s a huge gap between MSF and being road ready in NYC, with very few ways to practice. Glad you and the bike are ok. Feel free to DM or post for help in getting the bike to a safe place to practice when it’s back up and running

  6. The bike is running. I rode it home after I crashed. Be it in first gear. Left handle bar is bent, I don't know if I need a new one or if I can just get a mechanic to straighten it.

  7. Glad you’re okay OP. After a little over a year riding, I’m still shook of the JR not only because of those wild turns but that road brings out the fucking worst drivers. Even in my car, I’ve had to contend with ghetto guido wannabe drag racers for instance.

  8. Glad you are okay. JR is no joke. Don’t worry, everyone goes down in a bike at some point. Just be happy that it wasn’t too bad.

  9. Slow, look, lean, roll. Did we not talk in your MSF course about risk offset and if you were ready to ride on the street, never mind the parkway. SMH.

  10. I did. But I didn't lean hard enough. This bike is new to me super new to me. It doesn't lean immediately. The bike wants to stay up. I wasn't going for a joy ride. I was trying to get home. The guy refused to drive it to my house.

  11. Well, you live and learn. I don't wanna lecture ya; have made some mistakes myself. But I will say anytime you're new to something, take it easy. Slow down a little. JRP is pretty curvy. I don't have a two wheeler anymore but I used to ride and drive there all the time. Picked up speed and took sharper turns as I got more comfy. But I was definitely going pretty slow at first.

  12. If the reason you went wide is because you "didn't lean far enough" then I'm guessing you weren't counter-steering. Do yourself a favor and learn the concept before riding again, or better yet just take the MSF.

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