Elite Trick Events Are Finally Challenging

  1. I’ve always struggled with the races and wingsuit stuff. But I demolish the trick events. Hopefully they just made those more difficult

  2. I wouldn't say it's necessarily difficult. Just overall a bit more challenging. I still missed a trick and won by 20k. Mostly it just felt nice to actually have to pay attention during a trick event lol

  3. I mean, elite races, especially rocket suit, required not only a perfect run but usually significantly upgraded gear to get all 3 stars, whereas a lot of the elite trick events were simple even if you frashed 10 times.

  4. I thought it seemed more challenging today haha. I didn’t play any of my regulars just some of the new stuff

  5. I’m a new player and I’m excited to see they buffed the trick ai, but did they also increase the race difficulty? I only have low expert gear and I would still like to be able to win on elite with a perfect run.

  6. Ahhh damn I just thought I was really good at trick events. It seemed really easy. Glad it’s a little more challenging now. I hope they don’t make races harder though.. some tracks I’m great at.. but others not so much.

  7. Sameee. I haven't tried the races yet to compare. But imo they were already pretty well balanced on elite difficulty. Elite trick events probably shouldn't involve us winning by 100k+ points so I'm thinking they just balanced things out a bit

  8. I would say this is a good change. The trick events are far too easy, on a standard bangers and crash run without bailing I come away with 315-330,000pts.

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