What do you think of the new 80s mass race? With it being the same gear minus the RW...

  1. My placement is definitely lower. I like it though because it doesn't feel like I'm playing on easy mode anymore. It's more fun being in the middle of the pack and then trying to overtake people by taking better lines instead of just zooming past most of the lobby straight away with my elite gear.

  2. The starting section on the track that has parts of Red Bull holy bike and the weird rocket wing is so slow it feels like a completely different game.

  3. You should have included an option for "made my position worse". I was always top 10 or top 3 and now i keep getting bumped off the track or into rocks/trees and can barely get top 10.

  4. Good point. For me I'm still reaching top 12 so I didn't consider people getting worse because for me my improvement for the game has mainly been around skill.

  5. The main issue with the 80s themed Mass Race is not the rocketwing, but rather the absolute lack of thought, effort, or creativity put into it.

  6. It s horrible …. This game is going worse and worse with all this stupid playlist… where is the competitive end game !?? Thinking of definitely quiting the game if they continue this way

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